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Am I Stuck In The Friend Zone

Am I stuck in the friend zone?

Yeah you need to start changing your relationship with her FAST. Whenever she does something dorky or dumb bust her chops on it make fun of her and bring it up more than once in the day not too much cuz then you will get annoying. Also whenever she inquires about something in your life like your weekend, exes, friends, etc. be kind of a smartass about answering her. Be somewhat arrogant but not a complete prick otherwise you will lose your friendship with her. If she is a confident girl be ready to have some of what you're doing dished back at you so be ready and always on your toes haha she should be thinking "wow this guy who I thought was so nice and harmless is kind of sexy he's so confident and he isn't bending over backwards for me just because I am pretty what the hell?!?! I have to get to the bottom of this" at this point she should be showing you the classic signs of a crush:

laughing at everything you say
punching you in the arm or slapping in the arm
giving you the :O face followed by a smile whenever you dish her a good comeback
saying "omg you are sooo funny!!" or something along those lines
looking down at the ground after you lock eyes
playing with her hair a lot
licking her lips then looking at your eyes then down at your lips (means she wants you to kiss her)

good luck bro!!

Oh and btw if she starts telling you about guys she likes over and over again then you are kind of doomed and you are gonna need to work a lot harder. Also try not to make yourself so available.

Am I stuck in the "friend zone"?

Heres the deal.....I have been great friends with this girl for over 5 yrs now. We were great friends (not in a relationship) in high school, but decided to sleep together. We had casual sex for about 2 yrs after that ----- off and on. Its been about 2 yrs. since we have a had sex, but still remain pretty good friends. Now I have told her in the past that we needed to "become official" but she didnt want to. As of right now.....we are starting to get closer sex........and we are starting to have those talks again. A couple of nights ago, she asked me if I loved her.....of course I told her yes...but it left me thinking.....where in the hell do I stand? With all the talk and flirting going on now.....I am very very confused. Since I was hurt in the past....I really dont want to pursue anything......but then the flip side of things tells me to go for it.....try again? Women and men....up late on Christmas eve.....let me know what you think.......Merry Christmas all!

Am I stuck in the friend zone?

Let her know how you feel about her cuz apparently, she doesn't know.
May you could ask her "Are you aware of the way I feel about you?" And take it from there based on her reaction and response. If she blushes or responds in a positive manner, let her know that you want more than friendship. If the response is negative, tell her that you were just thinking about how much you cherish the friendship which the two of you share. With that approach, you can't go wrong!

Best of luck!

Stuck in Friend zone?

I dont recommend making a move but i suggest you just tell her that you like her as more than a friend and that you feel like she is giving you mixed signals. If she says that she does not want to be more than friends then tell her that you will move on eventually and you want to still be friends.

Poll: am I stuck in the friend zone...?

I kinda like this girl. and Ive been having a really hard time reading her recently. but last night she gave me so many signs. But she is normally REALLY shy. so im kinda confused if she was just going all or nothing. but heres what she did just last night.
1.) laying on me
2) constantly trying to wrestle
3) making fun of me
4) resting her head on my shoulder.
5) shared a bed with me, even though her room isnt that far, plus she didnt even watch the movie.. she just kept like pinching me in bed and just made fun of me.
6) when the movie was over, she got REALLY close to me in bed and like snuggled up right next to me.
7) and she would always sleep so her face was looking at me.

This is all stuff she wouldnt normally do.. but she talks about wanting to be best friends.. am I stuck in the friend zone? :/

Why am I stuck in the friend zone?

Don't make any drastic changes... only do what you feel comfortable with... But add more dresses to your wardrobe (but only buy dresses you really like), and maybe get your nails done... and perhaps high heels.

Read fashion magazines and girly magazines and take their advice.

When I was in high school, I didn't care about my looks. I thought that was shallow... but I got tired of not getting women, so I started dressing better... now I get compliments from girls, and I gotta say, it feels great and is a great confidence booster! And now that I have more confidence, I can talk to more women more comfortably... And now that I can talk to them comfortably, I can actually get women!

It starts with yourself... Care about yourself, and others will care about you. If you know you can get men, you can talk with more confidence around them, and then, you will get men! And looking good, or at least, caring abour your appearance, helps a great deal with that!

It doesn't happen over night, but it does happen over time... And every year my confidence just grows and grows...

You can call me shallow if you'd like, but for a shy unconfident guy like I used to be, I needed that.

Am I stuck in the "just friends" zone?

I took a long-time friend of mine to prom last night. I've started liking her as more than a friend, and I thought she had feelings for me too (and so did ~80% of the people on Y!A). Anyway, we were talking about one of her male friends and she said something to the effect of, "Different sex friendships tend to not work so well, one falls for the other and things don't always turn out well. I'm glad to have you." Later when we were slow dancing together, she didn't look me in the eyes very much, but when she did, she smiled a lot, and she immediately offered to dance with me before I had a chance to even ask her. She did however have lots of times where she "accidently" touched my arm or brushed against my leg or something like that, and she always mentioned how much she was enjoying the evening. I'm assuming I'm stuck in the dreaded "just friends" zone or is there a possibility that I'm not?

Another thing, I don't know if it'll help or not, but when we were alone on the car ride to and from prom, she told me things that only her family and closest friends know. Like, it wasn't sexual or anything like that, but it was something that I'm pretty sure not very many people know about.

Am I Stuck In The Friend Zone?

YES! You can build a friendly relationship! But the thing is, you have to keep your eyes out for other girls too. Don't settle. Make sure she knows it too. Tell her something along the lines of 'hey we're just friends so don't think you're the only girl I talk to.' Make sure she knows you're not 100% into her, because you honestly shouldn't be. You shold be searching the feild and looking for a girl that
1. Is your friend
2. you can be yourself around
3. you actually enjoy being around
4. you are willing to love and protect and serve
5. you find her attractive (because... well it makes no sense to date someone you don't find attractive lol it's a part of a relathionship, but not the most important)

So yes.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
And here is some more advice
be confident, be yourself, be expressive and NEVER be afraid to cry, be open, be honest, and one last thing....

never tell a girl you love her until you're dating and you KNOW in your heart you mean it without a doubt. It's about how YOU feel towards HER. If she breaks your heart... it's going to suck obviously. But... never be a dick. never be rude, never hurt a girls feelings. be humble. Take the pain. Men are tough, we're supposed to take the pain. We're supposed to be men and suffer. Suffering is a part of life.

I'm Stuck In The Friend Zone "Help Me!"?

For some reason or another she doesn't want to or isn't willing to date you at this time in her life. You just need to accept that. The relationship between you is not only about what you want from her. Your persistence shows a lack of consideration for what she wants/ needs in her life. Just drop the ball in her court and then stop approaching the subject becasue if you continue to do so she will distance herself from you as a friend and you will ruin any future chance you may have of being with her if one day her mind/needs change.