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Anybody Else Or How Many Others Getting

Poll: Anybody else think how crazy it is?

Anybody else think it's crazy how many questions get asked on Y!A everyday? I'm always on polls/surveys and a question gets asked like every 10 seconds. that's like 8400 questions a day, in p&s. I think..actually that's probably wrong.. don't judge me, i didn't listen in school.

*anyways.. anyone else think it's crazy that that many questions get asked on here, everyday?

I was also going through the same phase a few weeks back.I asked one of my friends to help me. The answer that he gave has worked wonders for me.When others succeed or do better than you, think that their success is in no way going to affect you.You are not a failure if someone else has succeeded.Instead rejoice in their happiness. This will help you build good relationships.You are only affected by what you do.

Is anyone else getting turned off by "Lost"?

Ok, I've been a huge fan of this show since the beginning, but even I am starting to get turned off by this show. It would be better if you actually start seeing some connections to things. But so many things on this show are introduced, and then dropped as if they never existed. For instance, what was the deal with Desmond's girlfriend in the last scene of last season where they got a signal from the island? What about this black smoke? What about the numbers that Hurly was so obsessed with last year? Even the critics of the show have said if they don't start giving some answers, or making better connections to things, they are going to really start turning off fans....and I'm starting to be one of them. What does everyone else who watches the show think?

Anybody else get the feeling that if Obama was elected and:?

i think you have a factor. yet definitely, i've got no longer seen a lot of human beings idolize him to that degree. I attended an Obama rally. there have been approximately 15,000 followers there. We have been all satisfied and excited to work out him. We waited on line patiently. We listened attentively, and on the tip, we gave him a status ovation. there replaced into no fainting. some years in the past, I attended a Bobby Kennedy rally. have faith me, the gang reaction replaced into plenty better there. you need to extremely hear what Kennedy stated, for all the screaming from teenyboppers interior the gang. And police had to artwork no longer consumer-friendly to maintain them from mobbing the point. EDIT: nicely, I hadn't meant to forget approximately your link. that's purely which you published it *after* the reality. It wasn't there when I wrote my preliminary reaction. Now i've got appeared on the clip. It ran variety of uneven on my computing gadget. it seems to be pictures of Farrakhan calling Obama the messiah. i do unlike that. i do unlike a selection of of what Farrakhan says. And once you're saying that Obama isn't in all probability the messiah, I agree. yet my factor is, that's a tiny proportion of his supporters. i do no longer think of you need to stress that Obama will start up a sparkling faith.

Has anyone else noticed how many teenagers put "don't care" as their political views on Facebook...?

Yes exactly, some teenagers unlike to contrary belief are interested in politics and are actually decent in it. Of course the majority find it boring and unimportant, but there are a few who could probably make great ideas about the world. I know from experience because since I was 14 or a little younger I took an interest in politics and I was told that I made good points, but probably would not have been able to get anywhere at that age because everyone sees teenagers as trouble causing idiots (Which is true in most cases but a very few aren't). Also I can tell you that these political interest were not just thoughts injected into me by parents and teachers. I read books, watched the news, and researched many things and could come up with solutions that could work and were unbiased. As soon as I started I realized the main probably of how bias many people were so I made it my goal to develop my own thoughts by looking at both sides of the situation and coming up with detailed thoughts. So we should at least listen to what they have to say, either way we don't have to follow through there ideas but if they make a valid point we should listen.

Yes. it's probably how he got elected, as he would say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe some fans of CNN, ABC, NBC news and others will say “but they talked about the bad stuff”. Well….no, because they always invited a conservative commentator or politician to justify whatever ridiculous or offensive remark he made that created this new group of voters. At the start of this election, I had a hard time believing that more than say 40 million people would vote for Trump in the general (Keep in mind this is around the start of the primaries). I was certain a third party candidate like a libertarian (Johnson) or a rogue republican would eliminate much of his needed independent and moderate republican base. But as the news constantly talked about him and his giant rallies, is major endorsements by white supremacists, and even the other bad stuff, there was always somebody at the round table that would downplay whatever awful thing we taking place. Say what you will about that coverage, but whenever Hillary received coverage (granted less than trump) it was one thing….emails! Nothing but god damn emails, I nearly lost it before the convention! To many people emails became the boogeyman and whoever was associated with them was as bad. This did one think for Trump, created a crucial group of say 20 million people (about a third of his eventual voters) that walked away from all of this thinking “hey, maybe trump isn't so bad….maybe I should vote for him to stop crooked Hillary”. Think about it, Trump one this election by winning over a group of roughly 100,000 people spread across three states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvani. To put that into perspective, if you took those people that put trump over the top and put them in say, the football stadium on Michigan Univeristys campus, you'd still have seats to fill! Doesn't matter that trump lost by nearly 3 million, but the news is the contributer of this hell, and fake news also played a BIG role as well in social media. I am sick and tired of hearing about Trump and I'm even more upset about the constant trump talk that he's now my future president because of it.

Does anybody else feel the united states is on the path to destruction?

YES I DO!!!!!!
I think most Americans have become amazingly Lazy , Lost, Ignorant or in complete denial. I do not understand how it is that people who are not even in this country legally get Food stamps, subsidized/section 8 housing, free medical care/medicaid and welfare monies? While American citizen's in the same financial categorizes are denied the same help?
Why do only a few people understand that the president is not that powerful at all! Congress holds the power. Nothing changes for better or worse until it goes through congress. I am sorry folks our new president is as helpless as the last. The only difference now is that the house and senate is ruled by one side. This is a very bad thing! We need ALL the political parties to have equal power in order to govern our government. Most of you seem to fail to realize that the Democratic 's have ruled the congress for the past two years. not the Republicans. So stop blaming everything on BUSH! The Democrats approved everything, or stopped them as they saw fit.
I pray the AMERICAN PEOPLE stop listening only to what the media tells them! I pray we began to educate ourselves, do our own homework and stop being cattle. Open our eyes and think for our selves Because despite it all we control our government! We are the ones allowing this to happen!

Is anybody else really frustrated by all these animal breeders and abusers?

Poms nz, do you then re home your dogs once they are past breeding age?

"kennel clubs" for generations have shamefully turned a blind eye to the often horrific and painful genetic outcomes caused by line and in-breeding in pure breeds which we still see today.
Naturally, anyone who is a serious show breeder will do whatever it takes to produce dogs that win, self righteous in the knowledge that they are supported by their Kennel Club for dutifully “improving the breed”. The dog may have the perfect look, but carry serious genetic faults and still be "champion"
But at what cost?
A potential life of suffering as these animals are more prone to not only genetic defects, but also poor reproductive performance, have smaller litters and are simply not as robust and long-lived as out-bred animals. But the potential is always there to produce a "champion" by these means thus increasing their potential for future financial gain.
Many "registered breeders" house there dogs in concrete cages for there entire breeding/show lives. And when they are of an age not recommended for breeding anymore, nor suitable for showing they are "re homed" as surplus to their business of "improving the breed".

Now tell me, how is this any different from BYB? Both breed for financial gain, RB breed for that elusive "champion " status and the peer popularity that goes with it.

If you own a dog, you should own it for life!
Dogs should live in backyards/indoors, swim in dams not live in concrete kennels.
ANYBODY who breeds, should breed for HEALTH as NUMBER 1, characteristics of the breed 2nd and appearance 3rd, and their breeders should stay with them forever
Dog shows should be banned and kennel clubs should detach themselves from the archaic practices of animal cruelty they have watched, and turned their backs on for so long and get down to job of caring for the TRUE welfare of the dogs themselves rather than appearances, status and financial gain.
No one should own large quantities of dogs RB or BYB, and those who do breed should be registered by someone other than a kennel club.

There is no difference between commercially motivated registered breeders/ show breeders and commercially motovated back yard breeders, the differences lie in the way they treat their animals, the quality of their lives and the fact that they may or may not have a home forever.

Anyone else dicover how the Illuminati/Freemasons are forceing and seducing people to worship Satan?

Wait, I thought we were supposed to worship the Federal Reserve banksters and their supernatural powers to create money out of nothingness? We are not supposed to have any other gods before them. Honor thy credit score that thy days may be preserved. Remember the payday and keep it Holy. Thou shalt covet and go into debt to keep up with the Jonses. The Banksters make us to carry graven images in our wallets and anyone found to have none shalt be tossed into the pokey for vagrancy. Thou shalt not write any books critical of the Holy monetary system or the IRS lest thee fall into legal trouble. Thou shalt not whore around with foreign currencies, nor gold & silver. Thou shalt not steal, the banksters have that locked up as their monopoly called inflation. Thou shalt not bear false witness on thy credit application.

Even the satan can not match the Power of the banksters, who already own everything.

Does anyone else find this annoying...?

Kind of, but everyone has their obsessions. I am half-Japanese. People always want to talk to me like I know everything about it. I have to let them know I do not. I like the Japanese culture and am very proud to be a part of that in some small way, but I was born in America. I really feel bad about disappointing people, but I am very proud to be an American. Sometimes, that pride is tested, but we all have our faults. The Japanese culture is a very good culture, but in no way is it perfect. Their drive for success is a perfect example of this. They are nice too one another, but they are also very hard on one another too. It is the whole Star Wars Yoda thing, "do, or do not. There is no 'try'." That attitude would not be tolerated in American society. This is proven every time you hear on the news about a parent being jailed for spanking their child. I would not spank a child, but I do not fault any parent from taking any means necessary for disciplining their child.