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Any Female Willing To Help Teach Me How To Be A Female

Any female english bulldogs willing to breed?!?

Your dog is not old enough to breed.

Just because he is AKC and Beautiful doesnt mean he's qualified as breeding material either.. just because he's able to hump toys doenst mean he's ready to breed either. My Crested when thru a stage where he humped a certain toy when he was about 4-5 months old.. its part of play.

In another month you can start showing him.. he must first earn his CH title to proove that he is a good example of the breed.

When he is 2 years of age, you get his genetic tests done thru the OFA, CERF, PennHip, BAER and Optigen, as well as a brucellosis test.. to assure that he does not have genetic disease to pass down.

No one with a decent female will even consider him until he is titled and tested. Honestly, by the time you've spent the money showing him and doing the genetic health tests.. it would be cheaper to just neuter him.

Is there any Chinese woman that would be willing to personally teach me mandarin chinese?

Hi, I’m Jennifer, a full time Chinese teacher from Beijing China. I’ve taught Chinese for almost 8 years.
You can take online Chinese courses. I’d love to share a good site to learn Chinese—eChineseLearning. eChineseLearning is the world’s premier online language school. They provide all kinds of Chinese language courses such as regular Chinese lessons, business Chinese lessons, Chinese lessons for kids, Chinese culture lessons, daily Chinese lessons, travel Chinese lessons, HSK test prep courses, IB test prep courses and so on.

eChineseLearning provides the best Chinese language education service worldwide and always focus on the needs of customers and offer them effective and enjoyable Chinese language learning experience. They teach Chinese by using Instant Messengers such as Skype and MSN, you can actually see and talk with Chinese teachers. In addition, you can arrange your Chinese lessons to fit your schedule and best of all, you can learn Chinese wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you!

If you are interested, you can sign up for a free live one-on-one lesson with a native teacher to experience their service: Hope you enjoy the free lesson.
If you still got any Chinese related questions, please feel free to contact me at, and I’m very happy to hear from you.

My virgin female friend wants me to teach her how to have sex?

Were in college right, but i am not a virgin; she is. I have had sex many times with my past girlfriends. She was always the quiet shy type, she doesn't go to any parties much. She keeps to herself a lot. But she told me that she has sexual urges, and she asked me to teach her some basics.

I started off by letting her give me oral sex yesterday. She was horrible at it, and i told her she needs more practice. She nearly threw up on me when i came, and i stopped after that. She is willing to learn, and i am willing to teach her. But this request seems a little strange to me. It is so frustrating trying to have sex with a woman who doesn't know what she wants or what to do. But what is a good way to teach her in a fast method. Also, she is becoming more sexual with me like giving me a kiss as a greeting. I think she wants to be my girlfriend.

I'm having trouble squirting normal female juices? Help?

Okay so I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years an 5 months, We have a 9 months old an I'm currently 7 months pregnant, Besides that the point is that I lost my virginity to him an, He lost his to me an we've both learned new things together, I had to teach him everything about the female anatomy an about how to give me clitoral stimulation so that he can give me clitoral orgasms orally an with his hands so, so far I've only experienced clitoral orgasms an some vaginal when he penetrates me, they both kinda feel the same I get in a way i don't know how to explain, My body clenches up an my muscles spasm in excitement an i can't help but just lay there an relax after, BUT! Yesterday I experienced something I've never experienced before, My boyfriend was stimulating my G-spot with his hand an i felt as though i was going to pee but I ignored it an told him to keep doing that because it felt REALLY good an I let him do his own thing an go at his own pace, of course he got excited an started speeding up the process an soon enough out of no where I felt a gush come out it didn't exactly squirt out all crazy like in porn videos but fluid came out an it wasn't like a constant loooong peeing process, but after when we where done I smelled it an looked at it an the stain on my sheets wasn't yellow an it went down onto my bed an i smelled it an it smelled just like pee but it didn't look yellow or anything an it never had that lube texture when it started gushing out, Sooo I did my research an apparently if it smelled like pee it was pee but I'm reading all these women experiences an how AMAZING it feels to have an orgasm like this an I WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT SO BAD! Because I pretty sure I can reach that type of orgasm an if i can't oh well but i want to now HOW exactly my boyfriend can make me experience that exciting orgasm, an this time it NOT being pee but female ejaculation, I know i have to pee before we get into it but since I'm pregnant my bladder fills quick with having less room because of me being 7 months pregnant, Help us please? well me cause i want to experience this so bad an i want to give my boyfriend that amazing confidence in bed an make things more exciting between us (;

Female firefighters?

I've only had experience with one department (police) and I can safely say chicks are always treated a little bit differently.

But it's like that a lot of places in my experience. Although I've grown accustomed to being the only girl (like the summer I worked at a car detailing shop), it's never ceased to amaze me how men have always managed to make me feel like a sissy. Whether it's the male boss who finds it acceptable to hit on me at work or the way guys offer to do the hard stuff for me...I've felt extremely belittled.

Even jobs where I was not the only chick, men have managed to make me feel out of place or incapable of doing my job.

I don't think I'm overly sensitive and I'm positive it has nothing to do with my looks (I'm average).

I don't know if your first department was abnormal or not but I do know if you dwell on it, it'll only get worse. Your best bet is to always do your job to the best of your ability and KNOW that women always do things better. ;)