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Arabic And Egyptian Rock/ Metal Bands

Egyptian-sounding metal/rock?

Nile. And the bastards who use the phrygian scale.
Check the beginning of the vid
Nile also uses various stringed instruments to add to the atmosphere just some evil sounding faux-egyptian music.
This song just rapes

Band "Dendura":
"Ancient Egyptian music uses lures, sistrums and wooden harps, but we don’t actually use those types of instruments so we aren’t “REAL” Egyptian music. We use scales that give it that sound"
This an acoustic version of one of their songs:
(the scale sused for spanish and egyptian music are mostly the same, if you're wondering)
This **** beats Nile at the "egyptian sound" game, but not in brutality or technicality:

Nocturnal Rites experimented it a little bit:

Is there such a thing as Arabic Rock?

So for those of you who have heard of folk rock or folk metal, is there any type of music (I mean outside of the Middle East, I know it does exist there) that combines traditional Arabian music with rock? Sort of like a Trans-Siberian Orchestra type thing, only instead of mixing classical/metal you could mix Arab traditional with hard rock. It would be pretty cool to have concept albums about Bedouins or 1001 Nights, and to have a band name like "Steel of Damascus" or "Bizarre Bazaar". Does this already exist, and if not is it completely lame?
By the way this wouldn't really have anything to do with Islam so please don't bring that up.

*Muslims only please* do Muslims listen to rock/metal music? or no music in general?

Sorry... not a Muslim (if you want more responses, you may want to repost this in the religion or Ramadan section instead).

But, believe it or not, there are actually a handful of death metal bands from the Middle-East. I always wonder how they manage to survive out there, given the attitude towards that kind of thing in their various cultures, but they do. Go figure. Granted, most are from Turkey, but there are a couple from Arab countries as well. None from Iran or Pakistan, though.

From Encyclopedia Metallum --

Country of origin - United Arab Emirates
Location - Dubai
Genre - Death/Thrash
Status - Active
Lyrical themes - Misery, Hate, Society, Humanity Issues

Country of origin - Egypt
Location - Cairo
Genre - Death metal
Status - Active
Lyrical themes - Ancient Egyptian culture & spirituality

Country of origin - Turkey
Location - Ankara
Genre - Technical Brutal Death metal
Status - Active
Lyrical themes - Sumerian beliefs & Sumerian mythology

Burial Invocation
Country of origin - Turkey
Location - Ankara/Istanbul
Genre - Death metal
Status - Active
Lyrical themes - Death, horror, occultism, undead

Country of origin - Turkey
Location - Istanbul
Genre - Progressive Death metal
Status - Active
Lyrical themes - Death, conscious, beliefs

Decaying Purity
Country of origin - Turkey
Location - Istanbul, Kadiköy
Genre - Brutal Death metal
Status - Active
Lyrical themes - Death, blasphemy, anti-religion, violence

Were any famous classical songs influenced by Arabic or Indian music?

Borodin - In the Steppes of Central Asia
and also perhaps his Polovtsian Dances

Ippolitov Ivanov - Caucasian Sketches
and other pieces from the two suites,
also his "Evening in Georgia"

Tchaikovsky - Arabian Dance

Does anyone know any good Arabic type music?

Was it traditional Arabic music or pop?


Ragheb Alama

Amr Diab

Samira Said

Here are a couple that are more traditional

Abdel Halim Hafez


This next one was an Egyptian/Italian artist who sang songs in many different languages, often combining French and Arabic lyrics. She was famous all around the world


This is a pianist/composer from Egypt:

Omar Khairat (listen to this one first)

Here's the page of an Egyptian Metal band, their tracks are available for download:

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Thanks, I don't listen to any of that very much, but I do like some, esp. Omar Khairat and Dalida.