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Any Suggestions Of Any Work Of Literature Preferably Ones Used In School That Could Be Made Into

In H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine the protagonist enters a future world where everything seems perfect at first glance. He finds a library with old, decaying books that haven’t been read in ages. Nobody is able to read anymore. Everybody’s analphabetic. It’s the ultimate dystopy: a society without literature. The framework is still there, but the soul has gone.Literature is necessary to develop your brain, to learn to think independently, to develop a sense of beauty, to discover language as more than a tool to pass on information. Have you noticed how authoritarian politicians are always hostile towards art and literature? Writers like Thomas Mann and Vladimir Nabokov had to flee from their country for political reasons. Others had to use an underground network for publication. Salman Rushdie had the fatwa spoken out against him. Why would this be if literature didn’t matter?Without literature history would be reduced to the hollow facts: dates, names, battles… With literature it’s possible to look inside the head of people of different eras and cultures.Finally there is the mere pleasure of escapism, the chance to travel away in your head from the depressing daily news and the shallow culture we live in. Without literature life would be less meaningful.

OKAY. This is not a drill. I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I said that to myself a couple of times before I started looking furiously around me for my favourite tragedies.It is literally a struggle right now not to write in caps locks but since you have not specified what sort of tragedies you would like to read, I will go with classical ones. They are absolutely wonderful — though at the beginning you will have to get used to them and perhaps, you will have a hard time with names but I am sure you will get there.What I am about to suggest you  is Ancient Greek tragedies because then you are able to introduce yourself to the first tragedies written — so many playwrights (Shakespeare included) were inspired by them & you will be able to find patterns (like that sense of inevitability that they give you) in other tragic plays as well. I normally read Oxford’s World Classics — accessible, cheap and great translations.INTRODUCTION TO TRAGEDIESFriedrich Nietzsche — A Birth of TragedyAristotle — PoeticsTRAGEDIESOresteia - Aeschylus Medea - EuripidesAntigone - SophoclesOedipus - SophoclesElectra - SophoclesThere are so many more tragedies out there & though Hegel absolutely criticized them, I can still see how they can broaden your mind — especially if you are willing to read the introductions and put them in a historical context. For instance, Oresteia and Antigone both deal with matters of authority, of changing institutions — the transition from tyranny to democracy. Plus, there is so much drama, there are so many things to explore — imagine it is like Game of Thrones and yet better, as it was written so long ago, giving us great insight to human nature and how unchangeable it can be.

Suggestions for eyeliner for beginners, pls help!!?

When I started I used liquid but for me personally it stands out just a bit to much. I suggest either a Maybelline eye pencil or my personal favorite is gel eyeliner. You can get many different colors and brushes and it lasts virtually all day. But when doing eyeliner I know alot of people like to put black on their waterline but I suggest using white. It makes your eyes standout and look less tired. You can get all this at Walgreens.

good luck!!

A question for students who hate English/literature/reading classes?--any suggestions?

I LOVE these subjects. So, naturally, I am currently studying to teach English. Although I love the subject, I realize that there will be students that HATE this subject. My goal is to engage students that are not too keen on the subject. I realize that I won't be able to make them love English, just as I could never be made to love math. However, I do want to find a way to at least keep them somewhat engaged in what will be going on in class.

so my question is this:

To people who dislike reading and/or English, what kinds of things could your teachers have done to keep you engaged, even somewhat interested?

I was thinking about doing more activities that pertain to what we are learning. For example, when teaching my students how to identify themes within a piece of literature, we could read Romeo and Juliet and then I could split the class into 4 groups and assign each group an act in the play. each group would then look at their assigned act and try to find the theme of that act. Once that theme is found, they will construct a masquerade mask (like the ones that the characters in the play wore at the masquerade ball in the first act) and then theme their mask after the theme they found. so, if the theme that was found in their assigned act was LOVE then the group could decorate their masks with hearts and other things like that. Or if the theme that was found in their assigned act was DEATH than the group could decorate their masks with, i don't know, coffins or something (whatever they choose).

I was thinking activities along the lines of what I have mentioned would encourage the students to explore the literature on a deeper level and get them interacting hands on, because I know that many people aren't just auditory learners; they're also visual, tactile, etc...

does this sound like something that would engage students that are previously not too partial to this subject? ARE THERE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE FOR ME? AS A STUDENT THAT DOESN'T LIKE THIS SUBJECT, WHAT KINDS OF THINGS WOULD ENGAGE YOU?

I would take:AP PsychologyAP BioAP StatsAP EnglishThese would be the most important for you, because as a psychologist, you need to understand foundational psychology, the very basics of different branches of psychology, and why they’re prevalent (ie theories). In upper division psychology classes you’ll learn about evidence for theories of different disciplines in psychology. For some psychology majors at certain schools, they only need the equivalent of AP Bio to complete their basic biology class required of them. Taking AP Stats would be beneficial to a psych major, however some colleges require that you take a statistics class in which you learn to use a statistical tool- I learned how to use SPSS in my Introductory Statistical Methods for Social Sciences; my school should of just called it Psych stats tbh. Taking AP English class(es) can be beneficial to you if you ever go down the route of a PhD and you need to be able to write quality research paper(s).Now here comes the best part, since you only stated you wanted to become a psychologist, and never specified about which branch of psychology you wanted to go into you can take a plethora of classes.You can take econ classes if you choose to become a behavioral economist/psychologist of economics.If you want to become a counselor, you can try maybe taking counseling classes your school might offer.If you want to become a social psychologist you could take a sociology class.If you want to become a forensic psychologist you can try taking a forensic/criminal justice class.If you want to become a media psychologist you can take a journalism/rhetoric media class.I would also go talk to your counselor if you still want to know what type of classes you can take to help you achieve your career goal while in high school.

Making my own religion. Any tips, suggestions?

Make sure to include in your creation story, that anything that science comes up with, God made it that way to fool people. This is literally an impossible to defeat argument, because when anybody brings up real evidence, just point to said story and say "God did it".

Also, make sure that you get a very large, powerful country to declare your religion the state religion. Preferably something like Japan, China, the U.K. or the U.S. That's how Christianity started off- If it weren't for Constantine, Christianity would be burnt out by now.

Find a way to make yourself nearly immortal/godlike, and then mass millions of followers from some specific area of the planet. Whip them up into a Religious furor using vague prophecies and the ideas that others are threatening their way of life. Then, release them onto the unsuspecting world in a bloody Jihad. Personally, I think this would work if you could find a way to influence religion over a few generations like the Missionaria Protectiva from the "Dune" book series. Convert everybody that doesn't believe by force, and rule the entire planet with an Iron fist for a good couple thousand years (call it the Pax ). Then, once we've developed the capability for safe-ish, cheap, easy to accomplish inter-stellar travel, either die or disappear and watch as humanity scatters throughout the galaxy, eager to get away from the place were they were confined for so long. Hopefully, this would scatter the entire species so far that it would be impossible for anything to single-handedly wipe out the species.

Oh, and I nearly forgot- Make completely unfounded guesses on whats going on in the afterlife- say anybody that follows you go's to paradise, everyone else has pain and suffering FOREVER. Oldest trick in the books, works every time.

Book recommendations? Serious question, want to find good literature?

I enjoy reading and I have all my life - in elementary school I was reading at "college level" and could always dive into a book until high school came along and I didn't have any time to read for fun - but had to read for work.

I've found time this summer to read for pleasure again, finishing my English summer project early so I'd have time. But I realized that I don't know what I want to read, and have no reccomendations from anybody because the people around me prefer to go online or read vampire/mythical, no plot, sloppy works instead of "good books."

My friend suggested a Sarah Dessen book. I almost died.

I was wondering if the Yahoo community has read a great deal of good books, and am really open to any suggestions, as many as you can list!

I enjoy mystery, really mind boggling mystery that's geniusly planned and written. I enjoy thrilling books that keep you at the edge at all times. I enjoy books like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey - a book about a mental institute with the narrator being a man that pretends to be deaf (you've probably read it). Books that have the narrator or main character living with a condition like "Jerk, California", where he was living with Tourette's, was interesting. I don't really enjoy romance novels, as they seem to have no plot at all. I enjoy inspirational books but not ones that are constantly talking about something inspiring, it gets boring and feels like a drag...Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a good example of a semi-good "inspirational" book I read...crime books are great, but not ones with too much politics involved - not interested.

If anyone has any suggestions I'm totally open!! I just need a start.

P.S. I prefer fiction over nonfiction, but nonfiction isn't avoided. I don't like biographies or autobiographies, but I'd say "Tuesdays With Morrie" was quite great. I don't books that are written in old language, like "Great Expectations."

The book can be as thin or as thick!

Laptop suggestions? ?

I myself just got my first laptop. I had about the same requirements as you. I did quite a bit of research, and I picked up a Compaq Presairo CQ50. It's a dual core processor, so it's fast as all get out. It comes preloaded with Works and a demo of Office Home and Student, which would be good in your case, and you can purchase it right off the computer. I didn't, cause I like Works better, but that's me. It runs off Vista, and I have no clue why people are so down on it. The screen is a 15 inch LCD. It's got a ton of space. I'm keeping business records, games, and music on mine and it barely makes a dent in my storage. Plus, even if you do need an extra Gig of space, you can pick up a card dirt cheep at Circuit City. I doubt I'd need one, even though this is only a 2 Gig.

Really though, you should shop around. Call Circuit City and tell them what you need. They'll give you options that are best for you. When I called I had a fourty five minute talk with one of the reps. She made sure I knew exactly what I needed and why. You really can't go wrong. Even if you don't buy there, you'll have a general idea of what to look for.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Happy shopping!

I do not seem to recollect hearing any kind of news wherein a piece of english literature has been adapted to a Manga or maybe i am just that out of the loop with this one… my answers would be entirely on the assumption that the titles that i am going to mention have not yet been adapted;Moby DickDon QuixoteH.G.Wells Invisible ManIs Famous Five & Hardy Boys considered a classic piece of English Literature? :PJules Verne Books, namely Around the world in 80 days, journey to the center of the earth and 20,000 leagues under the sea.HEHE, i realize my answer could use some more work so i shall update and edit this in the future ….-SQ, PZ OOT