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Are Cons Still Seriously Trying To Get People To Buy Into That Fake Benghazi Stuff I Don

If the Trump-Russia scandal is fake, why is the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee questioning 20 people about it?

No matter how this plays out.... Trump handed all the cards to Putin in his quest to prove that you CAN be a publicity stunt President in this day and age. His deal was truly a deal with the devil.... even if he DIDN'T directly advise the Russians to hack the Dems and meddle in U.S. politics at the very highest levels..... he created a situation where all Putin has to do is say that he did..... and Trump's going to get impeached.

Putin has ALL the strings... and Trump will dance the dance Putin wants.... or he'll no longer be POTUS.

AND THAT FOLKS.... is why you don't run a half-wit salesman for POTUS.

Are CONS frustrated that people are mourning PRINCES death? Prince wasn't a big fan of things like WMD LIES or The Benghazi Hoax or Fake?

Planned Parenthood videos or Crashing the Economy or Starting ISIS...
So I'm sure that CONS hated him.
Prince didn't like hundreds of thousand of people dying in a war just so that CONS could sniff one another's A*S*S*HOLES and pump money into pockets

Is FOX NEWS the only station televising Congressional Hearing on Benghazi Cover Up tomorrow?

I wish everyone would watch these important hearings. There are so many people with their heads stuck in the sand who don't want to hear the truth! If people don't wake up soon to what is happening in their country, its going to be too late!

How can I make a complete change for the better? An unpopular guy looking to change.?

I totally know where you're at. Back in 7th grade, I was 5'3, 170 pounds, no friends, shy, unfashionable, hair that looks like someone crapped it out, and was bad.

I've changed. Participate in PE, seriously, if you put your best into it, you WILL lose weight. The change in lifestyle (I was lazy) to becoming active not only gave me a growth spurt (I am now 5'5, which means if you're taller you're skinnier) but I dropped 20 pounds in a semester. I am 5'5 and 150 pounds, which is still big, but I'm still working at it. If I lose 30 more pounds I will be thin. (:

Personality wise, I still understand. You have your defense mechanism, everyone does. Yours is being condescending and a bit mean. Mine was being rude and condescending also. I understand. I 100% GUARANTEE if you become outgoing and funny in a GOOD way, lots of people will want to be your friend. Be confident. I swear on my heart that's the road to friends.

Let me tell you a story. The girls at my school, who are considered popular, their names are Kendall, Jessie, Ashley, Dana, Kaitlyn, and Maddie. Last year, I was intimidated by them. They were scary because, you know, they're good looking people, popular, you know! I'm sure you have girls and guys like that at your school. Well, guess what. Dana is my best friend now. Kendall, Maddie and Kaitlyn are three of my closest friends. Ashley is one of the funniest people i have ever met. Jessie is one good friend.
And it's all by walking with my head high, and being myself. Shy people are shy people because they don't have friends so they are shy, but if they weren't they would have friends! If that made sense. :]

I have had people ask me out. I might have a boyfriend soon. And look at me! I'm the geeky, straight-A, chubby girl I was back in 7th grade plus friends!

Looks wise, I definitely know where you're coming from. I had the emo look for awhile. But just be yourself! But lots of the guys at my school, wear band shirts, fitted jeans, and straighten and style their hair to the side, like this:

And one last thing, BE YOURSELF. I know you said you didn't want to be, but no one likes a fake poser. :]

I hope I helped dude. Good luck. <3

What's the best Donald Trump joke you have heard?

A grocer owned a parrot.Every day, he would put the parrot cage outside, in front of his store, so the bird could catch a bit of sunshine.One morning, down the street comes Trump. The bird, happy to have an audience, starts screaming: ‘’Impeach Trump!!! Impeach Trump!!!’’This annoys Trump to the fullest but he says nothing, just walks by.The following day, Trumps comes around again and the parrot starts again: ‘’Impeach Trump!!!’’ ‘’Impeach Trump!!!’’Now Trump is getting really upset, he stares down the parrot, emits a few curses and leaves.The third day, the parrot continues his screaming as Trump approaches and Trump has enough.Storming into the store, he gives a piece of his mind to the grocer: ‘’If I hear that bird again, I will strangle him with my own hands and see that your store never sees a client for the rest of your miserable life!’’The grocer is very afraid, he has no control over the bird, he knows that whatever he does, he is lost. Then, he starts thinking… Our parish priest has a parrot, maybe, if I explain the problem, the priest will let me exchange birds until things calm down.And so, it is done. Next morning, the grocer puts out the priest’s parrot in front of the store and anxiously waits for Trump.As expected, Trump comes by, the bird is silent. Trump tries to stare it down, walks around it, but still not a word. Trump is speechless: how can it be? He says nothing and continues his walk.Same thing the next day, and the next.On the fourth day, Trump, being Trump, cannot take it anymore. He walks up to the bird and whispers to him: ‘’Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump’’, the bird ruffles its feathers but makes no sound.Maybe he did not hear me… so Trump, tries a bit louder: ‘’Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump’’, but still not a word from the bird.This gets Trump mad as hell; he wanted to wring this bird’s neck so bad and he has no reason to do it now. Getting real close to the parrot’s ears, he yells at the top of his lungs: ‘’Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump!!!’’The bird slowly turns its head, stares at Trump and calmly says: ‘’May God answer your prayers, my son!’’

Did Susan Rice give a different story than she was given by the intelligence community?

IT's funny how the cons keep changing the story to fit their hatred of the black woman. They have no rational accusation against her. She wasn't even in the line of events, so it's really bizarre that gutless McCain is attacking her.

Edgar, you are very ignorant. Petraeus said they changed al Queada to extremists because they didn't want to tip off the people that were pursued and caught. Or do you think they should risk national security to make you and the other cons happy? You people seem oblivious to the national security issues involved in what happened and the problems with releasing certain information. And it does NOT change the fact the Rice did nothing wrong. But your coward heroes (aka sore losers) want to attack her anyway for no rational reason.

Max, if she were a white male, we would not be having this conversation. Why aren't they going after Petraeus, since he is the one who approved the memo with the changed words. Why are they going after someone who was NOT directly involved in any of this or in direct information receiving position?