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Am I The Only One That Feels Weird When Boys Buy Clothes With Me

Is it weird to buy your boyfriend clothes/shoes?

I love him, he loves me.

But one thing kind of horrifies me.
He has these hideous trainers that he'll wear with jogging bottoms for comfort, I hate seeing him in them. He looks like a dodgy chav when he does, I've told him and we have a joke about it now.

I love him more than his clothes, I would still want to be around him if he walked around in a bin bag
But honestly, I can't describe how awful they are?

What clothes can I buy that will be comfortable for him, and easy on my eyes..
any suggestions?

What do girls clothes feel like?

Wow dude, u have crazy sisters...
Well to a girl, the clothes are usually fine because they're custom to a woman's shape, not a boy's. The bra and underwear will most likely feel the worst, and maybe if they give you a really small shirt (like a babydoll tee or something). Skirts: I wore one once for halloween, and it kept blowing up...but then again, my friends and I were running and lying down in the street. Leggings...I think that's pantyhose, right? Those are like really long underwear sewn with socks, I guess. Heels, I can walk in 2 sizes smaller, and I only wear boy's shoes (size 12 girls is hard to come by).
Idk what to say, man...I'm a tomboy, so hopefully ur sisters will tap into that side of themselves and give u a concert tee and some baggy jeans like I wear. Good luck, man...

Is it weird that I don't like shopping and buying clothes (I'm a girl)?

No. There are many women who don’t like shopping. They shop like a male. go the the store get what they want and leave. They don’t shop for style or colour or price.They like to occupy their time with other things to do that interest them. Like reading a book, painting, creating house design, decorating etc.No everyone is a shopper. Not every shopper is a consumer either.AND it takes patience to shop which not everyone has that either.

Why do girls feel exposed if they are seen without clothes?

If a girl's bikini or underwear accidentally slipped off completely (for example, at the swimming pool or beach), why would they have the feeling of being 'exposed'?

(If this happened to boys, it would be embarrassing for them because they are afraid of people seeing their enlarged and erected penis.)

However for girls, this does not happen so I do not see the reason why girls would feel exposed/naked/ashamed of their vagina being seen?

Crossdressing: When men wear women's clothes, why would they feel relaxed?

Well, the reasons are complex, but let me explain my feelings regarding the issue.I first crossdressed at age 11 (1970).  I had come across a bikini that belonged to my cousin and I tried it on.  As I did there was an immediate sexual reaction. At this point, curiosity led to my dressing a second time.  The response was 100% sexual at that time. In the ensuing next few years, I obtained a bra, panties, and a few other items from a girlfriend and started wearing those, usually for sexual thrill.. About 9th grade, something made we want to push things a bit and I wore a pair of panties to school under otherwise normal clothing.  The feeling, while it had a sexual component, was also quite thrilling in another way.  I felt as though I had a secret. . that I was doing something so forbidden yet right out in plain sight so to speak.  This lead to regularly wearing first panties and later a bra as well under otherwise normal men's clothing. The paradox of feelings continued as did the countervailing feelings. . I have a secret in plain site. . . I am wearing forbidden girls panties and a braAndThe sexual thrill. . over time diminished.  but the feeling that I was secretly violating society's norm was pervasive. I have been underdressing as it is called, regularly since the early 1980's.  As such, to feel normal, I wear lingerie. . usually panties, bra with mid sized breast forms. . and amazingly, no one notices. . If I cannot underdress, when I get home at the end of the day, to relax and feel normal, I have to put on a bra, breast forms and panties. . Otherwise, there is a higher level of stress and generally a feeling of uneasiness. . .

GUYS!?!?!?! When you let a girl Borrow your sweater....?

I love it when my girl wears my clothes. It makes me feel like she really wants to be near me and that she loves me. And it's so damn cute and sexy to see her wear them and try to fit into them, mainly cause I'm 6 ft tall and girls are ususally shorter and more petite =P

I guess it varies with every person, but it means alot to me.

Is it weird that I'm a girl, but I want to wear guy clothes? I'm not a trans, and I’m not gay, but I still really want to wear masculine clothing. What is a way to convince my mom to let me buy them?

Here’s the thing:Male clothing is designed for practicality. Men would never accept the shit that women accept on daily basis, such as “no pockets” anywhere, or clothes that are so narrow that you can’t make proper step in them.For instance, a typical man when he buys new shoes, no matter if they are tracking shoes, sport shoes or evening shoes, will try squatting in them to see whether his toes are hurt when he does.Have you ever seen a woman in a shop try squatting in anything other than sport shoes?When I’m buying trousers (~ pants), I try all kinds of weird poses and actions, because sooner or later, my life will require me to do one of those in those trousers. I cannot afford to have clothes that only “look good” but are completely impractical.My wife fought back when her mother tried squeezing her feet into shoes that were too narrow. She has a slightly wider feet now, and usually has to buy men’s shoes and boots nowadays, because the shoemaking industry decided that women all have narrow feet. I support her openly in this - comfort and ability to move is more important than conforming to some stupid ideals of “what should women wear” (especially considering those ideals are, in most cases, dictated by gay men).As such, allow me to congratulate you for breaking the chains of femininity that were imposed upon you by our society and for having the guts to seek practical clothes.

I'm okay with my parts and sometimes feminine clothes, but something about being called she/they feel weird, I get anxious buying dresses, I look like a male, and I like the name ‘Nick’. How do I know I'm trans? Am I faking/following trends?

If it’s how you genuinely feel, not just because you think it’s cool or popular but because you know deep down that this is who you are, yes, it’s quite possible you’re trans or non-binary. As well, some guys just happen to like more feminine aspects of fashion, whereas some girls are tomboys and prefer to shorten their names to something less girly, e.g. “Sam” instead of Samantha, “Phil” instead of Felicia, “Lou” instead of Louise and so-on. I think oftentimes society is so caught up in conventions and labeling. To truly know you’re trans is something you’ll have to decide on your own. Typically most trans people consider either a sex change, hormone therapy or dressing as the opposite sex. Many of them speak with a psychologist even if they’re not interested in any changes and just want to be as they already are. A transgendered person generally isn’t okay with the genitalia they were born with, and they want to be the opposite sex. If that doesn’t necessarily define you, you may just not really conform to one specific gender and that’s fine, too. You may want to research the term “genderqueer” - that’s someone who doesn’t believe they fall under specifically masculine or feminine genders. They don’t want to change their genitalia, nor are they agender, they just don’t feel specifically like a girl or a boy. Genderqueer - Wikipedia