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Any Suggetions Can Help

Are there any suggestions or tips on how to help me decide on colleges and finding my passion (see details)?

Apply to colleges, get accepted, accept the best offer, complete high school, and then file to defer your enrollment one year. People defer college all the time. Make sure to be serious about the application preparation and lock in an acceptance before you finish high school. Near the end of HS have a talk with your mentor and tell them you feel the need to experience personal growth before your Freshman year of college and explain how you expect a year of travel to challenge you, expose you to cultural and intellectual diversity and push you out of your comfort zone to catalyze your growth. Have a page of prepared pros and cons arguments that you know without having to read. Show authentic enthusiasm for growth, travel and continued education. To prepare, write 10-20 questions you expect an educator or parent would ask about the cons, then write logical arguments that refute them. Practice those arguments in front of the mirror repeating them time after time until you memorize them and can recite them in your own words, like telling a joke. Mentors will want you to have a plan for growth and education so that you can execute on that plan. Show your mentor that you respect that approach and are serious about your ability to follow through on higher education after your deferment.

Any suggetion for my poem?

for my assisgment i had to make a sonnet its suppose to rhyme mine doesn't do the best job rhyming though I tried any suggestions

Earth is full of a veriablity of land
from high soaring mountains full of terrains
to even beaches surrounded by sand
with drizzling rain streaming down the drain

The sea has crystal blue waves crashing
As the birds in the blue sky are gliding
Animals in the desert are dashing.
Polar bears in the arctic are sliding.

During the spring the flowers are blooming.
With the bright sun rising up and shining
While the earths other end is glooming.
The open sky filled with silvrr lining.

The Earth is filled with amazing features
coast to coast throughout all of its land.

Searching for any suggestions that can help me along my weight loss journey?

Lazy yet effective method i.e. intermittent fastingIntermittent fasting is not a diet, but rather a dieting pattern. It generally means fasting and then feasting on purpose that you consume your calories during a specific period of the day, and choose not to eat food for a longer period of time. As its name suggests, it is a process of eating nothing for extended periods of time.When I started to do intermittent fasting on the first day, I felt quite difficult to starve but after a few days, my body got adapted. After a few weeks, my few friends told me,” Hey! you have lost weight. You look quite slim.”I was joyful as without much effort and eating whatever I wanted, I lost weight. I even felt more energetic and active than before.Time-restricted feeding is a subset of intermittent fasting- which has a wealth of research behind it for weight management, blood sugar control, hunger regulations, cancer prevention, inflammation and more.Fasting acts as a “metabolic reset” for your body system – giving time for your body to clear out inflammation, a scavenger for cancer cells, get rid of damaged cells, promote healthy gut microbes, and also allow you to digest the previous day’s food.Slowly, many studies have begun to understand how eating plays a role in modulating circadian rhythms, but we know even less about how a lack of food might affect rhythms.For details visit Intermittent Dieting - A lazy, yet effective way to lose weight

By giving your suggestions, can you help improve these wordings used on a site?

1) Goal and Mission- Frendsom aims to get you across as many unknown people as possible so  that you'll have people from all around the world personally knowing  you.Fendsom wants to introduce you to new friends from everywhere in the world.2) What it does- In short, it offers an opportunity to help you personally know those you  don't currently know but always wanted to know (on region/country/race  level).Frendsom exists to introduce you to new friends you from places you might never have the opportunity to meet anywhere else.  3) How you benefit- You will meet strangers whom you might turn into relations, share your experience, know theirs and expand your world.You benefit from Frendsom because your world will expand as you share experiences with people of other cultures.  Who knows- you may meet your next love.4) How it's different- The other existing social networks provide great features to help you  stay in touch with those you already know but they don't encourage you  to know those beyond your acquaintance zone.Other social networks are great at keeping people who know each other in touch but they don't help you expand your circle of friends world-wide.5) Advantages- Since people of different race/language get to know each other, the  level of their sophistication rises. It can help people calm their  curiosity down about people of other race/country/language.You become a more sophisticated citizen of the world as you meet people from other cultures and creeds. I might condense these into fewer headings too.

Help with Sensory Adaptation !!?

I really need help with this question, any suggetions would be greatly appreciated:
Sensory adaptation occurs when the brain filters out repetitious and/ or insignificanct information. A correct example of sensory adaptation is:
A. A fine vintager (wine taster) can differentiate the unique taste among various blended wines given to him to evaluate
B. A person who inadvertently burns the tip of his or her tongue while drinking a hot drink can still consume cold beverages
C. A hog farmer does not notice the barn smell from his working boots as he leaves them in the porch of the thouse
D. A maitre'd (chef) can discriminate the aroma from prepared dishes as he uses exotic spices from around the world.

I think it's C.. but I'm not sure!