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Any Tips And Suggestions On Quitting Smoking Would Love To Hear Ex Smokers Testimonies Also

Motivation for quitting smoking?

well, i just wuit smoking recently after studying smoking in health class, so i think i can halp you.

First of all, it only takes 2 days to get all of the niccotine out of yuor system. So, remember you will only have to feel the need for one for two days.

Just think about how much more stuff you can do, if you don't have to always be thinking about if you will be able to smoke.
You could actually go to the mall and shop, without going outside of a cig in the middle.
Think about how much more time you will have (and more money)

Also think about hoe much more active you can get, and you wont get short of breath. You can run around and everything. You could lose weight and become really healthy.

And just in your mond, not matter how tempting a cig might sound. Think about how much damage it's causing just so you can be a little calmer, and feel a little releived of stress.
While you are quitting, try and find another activity, that could give you that same feeling of haveing a cig. Find something that makes you feel goos, without harming your body.

Just keep busy for two days so you don't ahve to think about it. Or be with people that dont smoke. Go see a movie in theaters, thats two hours without a cig that you cant just leave from (the new harry potter movies coming out).

Just keep telling yourself its only two days.
The only difficult part of it being two days i found, was that i could go without a cig for two days, but soon after i would get stressed, and imediatly think about how much better a cig would make me feer. Thats why i sugested finding another stress releiving activity (try yoga, you feel amazing after).

I dont know about you, but thats the main reason i started smoking, for stress releif, then i just got hooked and loved.
But after i found yoga and kept busy, i havent smokes in four months.

What is the easiest way to quit smoking & lose weight at the same time?

Start some gentle exercise: walking, maybe yoga or Pilates if that sounds like your kind of thing.  This will help with the weight loss as well as helping to keep Make sure you have healthy snacks ready to eat, especially if you habitually eat sweet things and/or junk-food.As for how to quit smoking, see my other answers, e.g. Dave Lukes's answer to How did you quit smoking? I am ready to quit, and hearing other people’s success stories really helps.

Do former smokers ever truly get over smoking?

Absolutely.  My brother-in-law alternated between smoking and chewing tobacco for 25 years.  He could quit one, but not without starting the other.  He had pre-cancerous lesions on his gums, and was short of breath.  He was miserable, and desperate.  His dentist gave him some simple neurolinguistic programming techniques.  He continued smoking for about 5 days, tapering off until he quit completely.  He vividly remembers his last smoke, that was over 6 years ago.  He has not smoked or used chewing  tobacco since.  He says he doesn't believe he could start again, even if he wanted to.  His health is much improved, and he hasn't replaced tobacco with any other vices.I've seen lots of others respond to these techniques.  They're incredibly effective.  So both the long and the short answer to this question is an unqualified and emphatic YES.

Smoking Cigarettes during pregnancy?

My Dr. told me not to quit. Quitting causes stress and will harm the
baby. So I cut back to 5-7 a day. The result. 3 pregnancies, 3 big
and healthy babies. Between 8.11 lbs and 7.9 lbs. All because I listened to my Dr. His advice benefited my children.
Listen to the Dr. He/she has the education. The idiot non smokers don't.