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Are Fat People Too Fat Because They Eat Too Much Or Is It In The Genes

Fat people are lazy. Skinny people are also lazy :)It all comes up to what is the priority and if can work on your priorities. If you're fat and your priority is to loose weight and you're not able to do it it means in 99% of cases it's due to lack of discipline, laziness or however you call it. If you're fat and you don't care, then it has nothing to do with laziness :) Fat vs Smart:Smart people are lazy in a way that they work out most efficient solutions to do something they want to do. Maintaining the weight is not however possible to find a "workaround" - it requires everyday discipline rather than staying 3 days w/o sleep to get the task done. This is why smart people are pretty bad at it as in most life they "managed" to use their brains to figure out a quick way to do, learn for exams in last night and so on. However, if smart person starts to focus on her/his weight it will be much more successful than an average person - they will find out what works for them, find and try number of solutions till they get the result.So as with anything, if you would be both smart and disciplined then you will have no problem reaching whatever goal you have set. You can learn discipline just as any other habit.Goals you can reach in time - smart vs disciplined :

Are people fat for eating too much or for genetic reasons?

Genetics can cause someone to be predisposed to being overweight, but it doesn't cause it. The vast majority of people who are overweight, are overweight because they consume more calories than their body uses (and a large % of the time, a lot of those calories are not from healthy foods/beverages).

Even with the genes that predispose someone to obesity, healthy eating and plenty of activity will keep their weight under control. One side of my family is full of overweight to morbidly obese people, and I've been obese in the past. It takes self control and staying active, for me to keep my weight where it needs to be.

Metabolism, your body thinks ¨Oh, we Need to save this somewhere, we might Need it later.¨, and stores the fat,that Comes if you have very poor nutritional Regiment. That happens specially, if you are a Person that eats sometimes 2 times a day, and sometimes 5 times a day, and do no exercise, sports, or dont even walk much.The people that don’t , tend to be more physically active, they might eat small portions, but consistently every day, and have kept their habits the same for several years, in which, the body was trained to know when to expect Food and when not, so there are no surprises.Metabolism is more about habits, than eating very frequently and consistent. A Person might eat 2 big portions, of ¨non-healthy, processed food¨ a day, and still be underweight. The same with 5 small portions of ¨healthy, organic food¨ a day.

Your four word question is really a question of huge scientific debate.I’m going to greatly simplify and say there are two camps and a group of agnostics.One one hand are the “calorie” people. The first law of thermodynamics and calories in versus calories out. That’s the conventional wisdom. It’s all about calorie balance. Eat less and move more.On the other hand are the “hormonal” people. It is hormones that regulate things like fat storage, hunger and appetite. If you eat the wrong things you alter your hormones and you will get fat.Again, this is all a great simplification. Suffice it to say that there are people who do not want to weigh into that debate. They may have opinions but simply say, “Obesity is multi-factorial.” So, all of the above plus genes and environmental factors.I’m closest aligned with the hormonal people. My theory is that no one really in life wakes up and decides, “I’m going to be very morbidly obese.” There are psychological factors and some of it is eating too much and not moving enough, but my firm belief from the evidence is that those factors (as well as the psychological ones) are largely driven by biology and hormones.

Are obese people fat because of bad eating habits or genetics?

Usually the kids are like the parents in body-shape. Whenever I see a very overweight mother, her kids are also overweight. My question is... is this because the mother feeds her kids unhealthy food or is it because the kids have the mother's genes which predispose them to obesity?

I want to believe it's genetic which means it's not their fault, but I usually see obese families eating very greasy, unhealthy, calorie-dense foods. So the kids are taught poor eating habits and they continue to eat that way for life, so of course they're going to be fat.

I guess the perfect experiment would be where a very overweight mother gives up her new baby for adoption and it goes to healthy, physically-active parents. Has this ever happened? Would this kid be fat as a teenager or not?

Are you repulsed by very fat people?

No not particularly. I'd prefer to look at a fat person before an anorexic; having no body fat is much more repulsive than having too much of it. Besides I think it has more to do with personal appearance, the problem is all the wrong images people have of each other. My cousin isn't obese, but she is overweight and she's gorgeous because she takes care of her appearance. She buys nice clothes and gets her hair done and all that crap and she's got more confidence than anyone I've ever met.

The reasons NOT to hate fat people?

I would agree most and I say most people who are over weight can loose their weight. What they feed their body determines what their body will look like. However some people have issues. Self confidence and lack of anyone in their lives who help and encourage them and they find themselves in a cycle of always being over weight. I believe its not genetics, but rather lifestyle and how you were raised, and education. As sad as it is our country is not as educated on accurate health I find it to be one of many issues to the obesity in our country. Argument : It is that kind of hate that continues to destroy people. We all need a little compassion. No its not ok to blame it on pills, genetics, or whatever but people for many reasons struggle with weight issues but still deserve the respect and not hatred. Not long ago I saw on the news a woman who was very over weight was getting into her car at a local gas station. A young skinny man was making comments about her nasty comments, so the woman get out of her car and stabs the man with a butter knife. When arrested she said she was just so sick of being harassed by others for her weight.

So it just goes to show you .. have a little respect.

Why does it bother you to watch fat people eat in public?

OOh! Give me a break! No it doesn't. Sometimes fat people aren't that way because they eat too much. Many of them have been dieting for years and have been unsuccesful. They just have a really slow metabolism. Others have thyroid problems, etc. Also, they need more food to maintain the size they are! Is it better for them if they starve themselves?

Be glad you aren't like that and support their efforts to lose weight. Don't be part of the problem! The more depressed a fat person gets, the less they care about their health because they feel defeated. Food is their only pleasure and comfort.
You don't know how they suffer. Find somebody to pick on that enjoys it.

Plainly because you are not eating enough.Have you every tried to log whatever you are eating and measure everything on MyFitnessPal?Firstly try using a calorie calculator to measure your maintenance then try to eat + 1000 to +2000 calories from your maintenance and see if you are not gaining weight.Most of the skinny guys who possess a fast metabolism blame their genetics and they go around telling people that they eat a lot and not gain weight, while it’s the opposite you are not eating enough because if you were you would have gained, you can’t really outrun the law of nature which is consume more then you burn that’s when you will gain. While the fat people will blame their metabolism and genetics about them not being able to lose weight even though they eat on a deficit, while they underestimate the calories burned and eaten basically.Try eating 4000–5000 calories a day and measure everything and you will gain weight.Some people are born with a faster metabolism, great genetics and stable hormonal levels they basically lose weight quicker, some of the people are born with a bad gut bactery, slow metabolism and terrible hormonal levels and insulin sensitivity so they have a hard time losing weight, basically even if on a deficit they have to cut the carbs.However every genetic can be battled with the right nutrition which is more then the half of the work and proper training regiment. The skinny can get build, ripped and shredded or even fat ,while the fat can also lose weight get shredded or built.Wish you the best of luck!!!