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Anyone Want $10 Off Of Your Order Victoria

Does anyone have any promotional codes for Victoria Secret? Just a few simple ones like $10 off or $15 off.?

the semi-annual in store sale started today, so theres already sales.

Does anyone have a VICTORIA'S SECRET SECRET REWARD CARD that they'r enot going to use, it would help me alot!!?

OK Come on, you don't need a angel's secret reward to get discounts, now here a re a few tips: If you have an Angel Credit Card you can always just call the angel reward inquiry line by calling 1.800.695.1526 & ask them for a a reward or just call catalog customer service 1.800.411.5116
& tell them you had your birthday reward for the month & you lost it & they can place it towards your order & they will but there are better offers than that foe example since December started if you logg in the wen site & you read the advertising we have had 30% off your entire order or 25% off or 20 % off, but those offers are expired now, but still I'm pretty sure if you log in at least once every day you will find some special offer surprise or you can sign up for e-mail offers & they will arrive to your e-mail .. also you may call to place your order & ask for thsoe $10 off or free shipping & handling off being this is just first order, if they do not want to give it to you ask to talk to a sup, & don't quit unless they give it to you & say you will never buy again with Victoria's Secret & today you want to cancel the order beleive me you will get something. So go for any of the following.

$10 off Victoria's Secret bra card?

I'm 15 and I got my first mail from Victoria's Secret and it came with cards where you can get a free underwear and a card that says you can have $10 off a bra. I would never get a Victoria's Secret bra since they're $40+ and I'm only 15. I do get there Victoria's Secret PINK (the brand, not color) bras though, usually the bras that are 2 for $40. Can I use the $10 off card when I buy the 2 bras for $40... so if I use the card it would be $30? Or is the card strictly just for a Victoria's Secret (not PINK, just the regular Victoria's Secret) bra that is regular price?

Victoria's Secret Offer Codes?

I know you can go to and get a coupon for a $10 pink tee with any pink purchase bu thats the only one i know. Search on google for "victoria's secret coupon" and you should find tons of things. Hope this helps some!

Does anyone have a victoria's secret certificate number for the $10.00 off?

no.. im sorry.. But maybe the hobo that lives down my block does. XD

Victorias secret semi annual sale! HELP!?

i just received the victorias secret catalog about the semi annual sale. On the back is has a code for an additional 10% off and i left it at home. i need to place my order now! Does anyone have that code??

The catalog has a model with a deep vneck blue loose dress on the front.


*10pts garaunteed

Victoria's Secret Return?

so... Yesterday I went to victoria's secret and bought this perfume with this $10 card I got in the mail, So I went and spent it, even though I don't really want the perfume. (It made it free.) Today, I get a 20% off email that works with other coupons and I want to buy some sweatpants I saw there yesterday, and now that I have the 20% off coupon I want to buy them. Will they let me return my perfume
(even though the receipt I have says I spent $0) (perfume is not used, of course) for store credit towards my sweats. Or am I better trying to return the perfume without a receipt so they can't tell that I didn't pay for it?


Any FREE SHIPPING codes for Victoria's Secret?

At this time there is no offer codes for free s/h on orders less than $50 dlls but here are some offers that may help:

exp 08/14/08 $10 off $50 purchase OFFER CODE sp812361
exp 08/20/08 free shipping on over $100 dll ordr sp811857
exp 08/15/08 free vs cotton panty + $10 dlls off sub brand bras fa812673

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