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Any Luxembourg Here Need Help To Luxemburg

What is Luxembourg like to visit or to live?

It's incredibly pretty, but it's very expensive, and it's kind of boring.

We seriously saw the whole country in like 3 days....and that was taking our time.

The people were friendly to us, though. The quality of life there is quite good, I think. From what I understand it has a v. high literacy rate & a strong educational system, and people are healthy and wealthy. They're taller than Americans.

We were there during Spring Break, and the weather was really pretty. You can go to and find out what the weather is like in almost any city on the planet.
Here's the link for Luxembourg:

That's really cool that you're going to teach overseas. My cousin did that in New Zealand and had an awesome time there.

: )

What do people in Luxembourg do for fun?


I'm currently in Luxembourg... so perhaps I can give you a few ideas - but don't expect anything great!
my grand-pa (77) likes to go to sports events (cross-coutry cycling) or take short trips (Paris, Frankfurt, etc) on the week-ends, see exhibitions and go to concerts. He's very active, but it is true that there are lots of cultural events (i.e. since this year Lux is the capital of culture in Europe!!).
ma grand-ma likes to knit, read magazines, stay at home and solve cross-words.

my mum enjoys socialising with her friends, mostly at one of their homes and only occasionaly goes to events.

I'm surfing the net when I'm not studying at night and go to the park etc during the day. I might not be a representative of my generation because I have two young children. But I remember I used to enjoy night-life, the British and Irish pubs in town, theatre and cinema, and even found time to do sports at 2 sports clubs, aaaaah :-)

So, you see, we're probably not so different from people in other places.

Living in Luxembourg?

First of all, city Luxembourg, country Luxembourg or province Luxembourg in Belgium or the palais Luxembourg in Paris?
For any of these the biggest hurdle will be visa, as an American you can not just move to Europe, neither Luxembourg, France nor Belgium. It is very hard, almost impossible to get visa to live and work in any of the countries.

If you want to move to the country Luxembourg, French will be helpful, but the local language is Letzembourgish, the language of the country, which is between German and French, to my ear much closer to German than to French. In the south of the country and in the city Luxembourg French is more the second language, in the north German.
People might be fluent in English and French, and wiling to speak it with a visitor. For a settler the will not make the effort, you will have to learn the local language.

Most of Luxembourg are small towns and villages, where you will have to mix with the local people.
And if you are not a very highly educated professional, with a lot of experience, forget about getting a foot in in Luxembourg, so asking for what kind of job would be available is going the wrong way round.

In the province Luxembourg you will find more French speakers, fewer people speaking English and the average income is less high.

How does one set up a business in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a great place to start a new business due to its political and economic stability as well as its openness to international trade. You can start a new business as a sole proprietorship or a company. In Luxembourg, the most common type of company is a limited liability company (SARL). The minimum capital requirement for a SARL is EUR 12,394.68. Directors and shareholders can be of any nationality and residency is not required.To start a limited liability company, first it is recommended to do a quick check with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) to ensure that the company’s name is unique and available. Thereafter, you need to have your company constitutional documents (M&AA) ready and notarized by a notary public. This document is very important throughout the business registration process. With all the corporate documents ready, you can lodge an application to register the company with the RCS.Most business establishment in Luxembourg requires a business permit. Therefore, it is likely that you will need to apply for one with the General Directorate for SMEs and Entrepreneurship. Documents to be submitted together with the application generally include your personal identifications, professional qualifications and personal proof of integrity as well as the company’s M&AA.Finally, you have to register your company for social security and tax purposes. You will need to register as an employer with the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS) if you are going to hire employees. Registration for income tax and VAT are lodged with the Luxembourg Inland Revenue (ACD) and the Land Registration and Estates Department (AED) respectively.To facilitate the process, it is advisable to create a company bank account in Luxembourg beforehand. The bank would require the company’s draft M&AA in order to open one.Keep in mind that most government websites in Luxembourg are in French or German. In addition, you also need a Luxembourg identification number to log in to government portals and submit online forms. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to liaise with a consultancy/law firm if you want to set up a company as a foreigner. For detailed information regarding business requirements and procedures in Luxembourg, you can refer to their official website.

What are some natural resources of Luxembourg?
there, it will give you everything you want to know, and them some.

Luxembourg metro station. What zone is it?

Every address in Paris proper is in zone 1 or 2.

Avenue Charles de Gaule is rather imprecise. Exactly what is the address?


No problems then. You can take the metro and change a couple of times on the RER to get to the Luxembourg RER station but its easier and quicker to take a combination of the Metro and a bus.

Take the Metro line 3 marked "Direction : Pont de Levallois-Becon" to the Opera stop and then take Bus #27 marked "Direction : Porte d'Ivry - Clude Regaud" to the Luxembourg stop.

This is as good as I can get knowing only that you want to go to the area of Luxembourg RER station. There might be an even easier route if I knew the precise destination address.

EDIT#2: I think the route I already suggested is the best. Chocobn is right that the Odeon Metro station is an alternative but then you will be faced with a fairly long uphill walk. I'm very familiar with the area you're going to and had an apartment just around the corner last October.

How can one get Luxembourg citizenship?

To get a Luxembourg citizienship you can (like normally every Luxembourgish person) be born in Luxembourg so you automatically are a Luxembourgish person.But there is still hope for you if you werdnt born here.Normally when you live in Luxembourg for 7 years you can get the Luxembourgish nationality, the conditions are that you know one of the 3 official languages (French, Luxembourgish and German , I recommend you to learn first french because everybody speaks in but then Luxembourgish cause it showes also the Luxembourgish people that you are interested in this(/my ;) country (you will not really need German in Lux.)But now at this now because of all those refugee, I think it is difficult to get a permission to get the Luxembourgish nationality.I hope my English is readable and you understand what I wrote.

Does amazon help with relocation from US to Luxembourg?

My husband works with Amazon and we moved from Seattle to Luxembourg only last week and Amazon has been extremely helpful with our relocation.They give you something (again it depends on your designation and role) called the assisted move where they help you with your visa, packing, moving, relocation, apartment and car for a month post landing and give you an immigration agent on call for getting your residence permit, scheduling apartment viewings and doctor appointments (As you need to take a TB test when you land in Luxembourg). Additionally you are also given an additional money package for when you move here.Oh, and they also book yours an your spouses tickets as soon as you get your visa.So yes, basically they help you with everything. All you have to do is pack your bags and come :)Wish you a great stay in Luxembourg! xx

What language is spoken at mass in Luxembourg?

I am thinking about traveling to and attending mass at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg. I know that the languages spoken in this country are luxembourgish, german, and french. I do not know, however, which one is spoken at mass. Here is the website of the church:

I would be attending the 9:00 mass on Sunday. Does anyone know what language this would be in? Thank you very much in advanced.

Where do I find born again Christian Churches in Luxembourg (English Speaking Churches in Luxembourg)?

Hi Matthew,
you have different international churches in Luxembourg.
below you find diverse born again churches with some good praise and worship, sunday school with over 50 kids and some international church with many nationalities.

Here are some examples

if you like worship and good fellowship go and see
OASIS Church of Luxembourg

there are also similare born again churches in luxembourg
like All Nations Church Luxembourg

more traditional Baptist church
like Christian Community Church Luxemburg

or if you like the Church of England there is also
the Anglican church in Luxembourg

If you would like to have more information, do not hesitate to contact me!

I hope you will find a good church in Luxembourg city!
Lots of blessings,