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Any Good Ideas To Entertain Myself For A 14 Hour Car Ride

How can I keep myself entertained during family reunion?

I'm 14 my sister is 17, 18 in august. We go to a family reunion twice a year, every year. For thanksgiving and once in summer. I have gone every since I was 4 months old. It's a 5 hour car ride, but thats not what ill be bored during.

My mom and dad usually talk to all the adults about jobs and money and college and now since my sister is starting to get into the too she can talk with them.

I have nobody my age, or even close. I have alot of young cousins who always want to be. I usually do because they guilt be into it. But how can I keep myself entertained when I chose not to play with them. I cant relate or talk to the adults...

It sucks im always so bored, i stay there for 3 days.

What do you do to keep yourself entertained on very long bike journeys (listening to music is ruled out as its unsafe)?

To entertain myself on long journeys I generally sing out loud thinking the helmet to be a secret chamber through which sound cannot escape.Sometimes I try to emulate that stand up comedy show that made me laugh like anything and mimic actors and actresses by creating scenarios. At times I imagine myself to be a superhero who will save the world someday.I observe the things around me and if I find something funny I laugh as much as possible. I also think about my future and plan something that I have yet to complete.Talking to oneself is also a good option and swearing at retards you know in your life is always a stress buster. Try talking and commenting random nonsense about commuters and the objects that you see around you as sometimes something really funny can come out.I recall my previous bike trips and how this trip is different from them.As I am a religious person so sometimes I chant some mantras and try to memorize the ones that I have yet to memorize.There are times when I ride really really fast just to have some adrenaline kicking in. Though this is not advisable.I wave my hands at kids and seeing them wave their hands back with a smile is always a good thing to watch.I am single so I just create an imaginary lady love of mine and think how this trip would have been if she was sitting behind with her arms wrapped around me.

Should I diaper my kids for a long car ride?

Ok, I'll pretend you meant 12 and 14 months old. Maybe one is adopted. Ok.So you have super smart potty trained 12 and 14 month olds. Be proud and stop every hour to use the potty.12 and 14 year olds? They could most likely hold their need to go better than I can. Plan on stopping every 2 hours to stretch and use the restrooms as needed. I cannot imagine any situation where a 12 or 14 year old would need a diaper, provided they are not profoundly disabled. Having worked with profoundly disabled and autistic children and teens that wore diapers some of the time or all of the time, I do understand diapering a teen. In that situation you have to know if they can't handle long car trips without having an accident.An average young teen would be profoundly traumatized by being forced to wear a diaper.

Long car ride, what to do?

I had to drive like 9 hours once. Wooah! And i thought that was long lol. Well I brought a pillow-to sleep. I brought my ipod, camera(to take pics as you go by of outside or even yourself or your siblings to remember the moment!) You can bring candy-and split them with your sisters and chat. Do you have a laptop? If you don't no worries but it is cool because you can go on msn. Songs for your ipod- A Millie by Lil Wayne. It is cool like the base is booming-I love it! More songs can be forever by Chris Brown. I loove that song<3 When I was on my plane ride to go to Florida for my cruise I listened to this song Jerk It Out by Ceasers Palace-It got me real excited to go for some reason. :) These are just some songs there is many more. I would take forever to write them though. You can bring a magazine I can see you get car sick but magazines have big letters and they are just fun to glance at every so often! Maybe bring a pen and paper to play tic tac toe with your sisters, I know childish right? Well.. no haha I like to play still. Or you can just draw. In my friends car once on the way back from her cottage she had a portable DVD player it was real cool, so if you have one bring it! And bring some snacks:DTheese are just a couple of the many things you can do. Well have fun in Florida; you're real lucky :) Have a good trip, and hope you fun during the car ride there! xo

Things to do alone on long car rides?

I hate long care rides. It's a pretty crammed, miserable experience. Luckily you'll have school to look forward to.

What I do is listen to an interesting audio book. I can't read in the car without getting sick, but if you can--by all means, bring a book. That can usually keep me entertained. You said you had some homework, which makes me think you're not driving? If that's the case, you could always bring a laptop in the car and watch TV or something. You could try some puzzles. Like sudoku, cross words, rubuiks cubes, etc. Those could be entertaining. Plan for school, think about your classes, how you're going to stay on top of things, what you're exciting about, etc.

If you have internet on the car ride there (mifi) you can surf the web. Bring snacks if you want, which can entertain you. If you're driving there with someone you can chat with them. You could call some friends if you'll be alone and catch up with them. You can sleep-- that can kill hours alone. Listen to music, draw (or do some other kind of art) or just stare out the window.

You could just study for tests you know you'll have in the future. If you have no internet, log on right before your trip and take note of 5 of these fourms you want to respond to, think about them and start to write out some ideas for some thoughtful posts.

Sorry I realize these aren't very great ideas. I think you can only do so much to combat the bordom and circumstances of a long car ride. My biggest suggestions are: sleep and listen to audio books.

Going on a car trip, daughter in diapers?

We will be leaving for a week out of town. The car ride should be about 5 hours long with not to many stops. My daughter is 14 years old. She wets the bed sometimes and has had acidents before, on a car trip twice. She has no medical problems, just has trouble holding it. I asked her if she thought she could go with out any acidents and she said probally not. She has worn a pad before but it didnt seem to stop it. So for this trip I am ready to put her in a diaper. She can still fit in pull ups because she had to wear one recently at my neices house. Do you think I should or shouldnt, why or why not.

And I also thought about wearing one myself because I wet myself and it was really embarrising, i was in jeans and it was noticable. Should I wear one also?

How to make a long car ride bearable?

A 4-5 hour drive is not that bad. If you are not comfortable driving that distance, the best thing to do is break up the trip with several stops along the way. Getting out of the car and walking a bit will make it easier to stay alert.

Figure on stopping 3 times, once every 90 minutes or so and you will be fine.

I literally have no friends. How can one have fun without friends?

I suppose the first thing is to clarify whether you want to make friends or are you satisfied with your friendless state & simply want to find things to do alone?There are lots of things you can do alone. And there are lots of ways to make friends.Things to do alone: travel, go to the movies, go out for lunch/dinner, start a blog, take a class, pursue hobbies, read, think, sleep, write in a journal, go for a walk, hit the gym, run, swim, cook, etc.Ways to make friends: do some volunteer work, take a class, go to a meetup, go on an organized tour, network & actually express an interest in the people you speak with, go to happy hour with your coworkers, get a job, go to church, participate in organized classes at your gym, teach a class, join a book club (or if your library/bookstore doesn’t have one that interests you, start one!), join a club that is related to a hobby or interest…Keep in mind that you start making friends by becoming acquainted with people. You will need to do this many times before you find a few people with enough in common with you to actually develop a friendship. Obviously the desire has to be mutual.I remember my stepfather telling me that he would find people who knew more about his favorite hobbies (opera, baseball, trout fishing) & work on becoming friends with them. Everyone likes to be viewed as an expert. So maybe try that. But also remember that friendship is a mutual thing - you need to give something and receive something from the relationship for it to work. Good friendships are a two-way street.

What is the license key for driver booster?

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