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If you can be anyone from history, who would that be and why?

Head scribe to the oracle of Delphi in the late 6th century BCE. As the head scribe, I’d be the one translating the Pythian trance into actual prophecies. I’d therefore continue their great tradition of being the Ancient World’s ultimate trolls.Here you see me at work, meticulously writing down the gibberish spoken by the Pythia in her deep trance.Think about the benefits of such a life:I’d be virtually invulnerable, as attacking me would lead to the wrath of gods and all city-states.I’d have 100% job security, as the oracle grew immensely rich from the presents brought by the envoys seeking prophecies.I’d be the most powerful person in the Ancient World. The Pythia is consulted about important decisions by delegations from all corners of the world. This leads to our oracle having the best intelligence information. Since I am the one interpreting the Pythia’s gibberish, I am well positioned to exploit all such information.I’d be surrounded by naked young women. A note for future head scribes: do not let Echecrates from Thessaly in the temple. He will kidnapp one of the young priestesses and you’d be forced to change policy and have priestesses be at least 50 years old. Not under my watch!No other life allows me to troll the world’s most powerful empires without risking harm: for example, I’d claim responsibility for having misled the Lydian king Croesus into losing his vast empire by telling him that if he sends an army against the Persians, he would destroy a great empire, not adding that it would be his empire that was about to get destroyed. See Christoph Baumann's answer to What are some of the costliest mistakes ever made in history?Lastly, I’d replace the inscription on the temple’s entrance from ‘know thyself’ to ‘established in 1400 before Christ’ to specifically mess with Socrates. He’d be like: ‘Who the tartarus is Christ?’. Changing this one sentence would likely mess up 2′500 years of philosophic thinking. Ultimate trolling.

If you could be anyone in history, who would you be?

you can be anyone in history, who would you want to be?
it's a question on my homework.
I'm really bored so just answer this, yes?
so this is just a free-for all question, anyone can reply!
tell me who, and tell me WHY.


Can anyone see my search history in Instagram?

If I’m following you, there is one type of ‘history’ that I can see - and that is your previous, or most recent activity.If I tap into the heart in the menu bar, it shows me my own activity - but if I toggle over to FOLLOWING, then I might be able to see what media you’ve been tapping on that you like.Here’s what it looks like:If you’re creeping on someone and scrolling through their images, they won’t know you’re there unless you accidentally drop your phone and it double taps to like their image ;)Goodluck!Christy Plann Founder

If you could spend 1 day with anyone in history, who would it be?

Nikola Tesla.

In the late 1800's, early 1900's, this guy Invented X-ray machines, AC electricity (much more efficient than Edison's DC electricity), radio controlled devices for torpedo's and unmanned boats etc, the radio which Guglielmo Marconi stole the patents for and wireless telegraphy which would use the Earth's natural conducting abilities to send messages or generate power for electricity.
He also worked on theories such as a flying machine that would run without the use of an air-plane engine, wings, ailerons, propellers, or an on board fuel source, and a direct energy weapon called a 'Death Ray'!
He was one of the smartest people on the planet in this period of time, and it is said that when he died, officials raided his labs and home in order to acquire all of his theories and work. There is probably a whole lot more weird stuff he worked on that we will never know about. He probably invented the micro chip and a teleportation device for all we know.

Does anyone know any one from history.......?

Frida Kahlo. I really like her paintings :D

There are lots of celebs but you said History so....

Edit: Grey, how did you find all those people? :D I keep looking for celebs with a specific sun/ moon combination but i never find them lol I don't know how (as stupid as that sounds :/)

Edit 2: Oh, thanks :)

Can anyone see my watch history in YouTube?

Depends how tech savvy they are. You have to clear your watch history on YouTube, then clear your browser history. But, no matter what you do you have to connect to the internet with their ISP (Internet Service Provider) who can possibly provide IP logs of everywhere everybody in the household went. (I see the answer was moved to a slightly different question. Originally it was can my parents see my watch history?) Now would be a good time to learn to be responsible and not go where you know your parents wouldn’t want you to go in the first place.

Can anyone tell me more about this piano brand/history? It says inverted grand / upright grand, LARSON, Chicago IL. 1910.?

Contact these places. I'm sure they'd be able to help you. Also, check the last link. You probably need the info to get a better history.

If you could spend one night alone with anyone in history, who would it be?

Benjamin Franklin - the man who practically created the United States single-handedly.

Second choice would be Leonardo da Vinci.

Two of the most fascinating people of all time!

If we're talking dirty, then it would be Brigitte Bardot when she was about 25.