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Any Advice On The Most Affordable Way To Move To California

Advice for a california girl moving to atlanta georgia?

The only advice I can give you is to be prepared. Come to ATL a few times for a visit. Not as a tourist but as somebody looking for a job and a home. learn about the different neighborhoods and sections of town. Figure out where it is you want to live.

Find a job before you pack your first box. DO NOT move all the way across the country with no job. It might take you 6 months to find good work and how are you going to pay your bills and raise children without a job. Your cash is going to burn up quick if you aren't earning money the day after you move in.

Avoid the west end and the southside. Those are the low income areas. I won't call them all ghettos but many would.

The best areas are all north of town. North of I-20. Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lilburn, Lithonia are all very nice middle class suburban areas where you would feel at home (majority black).

Traffic stinks no matter where you go. Can't escape it. So try to find work close by home or a home close by work. But many of us drive 1 hour or more to work every day.

You'll have 30 days to transfer your CA drivers license to a GA license. Same with your cars. 30 days to get them registered in the state and buy GA tags.

If your children are school aged check the Gwinnett county schools, Fulton county schools and Cobb county schools. Avoid Dekalb county schools and city of Atlanta schools. They are both a mess and they are suffering under disfuctional school boards.

For people that moved from Illinois to california, How is like living in California compared to Illinois?

I have a friend that moved from Illinois and it got me when he said that California is a lot different compared to Illinois. I just want to ask, how is california compared to Illinois like prices of certain food, gas money, tax, or certain types of "regulations" or w/e

Im moving from upstate new york to california any advice about the area(im def thinking l.a. near hollywood?

There's the truth. California has the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the country following Michigan. Jobs are almost non existent. It is also one of the MOST expensive places to live. The cost of living will be much higher than it is in beautiful upstate New York. The consensus among regular L.A. contributors is that to make a move here even remotely successful you'll need between $7500 to $10000 just to get established.

Also, in the Los Angeles area, there are literally a million kids who come here every year as wanna be actors/actresses. Almost every one of them fail, and become an unending pool of bartenders and waitresses. Also understand that Hollywood is NOT the way you see portrayed in silly television programs. It's just a dirty district of Los Angeles, and not the "Golden City" where movies were once made.

Please believe me when I tell you that you will be dramatically more successful in life if you stay in New York with family & friends, go to college and get a degree, before you consider moving anywhere.

What is a cost-efficient way to move from southern California to northern California (without furniture)?

Renting a U-Haul truck or trailer is probably the cheapest way to go. However, if you’re not experienced in hauling a trailer or you need to bring a car too, then it might not be a good choice.Although USPS has a book rate, I don’t find their prices very congenial over all. UPS and FexEx cost about $1.00 a pound and have size limits for furniture and such.I’d recommend looking into shipping companies. I shipped a desk, some trunks, and assorted dishes and glassware from Santa Fe, NM to the San Francisco area. The shippers based their cost on the total volume of the contents rather than the weight. This can make a big difference, especially for heavy items like books. I think the cost was less than $1,000 and that included having them pack all the fragile items for me.The total volume can be less than you might think because you can, for instance, stack boxes on top of sofas or under the legs of desks.In addition to a lower total cost (perhaps—you have to get quotes), there’s something to be said for having all your stuff delivered at the same time in just one shipment.The company I used was called Pak Mail (Packing & Shipping Stores | Pak Mail | Mailbox & Crating Services), but Googling “Shipping Companies Southern California” revealed a lot of choices.P.S. Not one piece of the many dishes, vases and glasses I shipped was damaged.

Moving my family to Victorville, CA area and need some area advice...?

Actually, my company is located near there but all of the research my wife and I have done on the area, it hasn't turned out that well. We have 3 young kids and my wife is going to be a stay at home mom. The housing is VERY VERY cheap in the Victorville, Apple Valley area but the crime and schools in the area just look horrible. So, I was looking at Santa Clarita or Rancho Cucamanga area...any advice on these areas or nearby areas that are "safe" and somewhat affordable? I was looking at renting a house in the 1500 range. After staying in Victorville, CA for 2 days, I just didn't feel that safe there and don't want my family there even though the housing is really cheap. 4br NEW houses all over the place in the 150's but the crime there is just too much. Palmdale didn't impress me either. How about Wrightwood or Phelan area? Is crime bad there as well? Thanks for any information you could offer me and my family!

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Bakersfield, CA?

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Bakersfield, CA?Thanks for the A2A, Dickie.My first impulse, is to say, “Don’t”. Bakersfield is truly the armpit of California. It is unbelievably hot, the school’s range from terrible to abysmal. I could go on, but…If you must move here(and there are some good reasons to do so, heck, I live here) be prepared for the heat. You won’t need winter clothes, it really doesn’t get cold. It does get hot. It’s over 100 as I am writing this - 108 on my thermometer.I’m assuming you have been offered a job here, as there are a lot of good jobs available in Bakersfield that require little to no education or previous training - if you can stay off drugs. The oil industry is always hiring - and drug testing. Your medical marijuana card won’t help you keep your job. We also have a large agricultural industry and a lot of people work in the prisons. California has a lot of prisons in the area as the heat discourages prison breaks.We have an aggressive, well supported police and sheriff department. If you do drugs or are criminally inclined, this is not a good place to live. BPD has a policy of shooting anybody using a gun to commit a crime. On the other hand, Kern County is one of the best in California (if not the best) for getting a concealed carry permit.Housing is (relatively) cheap in Bakersfield for California. Try to find a place with a pool if you can. Get some good transportation. This is a must. Public transit here sucks - and that’s putting it nicely. There are a lot of good recreation facilities relatively local - Pacific Ocean beach is 2 hours away, Sequoia National Park is close enough for a day trip. Lake Isabella is nice, too. Los Angeles is about 2 hour south on the freeway. All you need is reliable transportation, with air conditioning. If you ride a motorcycle, there are lots of no-rain days and good day trips in the area (I ride a Harley).There are a lot of churches in Bakersfield, of all denominations - not just Christian. Many are very large. If you aren’t religious, they leave you alone more so than in many American cities. If you are religious, you can almost always find some place to fit in.Good luck, and welcome to Bakersfield. The following video shows our sense of humor…

Is Riverside, CA a nice place to live? Should I move there?

If you are talking about the City make sure you check out the neighborhood. Like other have said there are many bad areas and some good. My sister lives in the orange wood or terrance or orange something area and it is very nice.

If you are talking about Riverside county, I used to live on South Riverside County and there you have Sun City, Menifee, Murrietta and Temcula, all very nice areas.

Any advice about Antelope, CA?

i live in antelope and it is great all the schools here are awesome and it is a very diverse city. so if you have kids that are in elementary school, then send them to either olive grove elementary school, or dry creek elementary school. if they are in middle school then go to antelope crossing middle school. and if they are in 7th grade and is going to go to antelope crossing then he/she will be the first freshmans for the new high school they are building and if not then i would prefer woodcreek or oakmont high school which are both in roseville but u dont have to live in roseville to go to either of those schools.