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Any Universities In India Offers B.a Graduation Course With Two Exams Part-1 And Part-2 Only For

If I fail my physics part 1 honours paper on the Calcutta University exam, can I repeat the year?

If you fail your Physics Honors Part 1 paper, you’ll have two options.You could either repeat the year, or you could move to the second year by converting to a General stream student.I was Calcutta Univ Physics Honors student, and this happened to one of my friends. He moved to general, to save a year.My advice would be, if you love Physics as a subject and want to go forward no matter what you get this time, repeat! Or else, save that year and complete your graduation sincerely.All the best!

What is the pass marks in English honours part 1 test examination in Calcutta university?

Pass % is 35% but if you obtain only 35% you will not be able to sustain your honours degree. For that you need 40%.But one thing, a bit of free advice, don't aim for 40%…aim for 60%, only then can you obtain a 40% (or even higher %) :)Regards.PS: applies for all the subjects. Not only English.

4.11 Unit 4 Test Part 1 Literary Analysis and Composition II Answered Enjoy?

thank you so much

Can I have two bachelor degrees simultaneously in India?

Are you asking about Dual Degree or Bachelors in two different subjects one after the other. If your answer is the former, then there are lot of colleges offering Dual  Degree courses but you need to careful while choosing the college. The value of the degree will depend on the reputation of the college.

Can you tell me a little bit 'bout educational system in America?What I need to do to become a good student?

Not all US high schools are as bad as that other poster made them out to be. I should know, I went to one. The problem most of the bad schools have isthat they are filled with stupid poor people. Avoid inner city schools.

In general what you want to do to be a good student is just make the teachers think you are trying hard. If you do that they will grade you easier and give you the benfit of the doubt in most circumstances.
Yes, you shoucl participate in extracurricular activities. They look good on applications and they keep you busy so you dont fall in with a crowd of drug addict losers.

Is it necessary to pass both general papers in part 1 under Calcutta University? Do I need to appear for the general paper in which I failed?

semester system will be start in 2019 , so if you not admitted till now don't worry but if you admitted already then you must be clear any one general paper to pursue next year if you are a general student and the others two by supply exam but if you're a honours student then you have to clear honours paper to pursue in next year no need to pass those general but my personal advice to you asap clear your papers to overcome pressure in next 2 years . thank you.