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Are Cons Simply Unaware That Rising Health Costs Were Ruining Our Economy And A Solution Was Needed

What is the positive and negative impact of online shopping?

Base on my experience the positive is…you can buy stuff that not available at your local stores.A variety of choice to choose.Some online shops offer cheaper price.Easy, buy stuff only in a few click on your pc or smartphones, it convenient for people that always busy.Save time, money, energy, well you dont have to spent money on fuel or pay for the bus fare.Negative:Addictive, you might spent more money and buying stuff that not neccessary( i have seen a lot of ridiculous item for sale online), it another story if you are rich people.Your item/parcel get stolen or lost( happened to me many times and i got no refund).Item might be different from what you see on the online shops (this one is so annoying )Problem with the qualityThe shipping is too long, i used to buy stuff on aliexpress and sometimes it took 2 month for the item to arrive, but it was free shipping.Scam, i get scam a few times on ebay but im able to get back my money from paypal resolution center.Well theres a lot more but i can’t write all of it , its 1.50am now i should go to sleep, bye.

Why do libs say that the economy is bad?

We lose low-skill jobs but gain hish-skill jobs. I don't see breadlines. Gas goes up a dollar a gallon and everyone can still afford it. There are governemtn loans and grants for every damn thing in the world.

Also, all these people who say they're "poor" usually have cars, TVs, playstations, internet cable TV. All but the car are luxuries.

Look at Africa, now that's poor? How often do you hear about people starving in this country> I see Help Wanted signs everywhere I go.

If you are poor cinsider this:
1. Have you educated yourself? It took me 16 years part-time but I finally got my bachelor's. Don't blame anyone if you don't have one.
2. Do you have too many kids? That's your own fault.
3. Do you spend money unwisely. If you say you are poor, but you have cable TV, you do not know how to prioritize.
4. Are you illegal? You've doomed yourself to poverty if you have to live under thr radar.
5. Do you have a criminal record? Why the hell do you do stupid things like that?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

Advantages:It helps identifying criminals who harass other people or animals easily, as well as many missing kids/people are found with the help of social media sites.(Image shows a man from Chennai, India. He threw a dog from the terrace. Later he was caught with the help of social media.)It helps people across the globe to communicate and stay connected to each other without any fee.Sharing mass information is very easy and very quick, since many social media sites provide the facility of creating groups.Its a way of earning and livelihood for a huge number of people who are running their Pages on social media sites like Facebook or are running video channels on YouTube.Promotion of your business can be done with easily and in a cost effective manner.Social sites like Quora, are a great source of information sharing across the globe which also provides you with a platform to write your own blogs.It’s a great source of entertainment or refreshment which helps you lighten your mood.Disadvantages:A lot of people get addicted to social media, for eg. posting each and every second details of your life on social sites.Terrorist groups use it as a weapon to mislead youngsters by spreading wrong messages to influence their way of thinking in a negative manner.At an extent, the physical meeting, gatherings and face-to-face communication between people has been reduced, making us lazy and thus people like to sit idle in-front of their laptops or handsets chatting with each other, it has a negative impact of society and their health too.There is always a fear of losing your privacy. It is possible that hackers find a flaw in the security of the website and use your profiles for their benefits and you may completely lose your privacy.For students like me it poses to be one of the biggest distractions ;)Thanks for reading!(Image source: Google Images)