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Any Advice Regarding My Sinuses And Occupation

Does eating garlic have any negative effects?

Garlic is used as a seasoning on numerous types of foods, from seafood and chicken to salads and breads. Some proponents claim that eating garlic can entice health benefits, although more research is needed. While garlic may have some benefits, eating too much can cause gastrointestinal complications and unpleasant side effects.DosageIf you're an average healthy person, you may safely consume up to four cloves of garlic each day, with each one weighing about a gram, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. While several cloves of garlic may be safe for some people, they're not safe for everyone.UsesThe primary use of garlic is for food seasoning. Garlic is also used medicinally to treat certain health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and sinus congestion. Some speculation exists regarding the benefits of garlic as a food additive to prevent certain types of food poisoning. MedlinePlus reports that garlic can kill some bacteria, such as E. coli, as well as salmonella, in laboratory testing.Effectiveness and SafetyGarlic is possibly effective for treating certain conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, tick bites and fungal infections of the skin. It’s also rated as possibly effective for colon, rectal and stomach cancer. While garlic may have some benefits to these conditions, MedlinePlus rates garlic as possibly ineffective for treating diabetes, bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, high cholesterol and poor circulation. For most people, garlic is considered generally safe when taken orally.Kailash Sweets Online|Indian Sweets Online|Buy Online Sweets DeliverySide EffectsGarlic, especially when you consume too much, can have some unpleasant side effects such as bad breath, burning of the mouth, diarrhea, body odor and vomiting. These side effects typically occur when you consume too much raw garlic. Garlic can also increase your risk of bleeding. If you have bleeding disorders or take blood thinners, limit the amount of garlic that you consume and do not take garlic supplements. Ask your doctor what’s right for you. Those who work with garlic may develop asthma or other allergic reactions. If you have a sensitive stomach or have certain health conditions, such as a gastrointestinal disorder, you may not be able to safely consume up to four cloves of garlic each day.

What is the reason behind morning headaches?

There may be headaches for about 300 reasons. However, this pain is more due to three reasons. The first is related to brain nerve or vein which is usually called migraine or a tension headache. Another is an eye-related pain. It shows a blurred vision or low vision. The last is a sinus-related headache. The nose closes, the nose does not smell, the fever is feverish, breathing in sleep.Sinocytes and headaches: There are some cats in the bone around the nose and the eyes, which are called sinus. Viruses, allergies, pollution, nasal bones or polyps, nasal tumors can cause headache problems. Its origin is from Sinus but it is from Sinus.Test: Sinus X-ray is not done in the current world. Cyanase City Scan is an essential one test. Other tests are tailored to the needs.Treatment: Topical nasal steroids are used for the stability of the nasal membrane. The nose can be used for short-term or drops. Pseudoephedrine can be used for a long time to keep the nasal clean. Accept the advice of antihistamine and antibiotics. Sometimes the operation is needed.Read Morehow to lose weight at homehow to lose weight fast in 2 weeksworkout routines for beginnerspsychological benefits of exerciseworkout at home without equipment

Should I choose mechanical or civil engineering?

First of all, you can not compare apple with mangoes. Because both branches are different. It`s up to your interests are. In my opinion, the biggest overall difference between Civil and Mechanical branch is as simple as static and dynamic. Generally civil engineers works on things which are static in nature e.g. bridges, roads,buildings etc. On the the other hand mechanical engineers works on dynamic i.e. moving things e.g. engine,turbine,bearing,operations in a production unit etc.But still if you want to compare you can based on different parameters.Job and money - The initial years for a civil as well mechanical engineers are struggling ones. As you move up the ladder it gets better. From my personal experience I think civil engineers gets paid more than their mechanical counterparts. This happens because the project related to civil engineers are more costly than mechanical. The big one plus point about civil engineering is the number of post in government. Central as well as state governments have plenty of openings compared to mechanical or any other branch. Note that I said compared to other branches. It does not mean that there are lots of openings so that you could get a job easily. Competition for government jobs can`t be underestimated. Research and then think.Satisfaction - It depends on personal thinking. But the life of civil engineer is spent mostly at construction site. This is obvious because after a structure gets built there is no work remaining for them. So be ready to work under sunlight, dust, helmet on your head, dealing with contractors, remote sites away from city. You will not get to enjoy day to day corporate life as experienced by IT people. On other hand, being a mechanical engineer you have lot of options to work in. Right from IT company to construction company to heavy machinery builders. So indirectly you have options to choose from.

Antibiotic question......?

I am not going to give you an answer because it could be dangerous for your health if I did. I know some of these drugs are available other than at drugstores. The warnings on the containers also say, not for human consumption and that advice should be heeded, as well as, not transferring medicines from one person to another.

In building your career, why should you stay in a small city rather than moving to a big city?

From my own experience, growing up in Syracuse, NY and living here mostly my entire life. I took over a family business here and morphed it into my own.I have never tried to move my business to a large city, so I have no real experience to tell you a small city is better than a large for a career or a small business. However, in a small city, I believe you have a better chance to be heard of, become well known in your field by the people who live in your city vs. being mixed in and unnoticed in a big city.But, if you have to choose, it all depends on how much you enjoy long trips to work, being mixed in and around way more crowds of people, paying more money for less living space, etc. etc Which is what you get in a large city.I prefer to have less congestion in my life, less craziness. More time to relax and less time traveling to work. Less is more.

We want to visit Shimla from Amritsar Via Chandigarh. How much congestion we can expect on the next day of Diwali?

These days the traffic is too much inside Chandigarh because of Diwali but it depends on the time you enter as well. If you are entering Chandigarh during non-peak hours (early morning, afternoon or late night) then you can pass through Chandigarh without coming across much traffic. But if you come in peak hours, you are likely to come across traffic. An alternative to this is that you bypass Chandigarh and take the NH 64 from Zirakpur (while coming from Shimla) towards Patiala. You can go till Rajpura and then turn right to take NH1 (GT Road) from there, directly to Amritsar.

How to quit mastrubation?

Masturbation is definitely not harmful. In fact, it has many benefits, such as preventing prostatic congestion ("blue balls") and prostate cancer.

Although masturbation is not harmful in regular intervals (I'd say once a day), it can be harmful if you do it more often, in that it can cause physical irritation, and can be become an addiction when it starts becoming more important than everything else in your life.

I can't give you any advice on how to quit, but I hope I have helped in some way.