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Am I Selfish For Not Letting My Parents To Play Games On My Facebook Account

Favoritism, why do parents play favorites? ?

don't start out by saying they don't because they do. my brother is 2 years older than I am and my parents favor him over me. 3 years ago on the christmas after he turned 18 my parents bought him a car, and are still to this day paying for gas and insurance. but last christmas after I was 18 they gave me $20 stuffed in a card. my brother still lives at home with no plans on moving out or finding a job anytime soon, while I am working a job, taking one year off of school so I can afford to go to college next year 1100 miles away from home. I asked my parents if they could just COSIGN for a car and I would be responsible for ALL payments but they won't even help me with that. if they won't co-sign the interest rate would be 16%+ if they do cosign I could get a 7% rate.
I don't get why such a lazy brat can be favored over someone who is working hard to make things better for everyone?

for years I have:
cooked dinner for a family of 6, 4-6 nights a week
baby-sat the two younger kids
helped with homeschooling the younger two when mom had to go back to work.
did the laundry for everyone
keep the house clean
run errands as needed
and so much more, all while my older brother has sat on his butt playing video games and watching tv. I am SICK of this. Why do parents play favorites? and do all parents do this or just mine?

My parents say I am disrespectful and selfish?

I am 15 and lately I've been getting fed up with my insanely over-controlling parents. Like seriously, I am not allowed to do ANYTHING. No phone, facebook, banned from emailing, no hanging out with friends, dating, wearing shorts, etc. For the past week, I have been having a "who cares" attitude and talking back to them when they say I do something wrong (this is because at the beginning of this week my dad threw all my jeans away as they were too tight), so I am being bad to show them that I am upset. For example, yesterday my parents took me to eat at their friend's house. I was there for 4 hours and I had homework, so I kept on complaining to go home (in front of the hosts, which I realize was insensitive, but I was mad at the time). My dad said that I was being selfish then. Today my dad thought I was trying to pick a fight with my sister (she needed the laptop, which I didn't remember where it was, but then I remembered that it was in my backpack). He got mad and accused me of lying. Earlier this week, he told me to help my sister with her homework, and I walked over, but didn't respond because he was already helping her. Then I walked away. He got upset about that too because I was being "arrogant" and not listening to my dad and thinking that I am better than him. Today, I asked politely to go over to a friend's house (I rarely get to), and I said that I would write my essay for sunday school before I left. But he said no. And then I didn't write the essay immediately (I was going to the next day) and he got mad because I "don't pay interest in the religion". He thinks that I am selfish, arrogant and very bad. He thinks we will dump them in a nursing home when they are old (idk... I think he's insecure about that). And he's yelled at me so much this week and made me cry so much, and he thinks HE is the one who is being wronged? Am I not too? I know that I am being bad by disrespecting, but I am really fed up! what do I do to get my parents happy with me again? ANd for the record, I am generally a very good kid, I help siblings, I try to help with chores, I get very good grades (4.0) and i try. But sometimes it gets too hard! idk, I know no one will read or answer this but ok. I just had to get this out. please answer.

Is my boyfriend playing games with me?

I had a short road trip planned for a few months now. My boyfriend has known about it, and said he may go, but never gave me a final answer.

I gave him the hotel address and the dates of my stay. I was going to remind him about it, but he was cranky and unresponsive. I assumed he was mad.

I text him the morning we were supposed to go to the theme park saying I missed him. He did not respond. I was hoping he would, because the drive was only an hour, and I wanted him there.

Now he is playing the victim saying I completely forgot about him, and that I didn't really miss him. I just don't get it, since I tried inviting him.

He also said that I am too flirtatious with guys on Facebook, so he deleted me. The only thing I said was "Thank you" to someone who told me I looked pretty.

He said maybe I am not ready for a relationship, that i need to put more effort in, and that we should just be friends. Yet, he wanted to hang out last night and later today.

Is it me, or is he playing games to gauge my interest?

Is today's generation selfish and lazy? Why?

YES. Today's generation is selfish and lazy.There are many reasons behind this :1. Boys and girls of today's generation thinklove>futurebreakup feeling>the feeling of failing to achieve your dreams2. They are addicted to - > alcohols and smoking.3. Less interested in studies more in social media.4. No difference between social and real life.For example, now everyone just update their status and showing their friends where they are going and all. Okay, you may feel this fascinating but this sets the base of a crime also.5. Always depressed, always complaining, watch motivational movies but never take any lesson.These are FEW reasons why they are becoming selfish and lazy.They are not going to play outdoor games they are just sitting with their phones and doing all stuffs.see,The thing is they think they are matured enough but they are not.Instead of complaining they should enjoy every situation.They should maintain a beautiful smile on their face.instead of Facebook, WhatsApp and instagram they should use Quora to gather knowledge.Thank you.

What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I'll regret big time later in life?

Trying to please people: My mom's best friend died of high blood pressure. She was always worried about how people perceived her. She never did anything for herself and she died alone.Forgetting to take care of your body: Oh! Junk food is sweet, yummy and cheap. It also clogs your arteries and kills you slowly. Buy a cook book and cook healthy meals yourself, exercise 4 times a week and sleeeeeeeeep!Postponing learning: I read at least a new book a week. When I'm broke. When I'm cool, I listen to 2-3 books on audible(average of 70$). Why? So I can become more. The only way you grow is to learn new things everyday. Stop being idle.Keeping your Thank you: That beautiful word. Thank you! I think it's the most beautiful word in the language and it should be used all the time. Don't be a greedy bastard. Say thank you when someone helps you.Dreaming small: I plan to have a blog with a million views per day. Now you might say I'm crazy. Well so was Google, Microsoft, Apple and Tesla. You can't ever achieve higher than you dream but if you dream it. You can do it.Staying at home: Yes it good to watch netflix. I just watched an episode before writing this. But I've to tell you that all what you want is right there outside your house, all the magic and aliveness is right where you don't want to go. So screw it. Get out of your home already and try things.Having non-intentional friends: 90% of people are guilty of this. They don't choose their friends and then they complain about what they get. This is very important because your friends make you or break you. So if you want success and happiness. Embrace lovely friends not useless ones.Not being selfish: Now you're like WTF! Yes you have to be selfish. I just rejected a party invite because I want to read a book and write a blog post. I say no to a lot of things so that I can say yes to the things that make me happy and successful. Yes I'm selfish. You're dumb if you're not.Hating people: There is this awesome feeling you start to have when you develop empathy for everyone. When you don't judge or criticize people. When you know people will always do their best according to their life experience and that you would have turned out the same if you were placed in their shoes. You start to feel happy a lot more. Try it. Empathy!If you like this answer and would like to read more of my thoughts. Check out my blog