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Anyone Know Of A Movie Character Like Jo Polniaczek From

Please send me any information about Megan Follows(actress)(as Anne Shierly).any children?her character...?

is she still sweet?I am really fond of can I find any of her interviws?has she written any article?her ideas about Anne?where does she live?how?about her children?

Who was your favorite character on the 1980s TV series comedy The facts of Life?

Jo Polniaczek! When season 1 was finished, they got rid of a lot of girls, and just focused on four. Adding Jo, who was NOT like any of the others at Eastland, was a breath of fresh air. I don't think the show would have survived on the original format. Her chemistry with everyone was on point,especially Blair. Natalie wasy second favorite, followed by Blair, then Tootie. And of course, you gotta love Mrs G!