Anyone Remember Tyson Stealing Sweets .

Does anyone know of some new movies coming out in 2008?

Sin City 2, Jurrasic Park 4, Indiana Jones 4, Harry Potter 6, 10,000 B.C., The Lovely Bones, Star Trek 6, Wolverine....

there are more and the dates on all of these are TBA 2008...

hope this helps..

Which rappers have the best complex rhyme schemes?

An interesting question.If you stare down the history of rhymes in music and relate it to the evolution of rap, a beautiful pattern unfolds.What I will do here is list some very intriguing rhymes. What you should understand is that complex rhymes are not exclusive (mostly) to rap artists. Why?Well, because an artist who chooses some very dense rhymes in one song would go easy on some others for better storytelling.Anyhow, some very noteworthy mentions are :Notorious BIG - HypnotiseIt is often said to be the “smoothest rap” song ever. See how he alternates between long and short sentences and also notice the frequency of his rhymes.His laid back delivery makes it all the more gripping. He isn't regarded as the one of the best rappers for nothing.Mos Def - RedefinitionHe hits every note within the bar with a rhyme. This feat is almost impossible to maintain. Take a look.The man hardly ever cursed and he often probed some very sensitive issues with his rhymes.Eminem - Lose yourselfArguably, one of the best rap songs of all time. Look at this complex rhyme scheme.HOLY FUCK ! He also tells a very compelling and touching stories along with these rhymes.What is very interesting is that as he enunciates he often changes the pronunciation to rhyme and that is the clever ingenuity. Let me explain.Consider your words “ whole ” and “ knows ” from the verse. Now ask anyone to enunciate and ask if they rhyme. It doesn't, does it ? And now listen to the song. And listen carefully how he drawls the syllable “ ho” in “whole” and the same way stretches “ no” in “knows”. You see how it rhymes ?Eminem in pretty much the same way rhymes “orange” with “syringe” by twisting the pronunciation. Who says orange doesn't rhyme with anything ? The song did not win the Oscar for no reason.MF DOOM - Meat GrinderEver heard of someone rhyming complete sentences together ? Here we goI really can go on and on about him but I leave it upto you to discover this artist.The lyrics dances, the music enhances and the chance is he might be the one whose rhymes are the densest. ( Just off the top off my head :) )Happy reading.