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Applying At A Dog Bakery

What should I name my dog bakery?

I plan on opening up my own dog bakery business but I'm having trouble with coming up with a name for it. Please help! I want something catchy and creative!

Dog bakery business????

My sister and I are thinking of starting a dog treat business. I have some good organic and natural receipes and am go to ask local dog shelters and business to sell of treats. Is there any thing I should know or do to make my business better and more profitable?

I am starting my own dog bakery. Where is the best way to sell? Online, store or both?

Since I guess where you live renting a shop is not cheap, I would start manufacturing them at home and selling them to pet shops.Once you know which treats are more accepted, I would put them for sale online. Note that if you start by selling not accepted treats, customers will only buy you once...And when you are rich enough, you set the first physical shop.And when you are very rich you franchise your shops.And when you are immense rich, you liquidate your company through an IPO.And with that money you open kennels all over the world.How does it sound?Addendum:Please read Jordi Noguer's answer to Beyond scale, what determines whether an e-commerce company can reach an attractive business model (i.e., return on investment)? for further information.

Dog Bakery Business name?

Bites and Bones Ba-r-kery
Mutts Munchies
Canine Cuisine
Barkers bakery
Doggie Delights
Doggy Deli

Name for dog treat bakery?

This is a great article about - How to Select a Company or Product Name -

The article has some good advice on how to research names, and what to becareful of.

Here are some tips on selecting a domain name

Should get you started!
Best of luck

What is a catchy name for a dog bakery?

I want to start a side business selling homemade dog treats. I'm trying to think of something catchy to use. I have three dogs, Chance, Tyson and Max. I was thinking of using 1 of them or a combo of their names somehow. I would like to keep the name simple, maybe just a few words.....
Everyone's thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Clever names for dog bakery?

Well, I'm planning to start a doggie bakery for fun with my mother (probably won't be off the ground until this summer), but I'd love some clever name ideas for a dog bakery.

Suggest away!

Dog Treat Bakery Name Ideas?

Yummy Paws Bakery
Bow Wow Bakery
Wags and Barks Bakery
Best Friend's Bakery (put a pawprint by the name)
Happy Tails Bakery (play off of happy trails?)
Waggin' Tails Bakery
Dog Gone Good Bakery
Give the Dog a Bone

That's all I can think of right now :P

Dog Bakery Slogan??? Any Help Would Be Great!?

"Bow WOW! these treats are delicious!"
Use really cute dog pictures/cartoons
"I'd roll over twice for another one of those!"
"anything that has to do with one of the flavors, maybe a different phrase for each one
"Bring me to the Bakery!"
"Tricks for Treats!"- halloween-y and catchy for regular

What's a creative name to name a dog bakery?

Four paws bakery
The house of hounds
lol those are all I can think of but I like Biscuits and Bones