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Am Saving Enough Im Almost 21

Im still a virgin at almost 22, should i care?

Im currently a 21yo male, going to be 22 in a month, and i have never had sex. It didnt use to bother me, but as im getting older, im feeling pretty insecure about it. I wonder what most peoples opinions here are.......

Its not like im a bad looking guy at all. Now, im not conceited, but i know who i am. Im a talented, smart, funny guy. Im mostly confident in myself, save one or two things (virginity would be one...) So i really wonder why i HAVENT had sex yet....

I have an introverted personality, which doesnt mean im anti social, in fact, im very talkative and friendly, it just means i like smaller gatherings rather then the large social mingling of bars, parties, and concerts... which is most of where sex hookups happen. Meaning i rarely went to these, i guess thats one reason.

But even with girlfriends, i was never with a girl long enough to have sex. I havent really dated many girls either. I was one of those guys that saw too many of my friends get ruined by women, either emotionally, financially, physically, that i really enjoyed the freedom being single offered.

Ive also "fooled around" with women, but never had sex.... it really is starting to bother me, and im wondering if it should bother me or not....

Whats your guys opinions.....?

also, one thing i forgot to mention was that i was always the"nice guy" and i still am. In high school, this totally screwed me over as girls jsut wanted to be friends with me and went and slept with the jerks all the time.

Im still the nice guy, and finally now im finding that older, more mature women actually really appreciate a nice guy, but still no sex..... :(

I just thought i would add that detail in though.

I am 21 and living with my parents. Am I not independent enough?

I am 22 years old and in August turning 23.I was working a full-time job and living on my own for 10 months but decided the job wasn't worth it. I was unfulfilled and miserable so I quit. I wanted to work abroad and travel, so I decided becoming a teacher would be a good option to make that happen. With that decision, I moved back home to save money and study.While I gave up some independence, I set clear boundaries with my parents that I needed time for myself and they agreed wholeheartedly, so long as I helped around the house with chores and took care of my brother.To me, independence is a mindset you take wherever you go. It means you set your priorities, your schedule, and you can say no, even to your parents.Ultimately, it's their roof and under it, you need to compromise. That doesn't mean you need to give up all of your independence and freedom though. If you want more independence, I would learn how to set your boundaries. Let your parents know the times you need to do your own thing. Negotiate what you need and how you can work out a schedule that works best for both parties.

I'm almost 21 and still live at home. Can my mom still ground me?

Her house, her rules.  I would argue that grounding a 21 year old is pretty ridiculous, but if you still live and home and she feels the need to ground you, either you're being unreasonable and need to change, or she's being controlling and you need to move out.Of course, like with any disciplining of children, there's the question of how you enforce it.  She has no direct control over your life, if you choose to ignore her, but she can always kick you out if you do.Legally, the minute you turned 18, your parents no longer had any legal obligation to take care of you.  That they let you live at home now is out of love and compassion, and deserves to be repaid with respect and obedience.  If you cannot provide that, or if it's an environment you can't live with, then you really need to make other living arrangements.

I am 21 years old. I have $27,000 in savings. How should I invest my money so that it grows?

Wow, good job for saving almost 30K :DI suggest the following.Invest in yourself. The best investment comes from learning and experience. So learn new skills. You can learn coding or design or anything you like. Then travel around the world. World is very interesting and it can teach you a lot. Also, it tells you a lot about you. You will soon find places and people that you love and other places that you never want to be. As we get older, it is harder to learn new skills and travel so doing it when you are young is a great idea.Invest in Market ETF and bonds or roboadvisor. Unless you are serious about learning about investing, it is best that you buy the Vanguard market ETF and invest in inflation protected bonds or municipal bonds. This will ensure that you conserve capital and earn some returns. You can also use Acorns, Wealthfront, Betterment or other roboadvisors if you want more diversification. The thing with roboadvisor is tha they are new and have not stood the test of time. So if there is a massive crisis, we are not sure how it will perform.If you are more entrepreneurial…Then I suggest that you start slow. Start selling stuff on ebay, Amazon. See how you like it and then see if you want to do business. You can get ideas while you try to source cheap stuff and sell it at a higher price. Buying and selling can take a lot of time and lot of effort so just beware.Good luck!PSIf you are interested in entrepreneurship, please see Tim Ferriss and James Altucher.Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design BlogAltucher Confidential - Ideas for a World Out of BalanceFor general investment advice, please readAndrew Tobias: 9780544781931: BooksTo learn how great investors make money, seeLessons from the Greatest Traders: Jack D. Schwager: 9781118858691: BooksOn traveling around the world, see133 Travel Tips from Frugal Travel Guy ReadersThe Ultimate Road Trip: Jim Rogers: 9780812967265: Books

Mom going through my things..I'm 21!?

I've recently moved back home after being at university, and like everyone, I'm finding it hard to move out and find a job. However, I am trying VERY hard!

My problem is, even though I'm 21, my mother is always going through my things. She's done it all my life, and when I was younger I hated it, but thought since I am not an adult, she won't do it now.
When I went out, I've come back to her moving my rooms for no reason (and she went through EVERYTHING).

Now I won't go into details, but I am 21 and have no boyfriend...I have private things in my room!
Yet she will look through everything, read my letters, go on my laptop without asking, sort through everything..Which can be very embarrassing!

Now, I'm an adult and I know it's her house but I think this is very disrespectful, as she would be angry if I were to go through her things (which i would never do).

How do I deal with this? I don't think talking will help as she just deny's it, and I can't afford to move out, I can barely afford to eat!

I'm 21 and can save $100 a week right now and have $3000 saved up, what business should I start or get into?

Depends on what you want to do!Most businesses, traditionally, can cost a lot of money to get started. Another route is direct sells, it costs way less to get going and you can use the rest of the money in put into your business as well as into you.At your age, direct sells is usually the best option and it's usually the preferred option by those of your age. Most cost about 100 or so to get started, that sometimes includes product and sometimes does not.I know of one that costs about 36 for the business piece for you and about 6 to 8 dollars a month. It's more affordable for your age group, because most people your age can't afford a lot and this gives you the chance to build something worth leaving behind without worrying about spending a whole lot. There is also no product you need to carry.Of course there are other considerations to look at, what you interested, any quotas or product on hand you need to have.I would also start picking up some books to read. Putting time into yourself is just as important as building a business.If you would like some ideas on some books or some info on that company I told you about, let me know. I also have other connections, so I have access to some resources as well. You can email me or message me.Best of luck!

I'm 21 years old and I have about $5K saved up from menial jobs. I'm a student in computer engineering and should graduate at 23. Is it unrealistic to have a net worth of 1M by the age of 30? How can I make this possible?

At 21-23 years old with only $5k to invest, your path to wealth won't be through investing, it will be through your income.If you can save $100k per year for ten years, there's your $1 million. To do that, you need to do three things: 1. Be debt free.2. Land a job that nets you over $100k3. Live on the post-$100k dollars.I don't know what your degree is in, but I know that there are plenty of $120-$130k jobs out there, and at 23 years old, single with no kids or financial obligations, it would be very easy to live on $20k-$30k a year. And although its unlikely that you can turn $5k into $1 million in 7 years, its actually very possible to turn $600-$700k to $1mm in 7 years.If $100k+ jobs arent abundant in your field, then your second best option is to apply the same formula to whatever you CAN make. If you can make $80k a year, still live on 20-30 and invest the remaining 50-60.Your other option is to invest the $5k you've saved in YOURSELF and create something the marketplace needs. Something people will pay for.This could be as simple as an App or website that solves a tedious problem within your area of expertise, or something more complicated like a physical product.Either way, the key is that you DO something. You can't count on Wall Street to grow your money for you. You have to tell your money what to do.

I'm 21 and still a virgin?

This is really bothering me now. I just can't help but feel that I'm really missing out. I really need to lose my virginity now I'm 21 now, missed out on high school, and its bothering me so much. I don't even have any friends who could hook me up, Im capable of socializing but approaching girls is really hard for me and I feel like its creepy. I'm shy and introverted, and I've never even touched a girl and I want to so badly.

Im not bad looking, I mean im short so that doesnt help, but Im fit I exercise and at least average looking. But I'm really introverted which is a huge turn off and I'm really struggling to get past this.

I know this sounds pathetic but really, I need to lose it, Im getting so depressed. For a person like me whi wants to have sex and doesn't care i the irst time is perfect I feel like there's no excuse. i dont know i just cant talk to girls.

Im just so sex starved and willing to do anything. I mean I need to be attracted to the girl. Could aanyone give me tips? I really need help. Im even desperate enough to try an online dating site for sex but I dont think my chances are good considering how many men are on those compared to women. I wont get an escort though.

I really need to do it now while Im still young I feel like Im getting older already and really need to have it. Im like crying here almost. I just want to touch some girl and be intimate.

Please, I really need some kind of helpp with this, Im getting so depressed and need to be close to a girl. I cant help it this is bothering so much. Please anything like I feel like I'm

I'm 21, and I have $250 saved up. What should I buy?

Hey, your longstanding interests matter more than the amount of money you have saved.  What do you long for?  At 21, you know what you long for.You have many offerings of good advice if you yearn for books or music, but if you want to cook, you should buy a really good set of pans and knives (I think someone else mentioned knives already).  $250 won't outfit a kitchen entirely, but it will definitely get you the basics.If you are drawn to garden, your $250 won't get you far because it is not enough to buy you any significant acreage, but maybe there is community gardening space available in your vicinity and then you could outfit yourself quite nicely with tools and seeds.Or maybe you want to be an amateur astronomer, in which case, get a good pair of binoculars because $250 is not enough for a decent telescope.Or maybe you always longed to play the trombone:  rent one and use the money to pay for lessons.Other answerers mentioned the possibility of using the money to gain experience, mainly through travel and that is an option too, but again, what matters to YOU?