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Any Idea Where I Can Get Shock Standing Absorber Pad

Hi! Which is the best shock absorber material to prevent egg break when it is dropped? Thx.?

In my H.S. Physics class we had to do this experiment. We had to drop the egg from a height of 10, 20 and 30 feet and land it in a target area with no breakage. The materials I used were wonderful. My egg never broke. I had too much bounce on my 30 foot drop though so that sucked... but I cna offer suggestions on how to prevent this as well.

Use a Kool-Aid or Country Time Lemonade container (the kind that makes 6 or 8 quarts. Use mostened kitchen sponges to line the interior, leaving just enough room for the egg to placed inside. Coat the outside of the container with something that will absorb shock as well. to prevent bouncing. The suggestion I got from my instrcutor at the time was a gel pack (like a reusable ice pack, not frozen) because by adding the weight to the bottom it would keep it from tumbling in the air and also would absorb a great deal of shock to prevent any major bouncing upon landing.

You should get 15 foot herringbone handwraps - these are the long version - and ensure the wrist is well strapped and supported.Then for gloves, use 8 ounce gloves at this time, on your current bag. These measures should take the impact load off your wrist. Just buy cheap leather 8 oz gloves for this purpose. Ideally they will have a very firm insert, not a soft one. Bagwork will destroy them eventually but it’s that or your hand.You have to buy 8 oz gloves that are easy to put on over your 15 foot wrap, so this aspect must be tested before purchase, or they won’t be any use.It looks as if bag gloves won’t do for you in the current environment (the combination of your physiology, the type of bag, and your technique).ConditioningAlso consider what exercises you are doing to strengthen your hand, wrist and forearm, and then to toughen the knuckles. These are important for a boxer unless perhaps they are in a trade such as opal mining by hand, in which case all day is spent in such exercises.

Rear Shock Absorbers Are Squeaking?

I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac with 124,000 miles. The rear shock absorbers are squeaking. I crawled under the truck thinking it was the bearings on the leaf springs or something and doused them in WD-40. I had somebody shake the truck while i was under there and learned that it was the rear blue shock absorbers that were squeaking. These were just replaced a little over a year ago so they shouldn't be squeaking. I also sprayed WD-40 on those and shook the truck to get some of the lube up inside the shocks.

What I want to know is why these shocks are squeaking and was it a bad idea to spray WD-40? I hear it can attract dust and dirt and cause damage. Are the shock absorbers a safe place to spray?

Thank You.

Have you ever had to ride an off road bike without any shock absorbers? When every nook and cranny, every bump is felt on your back? It is a terrible experience. It is the same situation with Mongolian horses. It is really a bumpy ride. The land doesn’t help either.When horses start to gallop you instinctively stand up on stirrups otherwise you can damage something. This is especially true for men. This old lady is wearing a traditional Mongolian deel (cloth) and she has a belt. It is actually long fabric that you tie tight around your stomach. We believe it protects your internal organs when riding a horse. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I thought it was helpful.We have several different types of saddles, depending on nationalities. Also, it is made per person. Kids get smaller sizes, adults bigger etc. But in general, saddles look like above picture. The top part is made from wood, usually a birch tree. Aside from several layers of wool, there is little to absorb the shock.A tall wooden saddle also helps when you ride on stirrups. You can hold on with your legs to free your hands. This was traditionally helpful when you had to use a bow and arrow while galloping.

Tampons and Pads, which is better for a young girl?

for a light flow, stick with pads. and when you do start with a tampon for the first time, do it in the middle of your period, do not try experimenting any other time - you will be way too dry and it just plain hurts. so, when your flow is going, use a slender tampon and take your time. you might have to try different positions, sitting, standing with one leg propped up or in a short-stop postion. use which ever helps you get it in with ease and do, do, do, take your time. haste will only make you do it 'wrong'. once i had it down pat, i never went to pads again! i felt cleaner and 'safer'. wish i could have asked so anonymously back in my time! hope this helps you. and yes, do not forget to change regularly then you don't need to worry about toxic shock. and one more thing - you aren't clogging the blood flow like a cork in a bottle, the tampon just absorbs it before it leaves the body. if the tampon can't absorb any more, then you will leak - the blood will flow, girl, that's a messy fact!

An unnecessary risk, the defibrillator circuit is really floating, the charged capacitor is connected to an inductance and the pads by a high voltage relay, and a safety timed circuit that internally discharge the capacitor if the charge is not used.But then you have a nasty high voltage (read high energy to kill) of 4 to 5 kV, and a bad conductive tissue can expose other people to a return path via stray capacitance to the charger circuit. Remember, not all the energy is delivered to the patient.And more important!, someone is trying to save a life, let them to the work.Furthermore the best defibrillator technique requires synchronous triggering with heartbeat, the equipment has an internal ECG amplifier, any hand is extra noise!For real, nobody without appropriate knowledge needs to be in the procedure, a hand don’t save a life in this situation.

Will 20" rims fit on a stock honda civic?

I recently saw an add in Sport Compact Car or Super Street about a company that made 20 series tires so subcompacts could roll on 20's. I think it's a stupid idea because there would be almost no sidewall and would ride like sh!t. But hey, if someone wants it, a company out there will make it.

It's not cool to be derogatory and rip on people for trying different things. The aftermarket wouldn't be what it is today if people didn't try new things. What would you have said to the guy in the 80's that wanted 17's instead of his 13's? Cars today that were built in the 80's are riding on 17's and 18's.

As for style, to each their own. Big wheels on sedans is the new southern thing. Not necessarily a 'black' thing.

Why can't you put a device in the stock of higher power rifles that would be similar to shocks in a car in order to make the recoil more manageable?You can.Many rifles chambered in larger or magnum calibers come with a built-in recoil pad. Others are after-market add-ons.You can even get things that really are much like the shocks on a car.The downside, of course, is that they add weight, and can compromise accuracy. To shoot accurately, you want a solid connection between yourself and the gun, for the maximum mechanical stability. Recoil buffers of various sorts may not be as stable as a plain buttplate.My recommendation is to use the least buffering that you can stand.