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Any One Know Chinese E Cigarette Wholesaler

How to sell electronic cigarettes online?

I am trying to sell electronic cigarettes and would like to know a place to start. I have a specific brand in mind and do not want to sell just any brand. I have tried a few and like the one that I believe works very well.

I'm not sure where I could go to get the merchandise or would I have to go through some sort of drop shipment company? I feel that there is definitely a market for this product where I live.

Does anyone know where I can get started and choose the type of cigarette I would like to sell?

Please only researched answers or anyone that is familar with this market.


What is the cheapest way to get an electronic cigarette made?

If yo want to start from scratch, you're too late, they're already being made, in huge quantities, in China:E Cigarette China, E Cigarette China Products, E Cigarette China Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.comIf you just want one made like in a custom color, many of those manufacturers can run off some for you.   Expect to have MOQ (minimum order quantities) of around 10,000 and an up-front customizing charge of $10,000 to $50,000.

What is the best company for electronic cigarettes?

Best electronic cigarette must have:quality kits,accessoriesgood online presenceproduct warrantygood customer servicesThere are lot of e cigarette companies that meet above mention criteria. Some of them are: Nicmaxx blu eCigsVapour2.euBest Electronic Cigarettes & Vapor CigarettesI have used many e cigarette brands but found Nicmaxx to be the best. NICMAXX Electronic Cigarettes have been on the American market since 2007. Their starter kit comes in different flavors and nicotine strengths, range from $19.95-$19.99.Hope this helps!

Best Electronic Cigarette - Which is the Best E Cigarette brand available?

What is the best electronic cigarette that is available in the USA, I have tried one that was imported but the customer service was non-existant when it fell apart on the first use and it took them 3 months to refund me. I hope there are some genuine ones available, because I'm really struggling to find anything that isn't just a huge scam, all the reviews are complaints about poor service etc. I'm documenting my struggle to quit smoking and hope to raise money to benefit local causes as well as improve my health. The so-called best electronic cigarette I tried was more like the worst!

Whats up with the Electronic Cigarettes at 7-11's/liquor stores?

If you have walked into a 7-11 or some sort of a convenience store recently you have probably seen electronic cigarettes for sale next to the cashier. In my opinion the internet has been dominating the electronic cigarette market due to the quality and perks they offer. I might work for 7-11 but dont always agree!

Recommended E-Cig(s)

Appealing Smokes - If you are looking for the same Cutting Edge Technology as top brands at a cheaper prices then appealing smokes is for you. They offer the New Black Battery which has consumers happy as can be when taking into account appearance / design. Free Shipping and a Lifetime Warranty Included in all Purchases plus a 30 Day Satisfaction.

Green Smoke - Quality Products with a variety of choices including world famous starter kits i.e The
Social Smoker, Green Smoke Basic, or the Love Birds kits. Prices range although Green Smoke sometimes carry a heavy price tag after all is said and done. Lifetime warranty and 1 day shipping available.

Smoke51 - Another E-Cig distributor that offers great products at a decent price. Smoke 51 has a great community following it and is often recommended to many. Prices can vary, although, carry several good deals.

Blu Cigs - Blu offers a unique look at the electronic cigarette. Their design and appearance is superior compared to several options. Many great deals and a variety of products keep Blu on the cutting edge side of E-Cigarettes.

Prices for Electronic Cigarette Starter kits can range from $39 - 180 in most cases. Depending on what you purchase its good to buy the more advanced kits if you have the money because they tend to come with more quantity which in the end saves you money. Whatever your choice may be you will be satisfied with the recommended links included above. Do not limit yourself learn, research, and test!

Where can I get good quality electronic cigarettes in UK

Well i recently bought one from the website called electric cigarettes in india, buy cheap electronic cigarettes india, smokeless cigarettes, electronic cigarette brands ( esutta .com )  the people are pretty cool , they have a sort of a recommendation engine on their website which suggests you which e cigarette they should go for - its pretty cool, i guess you can try their website, they are pretty good at service. All the best for your search. cheers

Where can I buy electronic cigarettes in Tampa?

I would honestly suggest to you that you consider buying online. When you buy online, you get a better deal. Go to ECCR and look at some reviews and see what you think.One of the many reasons that you need to use ECCR as a resource is the proliferation of inferior products in the market. This is important. There are some bad ecigs out there and those are the ones giving all of them a bad name and that is unfortunate because there are some phenomenal brands that use only the best quality components in their hardware products and bet ingredients in eliquids.Here's the problem and this is important. There are 600 ecigarette factories in China. Some of them are the best in the world. Most of them are not.China’s E-Cigarette Boom Lacks Oversight for Safety Most of the factories exist for one reason, to make counterfeit products as cheaply as possible and to rip people off with fakes. For example, there is a brand called Aspire. Now Aspire is very good and they make several high quality products. But, there are a lot of fake Aspire products out there that look exactly like the real thing. While they look the same, they use cheap metals and cheap materials and some of them are probably not even safe to use.These fakes or clones as they are called, are everywhere. The tempration for retailers to sell clones as authentic is very drawing. Let me give you another example. Aspire may wholesale their Nautilus tank for $20 and then a store might sell it for $35. Imagine that same store owner when he gets an email from a Chinese factory offering to sell him the Nautilus for $9. His profit almost doubles.When you start opening up the possibility of doubling profits by selling something that looks exactly the same as the real one.... well you know people and the power of temptation. There are clones everywhere.So when you go to a site like ECCR, they vet all those companies to make sure that none of them deal in clones. Buying online from a vetted dealer is the best way to get ecigs.I know you would probably like to see it and hold it first but all these companies have money back guarantees so after being around the industry for several years, online from a reputable vendor is best and best for your wallet too I might add.

What is the best e-cigarette store?

HiI used a lot of brands of e-cigs and nowMy Top:VistaVapors -> e-cigarette -> Electronic Cigarettes & VaporizersJoyetech -> ->® -> LLC -> Luck