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Any Shows Or Movies Involving Reincarnation

What are some movies with reincarnation as the main plot?

Karz (1980)awesome movie.

Chinese reincarnation and love movies?

I'm looking for the title of a chinese movie about reincarnation and love. The story goes: a couple is searching for a house and they found one out in the country side with a peculiar tree in the courtyard. The woman is drawn to the tree and she tells the husband to buy the house. In that house some years ago a pair of lover were kill by that tree. The movie than flash back 30-50 years prior and talks about two tribe who in the middle of slaughtering each other and a little boy and his sister escape. Later when the children are older the older brother purposely sent the sister to be "kidnapped" by the head of the winning tribe. Love at first sight when he laid eyes on her and he took her home, she never talks to him and he struggle to feed her. It is revealed that she was sent to figure out their weakness for her brother to attack to avenge the death of their tribe, but she ends up falling in love with him at the end.

Please help me find the title , i've been searching high and low for this movie but i can't seem to find it. It is CHINESE between 2005-2011, i think. It's not that old of a movie.

Any other movies about reincarnation and true love?

I saw a movie sometime in my life, about a pair of lovers that had always been destined to be together. If they died, they were reincarnated, and weren't complete until they found the other. They were always reincarnated to look the same. If I remember correctly (this could be totally false) one died years before the other died and got reincarnated. When they met, the other was much older and nothing could come of it because of the age difference. Any movies similar to this would be welcome as well. If you've ever played "Xenogears", it's basically the same topic. I could've sworn I saw a movie about this.

What are the Bollywood movies based on reincarnation?

RAABTA which is a disaster movie..There are a few other movies like Ek Paheli Leela based on reincarnation and all where big Flops

Am I a reincarnation?

I am a teenager. I have no mental health issues so please do not tell me I do.

I am a young teen. Ever since I was like 6 I was a huge fan of Elvis and older artists. I get upset when I see movies from 60s, 70s ect.. because I wish it was that time again even though I was never alive during those times. I had a dream last night about a Elton John concert [never been] and today I watched Elton John sing Philadelphia Freedom LIVE on youtube and it was the same thing as my dream. When I hear old songs, I almost cry. Im a guy. I see people I have never met before [older people] and I know them when I never met them.

This is very confusing.

I met a man before about 70s and I looked at him and I said to my friend, I bet his name is William and he is a widow and has 2 kids and he was raised in Michigan.

BAM! Swear to god, I went up to him and I was correct.

It amazed my friends and I dont want to tell my mom because I would sound like a freak.
The thing that amazed me is that I can look at people [only elders] and know them. It only works with some. I saw a old man in a italian restaurant a while back and I told my friend..."66, names John, Italian mob." Sure enough, he was, I found him online a week later after on the local police website.

I have had dreams of a man who i cant see saying "its okay. Its normal to feel this way, I was you once"

Please tell me what this could be.

My mom jokes saying that I was born in another generation. I ONLY like old music. Its weird.

Thanks guys.
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Question about reincarnation?

Jesus Christ is a pretty famous Reincarnationist. He could look into the future. He knew that Peter would deny Him 3 times. He knew when the soldiers would be coming for Him. He knew at the Last Supper that Judas had betrayed Him.

Jesus wasn't traveling uncharted territory; he could "see" His way clear. He does what He does by looking at His future by looking backwards at His past life experiences. He repeats His life again and again and He knows it. When He spoke of Eternal Life, He was speaking from personal experience. Rebirth, Eternal Life, got twisted to mean something different, by the authors(non-seers) of the bible. Frankly the idea of reincarnation, was feared by Jesus's followers. So they made the story of Christ turn out all comfy-cozy, in the bible they wrote. A happy ending for all!

Reincarnation is much too earthly, to give any credence to. Dreams of a far-away paradise makes for a better ending...don't you think?

If you could show a reincarnated George Washington one movie/TV show/ YouTube video, what would you pick?

If you could show a reincarnated George Washington one movie/TV show/ YouTube video, what would you pick?If it had to be just one, I would show him this and tell him to be careful what he wishes for.All the President's Men (film) - Wikipedia