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Animes Where The Main Character Is Smart

What are some anime with super smart main character?

Here’s something a little different to the OBVIOUS characters:Psycho PassAkane Tsunemori is a smart character who’s skilled at police-work, understanding other people, and reverse-engineering what criminals are plotting.This is a police/sci-fi series.-Girls Und PanzerSmart strategist and tactician from the slice of life/military anime: Girls Und Panzer.-NoirKirika is a “smarter than she looks” type of character. Always one step ahead and able outwit her opponents.Noir is a mystery/drama series.-The Royal TutorThe tutor for 4 princes in a royal palace.Intelligent, witty, calculated and creative. He’s quite a mystery.-You’re Under ArrestMiyuki works for he Tokyo Police force, and is regarded as the smartest member. She’s the brains of each operation they undertake, with a sharp level of intelligence.-A Certain Scientific RailgunKnows a lot about hacking, computer networks, technology and things of hat nature.Few can challenge her when it comes to this expertise, as she’s super smart.-My Hero AcademiaHe may not look like much, but with practice and hard work, Izuku Midoriya is one of the smartest characters around.He takes notes, observes, pays close attention, and then formulates a strategy from the info he’s gathered.It’s definitely a talent that shows his smarts.Honorable Mentions:Dragon Ball Z.Full Metal Panic.Guilty Crown.Robotic Notes.

I'm looking for animes with smart main characters...?

Nabari no Ou


Pandora Hearts

Ergo Proxy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn

I love smart main characters in anime!?

Angel Beats
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
Guilty Crown
Mawaru Penguindrum
Pandora Hearts
Star Driver
Sword Art Online
To Aru Majutsu no Index
Umineko no Naku Koro ni

What is the anime in which the main character is a smart high school boy?

I don't know the anime character but I had friend called pradeep. Pradeep wasn't good in studies but smartest.once He made enemity with a teacher and He didn't complete his assignments. Sir asked and scolded him like hell. Pradeep used to roam with bikes and had a fertilizer shop of his brother. Sir,also scolded saying that: you have time to roam with bikes but not to complete homeworks. Pradeep replied by saying that “sir brother hands me bike to go to shop to learn business” again sir said that when customers are not coming you should do your work there sitting in shop. Pradeep said there are lots of mosquitoes sir. Sir again said you should lit a mosquito coil. Pradeep said sir my shop will burn sir. Sir said you should plug a goodknight liquid. He said there is only one switch which is connected by a aircooler. Sir was hurt badly as he lost the war of words. We were shocked  and saluted him in our hearts and he came in style and finished of it in style and our sir went like tracer bullet out from the class. Pradeep was a thug moster.This all happened in class 9.

Do you know any anime with quiet main characters?

Natsume Yūjin-chō (夏目友人帳)The main character Takashi Natsume is a quiet, lonely and kind boy, born with the ability to see spirits. He is not good at dealing with people around him, but built deep relationships with various spirits in the town. Hope you will enjoy this warm and moving story.

Action anime with a smart but arrogant main character?

Are there any action animes where the main character is smart, however whenever he or she makes a mistake, they say something like "Oh, well this is your fault guys, not mine. Because you're all just a bunch of stupid humans" or something like "Thats stupid. If it was a good idea, I would have thought of it myself." kind of thing?

And as a bonus question, I recall seeing an anime before and in one episode, the characters were in some strange new area, and in said area babies were born from large eggs. Then an army or something like that came in and killed all the eggs, and the parents made some strange screech from the shock.

What anime has a cold/bad boy main character with bad past and a girl who opens his heart?

what im really looking for is, a main character that is one of those really cold characters that are smart too, sometimes people reffer to them as the "bad boy" ,and they usually have some sorta dark past or something. It doesn't have to be a guy, but i would preffer a guy.... also if possible, if it could have a girl who slowly opens his heart- you know those types of animes... they are usually comedy but i don't mind what genre... so long as its not horror.... I don't mind if it is manga but i would prefer anime.... thanks a bunch to anyone who can help xD..... i've watched so many i'm running out xD (btw, unless its a really really compelling story, i get a little bit fussy about the animation xD hard list i know) but i would really appreciate ANY suggestions =D

Is there any good anime where the main characters are boys?

Too many.Here’s a good amount of anime worth recommending (not all main characters are JUST boys):Nodame CantabileUnconventional main characters, and a unique music/slice of life series all around. “Underrated” is an understatement.-Code GeassClassic mecha/military series with a clever plot, intelligent characters, and a level of execution few anime are able to compete with.-Re ZeroPsychological/fantasy anime about an 18 year old who’s transported to another world. It sounds cliche but give it a chance. It’s MUCH better than it sounds.Can’t say much more to avoid spoilers.-Assassination ClassroomKoro Sensei, a “mentor” slash teacher is on a mission to literally teach his students how to kill him. Because if they don’t, the earth will be destroyed.Again, the plot is clever and especially unique for a “school” anime.-Bungou Stray DogsMystery/action series about a group of “supernatural investigators”.The characters all stand out for one weird, eccentric, unique reason or another. So you’re guaranteed to find a character you’ll like.-BarakamonChilled slice of life series that’s about 12 episodes long. The story is about Seishu Handa, a caligrapher.You get a nice mix of ages in this anime (kids, teenagers, adults) and it’s a good series to relax to.-Tanaka Kun Is Always ListlessLike Barakamon, the main characters are boys and it’s chilled to the core.You won’t find too many (if at all) cliches, fan service or any other distractions common in similar shows.-ErasedPsychological series about a main character who’s determined to fix the past and create a better future.Too many spoilers to say more but it’s a meaningful series.-ParasytePsychological series about a teenager who’s brain is almost “eaten” by a parasite, but instead accidentally takes over his right hand.Of all the anime on this list, Parasyte is one of the most philosophical, deep and meaningful by far.-MonsterEasily one of the greatest psychological/horror series of ALL time.It’s about a surgeon who makes a grave mistake and gives birth to a serial killer.Good mixture of female/male characters of all ages.-The Royal TutorEducational school series about a royal tutor, tutoring 4 princes in a palace.It’s one of those anime you can walk away from and learn a LOT in the process.There’s a little comedy too to liven things up every now and then.Honorable Mentions:Owari No Seraph.Rokudenashi.ReLife.Samurai Champloo.

Is there an anime/manga where the main character is indifferent, smart, or hides his or her true power?

Legend of Legendary Heroes: The main character is lazy and want to sleep all the time, but has a dreadful power he wishes to hide.

Soul Hunter: The main character acts like an idiot and hides his intelligence.

Spiral: Indifferent
Saiyuki: Indifferent
Kaze no Stigma: Indifferent
Orphen: Indifferent
Vampire Princess Miyu: Overly Indifferent (I really hated this anime by the way, so I'm only mentioning it because it matches the description.)

Anime with smart strategist type characters?

I'm looking for an anime with an intelligent main character, Preferably a guy and no cops dramas. I'm basically looking for an anime with a character similar to lelouch from code geass or L from death note. Manga is okay but I'd prefer anime. Any genre. Just as long as the main character fits the description. Please and thank you.