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Are American Tv Shows Aired While Still Being Filmed

American TV shows dubbed into German?

most american tv shows are aired in germany and they are all dubbed, if it´s that what you wanna know. here is a page where all series, sitcoms etc. that ever run on german tv are listed, just enter the one you´re looking for in the search box "serie suchen":

How long before it is aired is a show filmed?

It depends entirely on a number of factors, like the show/type of show etc. Some reality shows eg. The Kardashians can take up to 3 months in America, and not come out in the UK or Ireland for a further couple of months, whereas some talk shows are aired the next day.

Why do US tv shows like Revenge stop airing in summer?

Actors need breaks too
They also film in the Summer
They air their summer shows in the Summer while Fall shows start their writing scripts and start filming.
Fall shows has always been Sept-May

Watching shows that are not aired yet?

is there any websites were i can watch episodes of the secerete life of the american teenager, because i love the show i just will never have time to watch it actually on t.v. and cant tvo it... i kno there has only been 2 aired on t.v. but is there anyway to watch some that havent been aired??

Name of show/actor tv series 70s/80s? killed by prop gun?

The TV series was called Cover Up, the actor was Jon-Erik Hexum. Although, Brandon Lee, died in a similar accident as well.