Am I The Only One Who Thinks Carmel California Is Cramped

Take a stroll along a mile long beach stretching from a Frank Lloyd Wright home to Pebble Beach Golf Links. Watch otters floating in the kelp. Enjoy beautiful artwork in the many galleries. Start your day with Sweet French Toast at Lafayette on Dolores Street or enjoy coffee and pastries in the rotunda of Il Fornaio.We live in the village of Carmel by-the-Sea. We walk to the post office to retrieve our mail from our brass plated post box with an old fashioned combination. If we run our of cream for our coffee in the morning, we just walk 2 blocks to Nielsen’s Market, where we can charge our groceries to our account. Church is just a block and a half away and we’ll often just stroll through their beautiful Biblical gardens. Some afternoons we’ll stop at one of the wine tasting rooms, maybe Manzoni or De Tierra, or Scheid.Harrison Memorial Library, an historic building on Ocean Avenue, is a great place to sit outside on the stone wall and take in the afternoon, or head on inside and read a magazine or newspaper by the large fireplace.We walk everywhere, so we get plenty of exercise without evening knowing it.The people of Carmel are interesting. You wouldn’t know if someone had a million dollars or a lot less. It’s a friendly place and a great place to live.Come visit and stay awhile!Carmel California: Things to Do in Carmel by the Sea CA

California is a huge state. It can certainly be a nice place to live, particularly if you are well compensated. Personally I'm in the minority that doesn't care for endless sunny days and mild winters, but most people like that type of weather, which is what you'll find in most urbanized regions of coastal California.California is a little bit like the famous parable of the elephant and the blind man: it varies so much from place to place — even within a single city — that there's no one answer to this question. If you're well-off and living in, say, Santa Barbara, it could be heaven on earth. If you're just scraping by in, say, Bakersfield, it could be hell.Like most places, I suppose, but perhaps even more so.A frequent lament you’ll hear from many Californians is that it used to be better (less crowded, less expensive), but then you'll find those, often but not always immigrants, who think it's worth the trouble compared to where they're from. I suppose you can infer that it's the most populous state by far in the US for a reason. It's not my cup of tea personally (it would be easier for me if it were, since much of my family is there), but then I'm an outlier usually.

Mayor Clint Eastwood.

America is one of the most beautiful countries?

Is it just me, or am I the only Brit that thinks America is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, including Austria and Australia? It sort of frustrates me when my fellow Brits insult America's beauty purely based off of the commercialised bollocks you see on the television. Trust me, I'm not a big fan of their government either, but their country holds scenery unlike any I have ever seen. And my fellow Brits just choose to insult it, simply because they have this view of America that is heavily based on bias. They even have the audacity to suggest that our country, that is rainy half the time, is more beautiful then theirs. I realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but really?! All we have is the lake district and the Yorkshire Moor, which is hardly anything compared to the rest of the world. But seriously, look at these media selections, and then tell me their country isn't beautiful:

Yosemite National Park:

Yellowstone National Park:

Hawaii and it's volcanoes:

Various Canyons:


The Florida Everglades:

Death Valley:

...and so much more. I could go on forever. If you viewed all of these, you know what I mean.
But why do us Europeans always have to stereotype America as ugly? It's far from true. Is it Bias? Prejudice? Jealousy? Bigotry? America is so diverse, geographically, socially, it's weather is amazing, (albeit really violent and scary sometimes,) and it's animal and insect life is unrivalled by anywhere else in the world. So, why all the hate?

Because the big guy Clint Eastwood has a restaurant and lives there and that’s where John Denver (singer) went before he decided to kill himself and Eastwood tried to stop him but John was driven and no one, even his best friend Clint, could think he’d do such a thing, but John Denver did it, but he loved Carmel, CA, because you are treated normal, even if you are a celebrity.

In 1991 my best friend was in a bad marriage. One evening we spoke on the telephone. She said her husband had suggested moving his mistress into their home and she said she was considering it. This sounded insane to me and we decided to have dinner together and discuss it.This happened during the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings, which is how I know what year it was. The hearings were televised in a studio in New York and this restaurant was near the studio. By the way, in case these are not familiar to you, during the hearings senators questioned Anita Hill about her accusations of sexual harassment from Clarence Thomas, a nominee for the Supreme Court.Back to my story. If you have dined in any restaurants in Manhattan you know how close together the tables can be. These were literally inches from each other.So we sat and discussed the state of her marriage. There was a single man at the next table and I knew he could hear every juicy word. He couldn’t help it. Finally, I turned to him and asked him, “I know you have heard every word we have said. What do you think she should do?” And he said, “ I think she should leave him.” And he continued to give us a man’s opinion of the subject.I can’t imagine another city where either the tables are this close or where it would be ok to start an intimate conversation with a neighboring table like this.Oh, by the way, the person at the next table was a TV cameraman working on the hearings on his dinner break. That is how I know exactly when and where this took place.Another NYC episode comes to mind. During high school and college I did a lot of babysitting. I was home in New York City for a college break one Christmas and I got a phone call from a college professor I worked for. He asked if I would babysit for his sister’s children in Manhattan and I agreed.It was a very elegant Park Avenue address and a lovely apartment. During the evening when the children were asleep I glanced through the personal telephone book of the family. It was filled with names like Jacqueline Kennedy, Willem de Kooning, the famous artist, Truman Capote, the famous writer. All their private phone numbers. I never asked if the people I was sitting for were famous too. But now that I write this I wonder who they were. I should have asked.

Question to those who believe that their church is the only true one?

Tell me something. If I DIDN'T believe my religion was the only true one, then why would I continue within it?

The scripture you used doesn't apply since Jesus was talking about himself as an individual, he was not talking about a belief system or a group of teachings.

On the contrary, Jesus taught that the way to life would be limited, that we should "13 “Go in through the narrow gate; because broad and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are the ones going in through it; 14 whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are the ones finding it." (Matthew 7: 13,14)

He went on to talk about how there would be many false prophets misleading people, claiming to be his followers, but that even though they did things in his name, he would disown them and tell them to "get away" form him and that "by their fruits" you would recognize them.

Those NOT having the true religion would be apparent in their actions. Those having it would also be apparent by their good actions.

John 13: 34 "I am giving YOU a new commandment, that YOU love one another; just as I have loved YOU, that YOU also love one another. 35 By this all will know that YOU are my disciples, if YOU have love among yourselves.” "

Jesus commanded his true disciples to love one another "just as I have loved you". How much did Jesus love us? enough to sacrifice his own life for his disciples and for us. When you find a religious group who has so much love among its members that they are willing to do that for one another then you will have found the true religion.

This reminds me of a news story from years ago.Someone who lived in one of the wealthier enclaves here in Southern California had an outdoor salt-water aquarium installed, sort of a private Sea World type set-up.He put some leopard sharks and horn sharks and other non-dangerous species in it.Mind you, this was contained in his very large, fenced, secured back yard.Some neighbor lady hit the panic button upon hearing the guy had sharks. She was proclaiming how she and others in the neighborhood feared for the safety of their children.Ignoring that the sharks the guy owned weren't dangerous species, what did she think the sharks were going to do????? Climb out of their aquarium and go running through the streets looking for people to bite? Maybe somehow get into the sewers and lurk in people’s toilets, waiting to bite their unsuspecting rear ends?Fish in aquariums are not going to climb out to menace people. You have to bring your body parts into their aquarium for them to be dangerous.That said, as another poster noted, it’s illegal to keep piranha in the USA without a permit. Not because they’re dangerous in their aquarium, but because idiots who illegally own them are likely to dump them into lakes and rivers, where they might pose a hazard to native species.