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Apple Retail Or Att Retail Where To Work

Are there any apple stores in Ukraine?

I lived in Ukraine for a year and didn't see a single Apple my whole time there (I'm assuming you mean Apple computer equipment and not the fruit). EVERYONE sells and uses PCs. If you are going to be there for any length of time, you should take PC computer equipment with you and not Apple equipment. If you take Apple, there will be no technical support or repair facilities for you. If you want to have internet installed in your apartment, the techs won't be able to connect the Apple because they won't know how to work the software.

You can find Ipods in the better electronics stores in Ukraine, but they are about the same price as you would pay in the US. MP3s are much less expensive.

Are the iPhones sold in Apple retail stores in Japan unlocked and work with foreign SIM cards?

Thanks for the A2A. The answer is yes and no/takes some work much of the time. Technically, at the time iPhones are shipped from their factory to retail stores in Japan, phones are unlocked (“SIMフリー”/SIM-Free in Japanese). But as you are initially signing the contract for phone service, usually at the time of purchase/activation, the device becomes tied to a specific carrier (au, docomo, Soft Bank). At that point, the device becomes locked, and foreign SIM cards would not work in the device. (Although there have been some unconfirmed reports of au iPhones working with AT&T SIMs in the U.S.)It is possible to find unlocked iPhones in Japan, which can be a lot more expensive, going up to as high as $1,000 or so. And as buyers from China (allegedly) bought them up, they became more scarce. These SIMフリーiPhones work with foreign SIM cards. But for models after iPhone 5 (i.e. equipped for LTE), LTE frequency setting may be different, depending on the country. So if you get errors from trying to use LTE, you may have to keep them locked onto 3G instead.If you already have a device, and you bought it after May 2015, you may be eligible for “SIMロック解除/SIM lock kaijo” - i.e. unlocking the SIM, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications program. This only applies after 6 months/180/181 days on the contract, depending on the carrier. If this applies to you, you should consult your carrier.In other scenarios, you can pay to have “factory unlock service” done through a third-party company like 小龍茶館, though not every model may be eligible. Depending on the model, this could cost $150-$400. If you haven’t bought a device and are unsure, you may want to inquire.

What are Apple's requirements for their retail store employees?

I've never met a retail store employee under 18 years of age. It's a level of liability for Apple that isn’t worth the time and paperwork. If you're under 18 and you get hired, you have to have been an extraordinary candidate, and I applaud you.Apple wants people who are quick learners. You don't need to know anything about computers, you just have to be willing to learn. Typically, a high school diploma helps, as well as at least a little higher education.Apple hires its engineers without college degrees, so it would be silly for them to exclude retail candidates without one. The most important qualities are soft skills and intellectual horsepower, although if you're quick on your feet and a good talker, those skills will translate as the other two — and once you’re hired, Apple will value your political savvy.If you're not smart, but you're dedicated, you can do a great job. If you're not smart, but a good talker, you will probably do a great job. If you're smart, but you're awful at interaction, either look for a different type of job, or work on your soft skills before you apply. Empathy is key.

Can you bring a broken iphone into a apple store?

You didn't say how it was damaged, what type of warranty you had and who your retailer was. iPhones are just like anyother phone, usually it is cheaper to replace than it is to repair.

Did you buy from the apple store, an AT&T store or an independant retailer? Did it fall in water? Is the screen cracked? Did you have a accidental damage warranty, a complete care warranty, an applecare protection plan, or just a standard warranty?

Usually you would take it to your RETAILER such as AT&T. Your contract is through them and your hardware warranty is through them. Apple is a retailer of the iphone so they may choose to handle warranty work or may make you take it to the cell provider.

If you didn't have a plan that included accidental damage, you might need to buy a new phone. If you bought an accidental damage plan, usually there is a 75 dollar deductable and you get a refurbished (not new) phone. If you bought an applecare plan, they may choose to SELL you a refurbed replacement

Call the apple store 1-800 my apple or do an online chat

Whats it like working as in store att sales consultant?

AT+T pays $10 per hour plus some bonuses. It will be based on other things than the amount of phones you sell. The work is not as hectic as Verizon since Apple sells most of the iPhones at their stores. You will be working with nice people. The company does a good job screening out unhappy people.

It is only worth relocating if your life is very flexible. Or if there are no other jobs nearby.

What is a secret about the future of retail that most people don't realize yet 2017?

I think that there is going to be a drastically lower demand for retail goods in the near future and that it will be a sudden social shift. Listening to Al Gore speak about climate change a few months ago, he framed it as a social issue akin to black rights or lgbt rights. These kinds of issues were swept under the carpet for as far as anyone can remember, but then there was significant progress and all of a sudden it was unacceptable to treat people as second-class citizens for these kinds of reasons. Similarly, it will become socially unacceptable to burn crude oil.You can observe the trend happening with solar panels; they’re catching on like wildfire:SourcePeople are being more cognizant of wastage and it’s apps like OfferUp and Carousell that are tapping into consumers’ willingness to buy second-hand and are significantly reducing the hassle involved in taking items to thrift stores or holding garage sales.Sweden is leading the way in reducing wastage, offering tax breaks for repairing things. The country has run out of rubbish.Physical retail stores like Sears and Kmart have heavily relied on attractive displays and impulse-buying. They were scraping the bottom of the barrell for profit margins, since this kind of customer is cheap, but cheap customers are now being attracted to the second-hand marketplaces, amongst other destinations. I don’t have a lot of sympathy when I read things like “Sears can't promise it will stay in business”People think that all of the business is going to Amazon and its online competitors − Amazon is valued at insane levels now, but my view is that people are going to stop buying disposable junk.

Is iphone 7 plus unlocked at apple stores?

I purchased an iphone 7 plus online at an apple store. i paid full price for it. is it unlocked? can i use it on any network? I tried giving my sprint info and they couldnt look it up. so i gave them my verizon account info and it worked. and the reservation for the iphone says Verizon. but will it work with sprint?

Should I buy my iPhone from the Apple Store or from my cellphone service provider?

Apple Store or Service Provider?You can buy from either as both options will have the same pricing if you buy the device outright. However, the carriers will try to get you signed up on a subsidized plan which will lock you in for a couple of years on a service contract.This being said, if you have chosen to buy the device outright, I would recommend going straight to Apple because you can go through them if you need to return the device. In general, Apple has a higher level of service than many of the popular cell phone carriers, so you can go through the return process more quickly.Also, regardless of where you purchase the device, you are allowed to add AppleCare within the first 60 days of owning the device. To directly answer your question, yes, you can get an AppleCare warranty if you buy from a service provider. More info here: Can I buy an AppleCare plan for my device?PRO TIPSPro Tip #1: Every single Apple device comes with a 1-Year warranty on factory defects. So if any functionalities stop working on the device, you can go to the Apple store to get a replacement phone or have the issue fixed, depending on the problem.Pro Tip #2: If you are going to go the route of signing a 2-year contract and are paying for insurance through your cell phone provider, DO NOT get AppleCare. It is a waste of money because your insurance will cover you. Alternatively, if you already have AppleCare, there is no reason to get insurance through your carrier.Pro Tip #3: Sell your old iPhone to Buyback Boss to help with the cost of the new iPhone.