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Any Ideas As To How This Can Be Fixed

Fixed male cat still acting "randy" any ideas?

So many people believe that once a tom cat has been fixed then they will lose their ability and drive to mate. I thought this, until my cat decided to have a love affair with my neighbours cat. Unfortunately, if they have experienced mating before, then they still know how. The cats behaviour also depends on how they have been fixed, some vets do the complete doctoring, and there are some that just tie their tubes but still have everything. So if this is the case then he will still have his sex drive.

As to stopping him, yes you try to distract him, but it rarely works. You can try to change his behaviour by positive re-enforcement, every time he does not do anything then give him some treats. You can also take away his favourite items. At night, when he starts on your pillows, just pick him up and put him out of the bedroom and not allow him in for the rest of the night. He will soon get the idea. Finally, buy some toys that will get his attention for longer, like fluffy balls, or a toy mouse on string hanging from a door.

I wish you luck, because this will be a very long road to behaviour changing.

Wires in my corset are bent, any ideas how to fix it ?

If this a corset from victoria secret or hot topic made with plastic boning it is not any good.
If it is a real corset with metal boning you can get it fixed I'm sure. I'd do a search on corset makers and then choose one in your area. The good ones are hand made and so these are people who can help answer your questions best.

One of my laptops won't turn on. Any ideas on how to get it fixed, other than buying a new one? If I took it into a computer shop what might happen?

First try another power supply.If it does not work, still with the new power supply, remove the battery and press on the off button for a bit. Without the battery connect the new power supply and try again.If it does not work, try getting a new power supply port.If it still does not work, your Mother Board is faulty and it could cost you 75 bucks to have it fixed. Look for computer technicians in your area who do re-balling or reflowing. Even if your board does not need reflowing it may need a new diode that usually protects power input and they will be able to sort it out for you.If all that fails, you can still buy a "usually expensive" new board or, just take out the ram, hard drive, screen, dvd rom, and throw the rest in the garbage.After you go on ebay and try to sell those things you took out. They will not be worth that much, but they will be worth something :)

Chewbacca Cant Fix The Hyper drive To The Falcon, Any Ideas ?

well if Chewy is done with you can I borrow him ? I want him to spend the night ;)

Anno 1404 Venice keeps freezing- any ideas on how to fix it?

Yeah so I have been playing Anno 1404 and I recently got the next one Anno 1404 Venice. I was playing it a fair bit and I had no problems but then my computer crashed and so when I got it fixed I decided to set it up with Windows 7 (I was originally using Windows Vista). Now for some reason the game freezes whenever I try and play. Specifically whenever I set up a game it freezes either during the beginning of the game or during the loading screen- but the game is still going on the background. The music is still playing, I can move the cursor around and if it was during the game I still get messages and stuff but I can't do anything. If I try and Alt-Tab out of do Ctrl-Alt-Delete and try and get back it properly crashes. My computer specs are below. My video driver is up to date.Thanks for any suggestions.
Processor- Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20 GHz 2.20 GHz
Ram- 2.00 GB
64-bit OS
OS- Windows 7 Ultimate
Computer- HP Pavilion dv2000
Video Card- NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

My drier's timer has stopped working. Any ideas what could be the reason or how to fix it?

find Someone who can repair it around your area online. Or send it back to the place you bought it for to see if they can do anything.

Any ideas for temporary fixing a busted glovebox?

Tie a heavy duty rubber band to the latch and attach the other end to some point inside the glovebox to keep the door closed under tension. Open the glovebox door a little and unfasten the rubber band to gain access when you want. You might have to poke a couple holes inside the glovebox on the back wall of it to run a cord or heavy paperclip through as an anchor point for the rubber band.

Good luck.
Fellow cheapskate.

I once had a 69 Impala with no revese gear for 10 months....parking took strategy.

Any ideas about making your own invention??????????????

For a school project me and a partner have to make up our own invention or an inprovement on something that is already made (it can't be a food, toy,game, or weapon) and build it. only problem is, we don't have any idea what to do. if you have any ideas on what we should do please let me no. it will also help if you have an idea and you tell me how to build it unless it is something simple, thank you so much for helping me

How can I fix my tattoo design?

This is the major problem with many of the people who want to get a tattoo done. Its becoming a trend to get a tattoo done irrespective of design, whether you really want one, most of the tattoos don't even signify anything, people get it just because they liked the design or its trendy.One good thing is that you are not blaming the artist who did it (I am not talking about the sloppy artist) . One of my tattoo artist friend shared her experience where in she was blamed because the lady who got it done suddenly realized after few days she didn't like the design itself and thought its the artist responsibility to tell her not to do it (The tattoo was perfectly fine , it was just that this lady suddenly changed her mind)So coming to your issue , would suggest think twice what exactly do you want before going ahead and changing it or adding more ink . Search for more patterns , ask your artist to give you more ideas for the touch up or I would say leave it for few days or months or years till you are firm on your idea. Because it might so happen that some one might give you a idea and you might like it for the moment and you might get it done, and again after few days you might be bored and this time you might have to get it laser treated.My suggestion would be add more colors to it like the water color effect tattoo as shown in the link below. You can also search on Google for watercolor tattoos.