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Am I Working Too Hard

Am I working too hard?

I don't think your friends should be worried.
You should be doing strength training 2-3 days per week make sure you are exercising all major muscle groups.
Cardio should be done 3-5 days per week.
I would just recommend adding stretching into your routine, 2-3 days per week.
It sounds like you are losing weight the healthy way.
You don't mention anything about diet. If you are "dieting" make sure you are eating healthy like you could eat the same way for life. If you are not "dieting" then eat healthy anyways.

Am i working out too hard?

I advise you don't do a separate biceps day at all, as this may in fact be counterproductive, as biceps are a minor muscle group and too much stress on them can lead to overtraining quite easily. Instead do only, legs, back and chest on alternating days with a rest day between each one. all these exercises can be trained with the best and most basic compound movements: deadlift, squat, pull up and bench press. You will find these exercises will also engage your arms and you will definitely see bigger size in your biceps also. One important factor to consider is weightlifting triggers testosterone to be released in the body, when hitting a big muscle group such as the legs, more will be released, as a result the whole body will become bigger, as muscle grow proportionally, so you will see gains in all areas of your body from working those 3 main muscle groups. I know not many people new to this idea like what i say, so if you aren't happy maybe incorporate 2 sets of arm isolating exercises in ONe of your workouts a week. No more

Am I working too hard?

This is normal. If you make any engineering friends you will find people that work just as much as you and plenty that work even harder (believe it).

You often hear freshmen complain (I did too) about how three credit engineering courses are about twice as much work as 5 credit chemistry courses at the same level. This is how life is in engineering, you will get used to it and accept it someday, do not compare yourself to non-engineering students, there is no use in doing that. There is a reason, for example, that the engineering library at my school is 24 hours, but the other ones (including the "main library") are not.

Am I working out too hard?

You know this is too much. If your just starting ( which it sounds like) then just pick one for now, you have to let the habit of exercise develop in the proper way to keep it going for life, the key is keeping it enjoyable for your brain and body ( forget your mind, it's crazy, and doesn't base things on reality, as your brain and body must. So if you push yourself with mega exercise, you'll deplete stores of vitamins,nutrients, minerals, etc. and then it's all downhill from there. Keep it sensible and enjoyable, you'll get there!

Am I working myself too hard?

So lately when i work out it seems like as soon as i get in the shower, i get really dizzy and can barely stand and everyhting starts to go dark and it lasts for awhile. I do tend to push myself when i work out, probabaly cuz i ran cross country in high school so im used to working till you drop, and i have just recently started working out again since i got sick, but this seems to be happening alot. Am i dehydrated? Not enough food? Anyone know why i always seem like im gonna pass out afterwards?

The fan on my laptop is working too hard?

1) Definitely only use the laptop, as already suggested, on a hard surface, or use some sort of risers (like a few erasers, or you can buy a cheap laptop cooler with or without fans) to ensure that you're getting airflow underneath. You'll immediately tell the difference in how hard your fan is working.

2) Download SpeedFan (freeware) at (there are other similar programs, but this one works well)
SpeedFan may not be supported by some laptops (especially Dell) so check for compatibility and a possible alternative at: (I have this installed on my Dell Inspiron).
Once installed, the program will tell you how hot your CPU is getting, and should tell you the speed of your fan(s), and you can also control the fan settings, among other features.

3) If your CPU is running really hot (check online for suggested temps for your CPU, they can vary), it's time to open up your laptop and give it a good cleaning. How hard this is to do depends on how easy it is to get to your fan. I have to virtually dismantle my entire laptop to get to the fan, but many laptops have a single panel to remove in order to get to it--check your manual. Here's a very simplistic but useful video:

There are many other explanatory fan cleaning how-to's' online -- do a search and find one that's suitable for your laptop/level of expertise. If your fan is dying and needs to be replaced, there are many sites that can help you with that too, but hopefully just cleaning out the dust that's probably accumulated should be enough. You'll want a can of compressed air -- a tip I'll stress that a lot of sites forget to mention is that if you use the compressed air directly on your fan, HOLD THE FAN BLADES. The force of the compressed air can spin your blades faster than they're meant to spin and damage the bearings.

Am I working too hard for the little pay I get?

Let me first start by saying that I know we all feel under paid even with a struggling economy. I just need maybe some honest thoughts on this though. I have been an auto mechanic since I graduated high school back in 2000. I worked at a ford dealer as a flat rate tech for $10.25 an hour making barely 40 hours. I got out of that for a few years, tried out some other trades, enlisted in the Air Force as a crew chief on C-130's and then back in 2007, I got back into being an auto mechainc at a Good Year store as a tech for $13.00 an hour (hourly + commission) and moved right next door to a BMW dealership because they had an opening. I now make $11.67 an hour flat rate with an average of a 45-47 hour week. We have a 44 hour gaurentee and with that, it gives me about 406 dollars a week. This to me seems like i'm not getting paid enough for working for such a "high end" auto maker. I've been there almost 2 years and I know i'm not the MOST experienced guy in the shop but I do know what i'm doing and can hold my own. I can keep up with the other guys on my team that have a lot more experience. I just seem to think that 11.67 is a little bit on the low side here. Should I be talking to my manager? Thoughts?

Agree with last answerAgree expectations of your manager for first 1 - 3 months.You should expect you be working hard , learning new stuff , forming opinions , building your network from day 1.Some people believe that the first 100 days is your most important period in any new job , and i can see some sense in that.In any case, why would you go slower than you can ?