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Any Ideas For A Short Film That Takes Place In One Room

What are some ideas for a short film?

Short Film Threads - Room.A man living abroad in his single room, fearing about his family, they are suffering flood. Phone calls from family, friends, news feeds in TV, Facebook. Facial expression, losing his control over emotions etcA bachelor room having three persons. one person die at night. Their survival of fear in the all night. Suddenly one person wake up in his bed and realize everything was just a nightmare.A flat rented as a staff hostel for a company. the man currently residing there knew the company send there new female secretary of his boss to his room for staying up to she gets a new apartment in the city. They spends the night talking each other become a best friends (No erotics but rather they became respectful each other).Short Film Threads - OutdoorA boy found a cave in a small hill near to his home in a evening. He stay there for a while fearing to enter the cave. suddenly one man came out from the cave and he follows him.A girl follows a boy anonymously to him through the city. They reach an antique mini bar. When she enter after him into the bar everybody receiving her like they are waiting for her for a long time. She knew she not following him anonymously rather he guiding her to this place secretly.In a heavy rainy day, one man saw a person lying down in the street and nobody there he rush to him and found the man is a psycho and he need to kill him without any reason or for a reason known only to him. the man talking with him in the rain as the psycho man not let him go away. The man trying to convince him and finally he almost win.These are only some thread to the short films, you can expand it to any dimension as the imagination has no limits.Thank You.

Any Ideas For A Short Film That Takes Place In One Room ?

You might find some ideas or inspiration by reviewing a list of past TV shows that did that sort of thing. It's popularly known as a "bottle episode" and from the main wiki page you can skim through a summary of examples. I can vouch for these myself:
< Night Court was almost exclusively bottle episodes...
- BlackAdder II
- How I Met Your Mother ... "The Limo" was ... a bottle episode.
- Star Trek: The Original Series was a pioneer of this trope.
- Friends ... 'The One Where No One Is Ready' is ... one of the best ... Thanksgiving episodes are typically bottle episodes.
- Frasier, perhaps following the lead of the show it spun off from (Cheers)
- The Britcom, Men Behaving Badly had a bottle episode that took place in a single room — indeed, very nearly a single camera shot.
- Mad About You had a bottle episode ("The Conversation") where the camera didn't move —
- One Foot in the Grave: "The Beast in the Cage" is set entirely in a car stuck in a traffic jam.
Similarly, "The Trial" is set entirely in Victor and Margaret's home...
There was also an episode which was centred entirely on Victor and Margaret in their bedroom late at night trying to find strange ways to fall asleep.
- Mash:
"Hawkeye" has Hawkeye confined to a Korean family's hut after having crashed his jeep...
"O.R." was shot entirely in the operating room.
"A Night at Rosie's" takes place entirely at Rosie's Bar.
"The Bus" takes place entirely on and around the title conveyance (which has broken down in the countryside behind enemy lines)... >

Obviously, these are half-hour sitcoms that went for up to 30+ minutes for some of the older British examples, but, you could take an idea from one of the situations to write your own short plot. If you'd like more examples, just expand the other folders on the same wiki page for film, animation and literature examples and so on. It would be up to you to further research any example that seems good. It makes no sense for me to give deep details for a long list of ideas you might never find a spark of interest for. I'd suggest YouTube or Hulu to review specific episodes. The British shows may or may not be on their network viewer in your area so that will be a challenge. Good luck.

What is your favorite film that takes place over one day?

Groundhog Day. It is a 1993 American comedy fantasy film directed by Harold Ramis and written by Ramis and Danny Rubin. It stars Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a TV weatherman who, during an assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event, is caught in a time loop, repeatedly reliving the same day. Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott co-star. Groundhog Day was a modest success on release and garnered generally positive reviews. It later attracted critical acclaim and is often included in lists of the best comedy films. The term groundhog day is now used to describe a recurring situation in government and military arenas. In 2006, the film was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Short film script ideas?

It sounds like you've got some good scripts so far, so I'll just say a little something about each one.

1) The whole "dream or not dream" idea can be confusing, so unless you're really confident in your storytelling skills, I wouldn't recommend it. If you feel like you're capable though, go ahead! (A good, low-budget death scene could be the woman falling off something high, like the roof of a house.)

2) I like this one, but the motive of the killer might need to be developed a little more. Besides that, it's a good idea.

3) I'm not exactly sure what the plot is for this one, but I think you and your friends would enjoy filming this, because it sounds kind of goofy (in a good way.)

Happy filming! :-)

What are some ideas for a single location, short film with only 4 actors, aside from horror?

Film is a visual medium. Think in terms of what you can show that is a dichotomy, a mingling of dualities, a unity of opposites. This will create conflict and conflict creates drama. Without conflict, there is no drama. And without drama, there is a film that is boring. Always keep your characters moving.For example, an out of shape guy sets out to show his pals that he can talk a beautiful female into going out for a cup of coffee with him. This could take place in a gym. The female is beautiful. She is also very intelligent and she has no interest in the muscle-bound guys in the gym. She is there to get her workout in so that she can get to work, which is running a modeling agency.The guy and his pals are losers. They’re out of shape. They’re in the gym to workout, but they’re really there to ogle the women. So, when this guy approaches the woman, the first thing that happens is that he stumbles over a free weight on the floor. He falls…Take it from there.Don Vasicek

What makes a good short film?

The concept of the film. They need not always have a plot. It's  the concept that matters when it comes to a short film. Is it a message you are spreading or creating awareness or just a fun film? Get that straight and rightExecution. How well is the message or whatever it is that you are trying to say conveyed? This is an element necessary for any filmScript. Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid. Have you experienced someone trying to explain a joke? It is pretty horrible. When you explain the joke, it is no longer a joke. In the same way, don't explain everything. Leave some food for thought. Words unsaid matter as much as words saidTime. Don't call a 40 minute film short. I might as well watch an episode of friends. This is just my opinion. Make it around 10 minutes max. People find it easier to watch it even if it is terrible. If its 40 minutes long, they will get bored unless you have good stuffThe first 30 seconds matter the most. It will make the viewer decide whether to watch it or not. If it's good, interesting, intriguing and manages to get the attention, great! You have accomplished 50% Otherwise people will get bored of waiting for the video to buffer and BAM! you lost another viewerMusic. Make the music suit the film and set the mood. Don't add "He's a Pirate" to a sentimental film just because it sounds awesomeFrames and cinematography. The frames should be shot carefully to make the movie as interesting as possible. This will not mean anything to a casual viewer. But they will feel more intrigued when the cinematography is good (and they wont be able to explain why)Acting. This matters the least in a short film. But it still matters. So choose the actors wiselyThat's it for now. Good Luck!

What is a good 2-3 minute short film idea for my high school filmmaking class?

How about this cupcake:A movie about a writer who’s in a midlife crisis. He struggles with he’s next novel and needs help to draw inspiration (so he doesn’t come off as a hack like Lucas). He’s studying the human depression of books like “The Happiness Trap” and “Anxiety Rebalance”, for he’s next novel.You can make it interesting and engaging by the power of film making as many director have done before. Take a plot line that’s not interesting on paper but amazing on the big screen.JUST DO IT!