Any Games With Similar Char. Progression Like Swtor

What are the time differences between KotOR, KotOR2, SWTOR, and the Movies?

KotOR: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
KotOR2: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords
SWTOR: Star Wars: The Old Republic --- the mmorpg

I'm trying to figure out the rough (if not exact) time differences between each of these games and the Star Wars movies. I know the videogames take place in the order I have written above and many years before the movies but beyond that I don't have any kind of rough estimate.

Side note: I'm writing a paper on storyline progression in videogames and using SWTOR in particular as a focus. Just trying to figure out its place in the order of things and save myself some research time.

Thanks for your help y'all.

Star wars the old republic. Light side, dark side questions.?

Yes actually. I was a beta tester on Star Wars the Old Republic, and a Sith can get light side points and a jedi can get dark side points. And it does have an actual effect on your class story line. (In fact the decisions you make on the story line can effect many things.)

There are actually 3 paths to each class story line. All 8 classes have their own epic story line that spans the game from start to max level, and you can choose light side, dark side, or neutral for any of them depending on your choices in the quests. And the outcomes of each are dependent on your actions in the quest lines.

Spoiler Alert:

Examples would be in the Jedi Consular quest line, you have a choice to turn in two jedi apprentices that are having a romantic (emotional, which is against the jedi code) relationship to gain light side points, or lie about the relationship to their jedi masters to hide it which gives you dark side points.

But at the same time, in the Sith warrior quest line you are given quite a few opportunities to gain light side points. (Choosing to be merciful to prisoners instead of having them executed, not killing your old master when ordered to by your new one, etc...)

PLEASE HELP! What are some MMORPG games that allow for gay couples/marriage?

I have already asked this question once, and no one answered! :c
Could some please help me!?!?

I want to find an online game, or MMORPG, that I can play with my partner on. We're both gay males, and are wanting to find a game that we can play together but be a couple/get married. Similar to the Sims or Fiesta. However, obviously not those two games. We don't care what kind of game it is, so long as it's free to download and NOT BETA! It could be adventure/fighting, etc. We honestly do not care- so long as the game provides an LGBT- FRIENDLY environment and allows for something along the lines of Marriage or Partner, etc. of the SAME SEX.

100% Thanks ahead of time! <3 Someone please help me out with this!!!
(I've already asked once on here, and ChaCha is only responding crudely)

Why is it so hard for other MMOs to get traction? Is WoW so impossible to compete against?

Not at all.Personal story of my past "failures" :DIn college, I aimed to build a "WoW-killer".  It was called Genesis.  I wanted to create a world where people had meaningful impact, and could go around and create their own cities, governments, structures (brick by brick), have children, breed (and play as) their own species of monsters, terraform the terrain, and die permanently...pretty much every ambitious feature a naive 24 year-old would have thought of :).  Not just a meaningless sandbox, but a dynamic world with well-structured gameplay and progression, minus the grind.  I wanted to destroy the notion that an MMO has to be millions of people running around doing the same quests, but rather gameplay and storyline can be emergent if the world is truly dynamic.  It was a one-man venture.I got about two years into the project without saying a peep.  Two years of 100-hour work weeks, little sleep, and lots of caffeine.  The end result was a few pics and a tech demo in mind, that was 5 years ago I released that...)I released it on Digg, then went to bed.  Next morning, 1400 Diggs and 200,000 hits on my website.  600,000 hits by the end of the week.  I was featured on every major gaming blog, interviewed by the founder of G4 TV, and people offered to donate everything from money to servers to hardware to artwork and code to help the project along.  People were legitimately excited, and hundreds of people told me it was their "dream game."I continued for a few months before I ran out of steam and my parents encouraged me to get a "real" job.  So, like that, the project kind of died.Nonetheless, I peaked a lot of interest.  Five years later, people still contact me from every country in the world, despite the fact that it was shut down.Recently I got involved with a new startup company because of my past work on Genesis.  We are doing some cool stuff, not anything like Genesis though...(yet ;) ).My ideas were not new or creative.  They just challenged the crap that the industry puts out.  It goes to show there is a potential market for different MMOs, somebody just needs the balls (and money) to attack it.

Why isn't Star Wars Old Republic considered canon?

The reason why, is because Disney don't want their creative team and writers to be tied down to existing storylines from the Old Canon. However, Disney can still draw inspiration from the Canon (such as SPOILER: Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) takes the name of the EU son of Luke Skywalker - Ben Skywalker - and takes Jacen Solo's (who became Darth Caedus) position as the fallen Jedi, Dark Side son of Han and Leia). Disney also have the option to canonize parts of the Old Canon (including SWTOR), such as the hope that Darth Revan will be canonized (whether through an appearance or name-drop) in future episodes on Star Wars: Rebels. So, although SWTOR is part of the Old Canon at the moment, there is every chance that characters/events from the story may well become re-introduced in the New Canon in the future. We can but hope!