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Are Boarding Schools Fun And Mischevious Like The Movies Make Them Look

What is the most embarrassing punishment in Indian schools?

This was way back in 2000 when I was in Class 6th. We had a Sanskrit teacher who was well known for her quirky style of inflicting punishments on students. So, there was a test and I got average marks. I made a few mistakes in the grammar portion though I didn’t give it much of thought.As it turned out, I was so wrong.The teacher’s brain had concocted a special punishment for all those who had made grammatical mistakes (I don’t know why she was such a stickler for grammar). Anyways, she called out the roll nos. of all those who had secured less marks in the grammar segment. As luck would have had it, only two roll nos. were called out and mine was one among them. I was hoping it’d be a simple caning process on the hands or derriere or calves or wherever.Ah! I was so wrong again.She foraged her purse and brandished a card of Bindis.Source : The Bedazzling BindiYes, she was going to plant a bindi on my forehead.What? I was flabbergasted. The shame. The embarrassment.The class was in splits as she made her way to my seat and slapped one on my forehead. Covertly, I tried to bring some of my frills on the forehead, but she was a seasoned assassin and caught me. She instructed the class prefect to keep an eye on the two of us and make sure the bindi stays on our forehead till the end of the day.I was glued to my seat for the rest of the day and didn’t lift my head. From that day onward, I was extra cautious in the grammar portion.Wow! Those were interesting times.

What is the funniest thing ever happend in everyone's school life?

Once we had an English solo song competition in our school. Since my school (Ramjas Public School, Anand Parvat, Delhi) was not a convent or Christian school but a normal public school which had more of desi folks, where we students normally didn't use to listen to English songs. So for that sake my English teacher planned for an english solo song competition as a part of internal assessment when I was in class 9.We were given 3 days to prepare a song of our choice. All of us downloaded and discussed what all songs we were about to sing in the class. While getting busy for preparations I forgot to tell one of my classmate who was absent on the day when the teacher announced for the competition. On the competition day we were revising and singing our songs in front of each other and trying to correct our mistakes in the morning time. The friend who was absent came on the competition day after recovering from illness. He was worried but though he was the naughtiest kid of the class he said I will manage don't worry. When we asked "how?" He responded you just wait and watch. Few of us sang the song. Some stuck while some did it easily. When my friend's turn came he took a pause and started singing "Brazil taa ra ra ra ra raa, taa ra ra ra ra raa brazil" (this was the most played song on weddings and dj at that time) The whole class laughed like mad. The english teacher's face was a mix of humor and anger at that time. She was confused with her feelings. She wanted to laugh and be angry at the same time. This song has only 1 word "brazil" and rest music so it was legally an English song. He got 2 on 10 but we classmates got a memory worth remembering.

Name of wrestling movie???

I am looking for the name of a wrestling movie about a kid who has to lose a lot of weight in 3 weeks. The movie is at least a few years old. Thanks for your help!!!

Any good ongoing/ long shoujo manga?

Im looking for some new shoujo manga to read! :)

I really love long shoujo manga as i feel i get to know the characters and am able to watch peoples relationships grow! I am uptodate/finished with Skip Beat, Nana, Bokura Ga Ita, Dengeki Daisy, Kimi ni Todoke, Fruits Basket and Koukou Debut!
I especially love manga where the main characters have an obsticle of some sort which is stopping them from falling in love etc (like in skip beat due to rens dark past and kyoko's refusal to ever fall in love again) the tension before the couple actually get together is the best >.< kyaa~

I also absolutely detest typical useless japanese school girl types as the main character!
I dont mind slice of life etc so heart break is welcome too :)

so... ^__^" after that explanation... any suggestions?

(ps. By long manga i mean manga which currently has atleast 30 or more chapters)

What happens in divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood the book by rebecca wells?

I have gotten to the part when the girls have gotten back from atlanta. and they get in a fight with Aunt Louise. Then they are super excited to see Neci. what happen s after that? I am reading it for english class I know its a good book but i ran out of time!