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An Older Guy Lied To Me And Threatened Me. Can I Take Legal Action

Threatened to be sued for Libel/Defamation?

My step-uncle is threatening to sue me for Defamation over something i wrote about him on the net. Everyone in the family agrees with me, and is on my side. But all he thinks about is himself, and i was woundering. If it would turn into a lawsuit, how much can he get. My husband and I barely make enough money to pay the bills now, and i'm 7 weeks pregnant, and our health issurance doesnt cover maternity. We also have hardly anything in our name, we live in his parents house, our truck is in his dads name still, so would he be able to get anything?

I'm 18 and dating my 22 year old coach, can my mother take legal action against him?

Ok so long story short I am dating my coach. All biased about ethical behavior and professionalism aside, can my mother take any legal action against him? She found out and threatened to tell the school and call the police if any contact continues. I know she can go to the school and he would be fired (only for 3 more weeks until the season is over-then he is quitting and will no longer be associated with the school) but can she involve the police in the matter? Our relationship is completely consensual and in my state the age of consent is 16..I'm just wondering if she's just spewing empty threats or if she can actually take legal action. There is no proof that we are dating and if push came to shove it would be my word against hers.
Let me know, thank you for any help!

My father in law just threatened me, should I call the police?

Ok, so, I have sentencing tomorrow due to a domestic violence, before you say anything about me it was just a slap, my "wife" is cheating on until this day she is still cheating on me, she doesnt care that we have two daughters and she came to my house and told me that she was having sex with another man, ok, so I shouldnt talk to her in anyway but we agreed that I was gonna take care of my daughters, so we have to talk so we can know when and where to get them, so today in the morning i took my daughters to my "wife's" house to drop of my girls and I hadn't gone to that house since the incident or better yet since she left me 7 months ago to go with her lover, so I went because i bought my daughters those little electric cars so they can ride them while they were over there, as soon as i got off the cars the dad walks out and starts threatening me that he will go look for me and that he was gonna kill me, i'm not afraid of him, he has been threatening me since i met him, so he is more talk than action, but this time it's different because I don't have to be around him anymore eventually that slut of a wife and I will get divorced, so should I just call the police and put a report on him? I told him that he wasnt gonna be threatining me that I am not afraid of him, and the worse thing is that he was doing it infront of my 3 and 5 years old daughters! What should I do?

Will police do anything if a threat has been made but no action taken?

Making Terroristic Threats is a crime. However, anyone can lie and claim that someone threatened them, so to be able to arrest, the police usually seek some independent corroboration. I would never arrest unless the threat was witnessed or recorded (answering machine??) and the person was reasonably capable of carrying out the threat, or his/her intent were designed to cause public panic (as is specified by statute in my state).

My sister threatened to beat me up?

Well you are doing the right thing by keeping your routes and schedules mixed up. And if you can help it don't park in the same spot each time. From the sound of it you have every right to look over your shoulder. Just keep up the vigil and don't back down. If you do start seeing people follow you then drive strait to police station or to a cop if you happen to see one and tell them you are being stalked. That is the next step if it escalates further. Just don't let your guard down for a while cause it sounds like she is a vengeful type of person who would do just about anything to get even with someone she feels wronged her.

My ex is threatening to publically humiliate me, is there anything legal I can do?

Since there is not a lot of detail its hard to get specific. There are a few things that could get him in trouble, like distributing pics and vids of you alone or with others. The consequences can apply after he does that.You can get a lawyer to send him a cease and desist letter that described criminal and civil remedies to expect if he does what he says he is going to do.If there are things you actually did that puts you in jeopardy, you're pretty well screwed. Eg. You committed fraud, insurance, workers comp, disability, welfare, tax, immigration…. He makes call and provides some evidence, I'd say he pretty much achieved his goal.There is always getting him to sigh a nda. Like rich people do, but you need to see a lawyer.Point is, if you never want to be humiliated, don't do anything humiliating

Can I get my dad arrested for threatening to beat me up?

Franky, yes you did it before back in America. If I remember right, she was in the stroller and you put her outside. Plus there was pregnant Mom locked in the bedroom. If I was your Dad I would be furious too. You do things impulsively without thinking of the consequences it might have on the other person's safety and health.

Why was it dangerous- she could have put her hand through the glass banging on it. Did you notice she never thought about ringing the doorbell? By you taking a bath, it is like you don't care abut what you do to other people. From the temp. you are using F not C - she was not out there in 105 degrees F. 41 F is pretty chilly, Franky. I put on a coat vs. a heavy sweatsuit hoodie to run to the mailbox in that temp. And that is maybe three minutes out there tops. You didn't say how long she was out there. Then you pushed it asking for a hot chocolate, too.

Plus it must have been traumatic for her. Banging and no one responding.

Don't blame it on your mother. Accept responsibility for what you did, Franky. You put the princess outside not your Mom. She thought she was playing ponies in the living room. She was busy with the babies- which is alot of work. So she didn't hear.

Siblings tell on you, Franky. They think by getting their sibling in trouble it keeps the spotlight off of them. Plus it is entertainment to see you getting into trouble. 5 year olds tell on everyone because they are sorting out what is acceptable behavior and not.

Franky, your Dad has reasons to be obsessed about pedos. I remember why he has good cause to be so. I am not going to get into it right now, but you know why too.

How can you defend yourself against someone who lies to get a restraining order against you?

Initially you really can’t if you don’t have proof that the person is lying. This has happened to me and it is horrible. If you don’t have children with the person be happy to abide by the order and stay far away.If you do have children your life will become a living hell trying to visit them. The liar may even include the children as protected parties to gain a custody advantage, as in my case.Also get a lawyer ASAP if a bogus PFA is filed on you. If finances are tight, you might be tempted to go this alone, but don’t. Max out the credit cards, call in favors from supportive family. My lawyer got an agreement to an extended temporary order instead of a permanent finding. This admits no wrongdoing and can eventually be expunged. The PFA could potentially affect my employment, so this was well worth the cost.We immediately filed a custody case next. My wife is trying to fight it, but the judge recognizing my rights to unsupervised visits despite the PFA situation. I already am having visits under a trial basis. The custody case is not finalized yet, so I am accumulating lots of damning evidence about my wife’s poor parenting and other manipulative behaviors in the meantime.I actually can’t wait for the next court case to see how she responds to some of the information I will provide the judge. People who are nasty enough to pull a stunt like this tend to reveal themselves over time. So its never too late to fight such a person, but you need to relentlessly investigate (call schools, doctors, and therapists) and document everything you can.My only recourse regarding my property loss from this will be filing for a divorce. We will both lose out financially, like everyone does in a divorce (her probably more). However, right now under the PFA, the financial loss is all one-sided on me. She sure isn’t rushing to file. It sucks, but I’m focusing on the kids first. They’re way more important to me.