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Are Liberals Ever Going To Tax The Rich

Why do liberals think it's ok to tax the rich at a much higher percentage when 99.9% of them worked hard for their money?

Liberals have observed that most of todays wealthy are children of yesterdays wealthy and concluded that wealth is not the result of merit but luck.  They also tend to view economic activity as "exploitation" rather than "mutually beneficial exchange", and government as "public service" rather than "wasteful."  So they believe that taxing the wealthy is taking from the lucky and shifting it from exploitation to public service.  Conservatives believe taxation is unjustly taking money from people who earned it and throwing it away rather than growing the economy.  That's "why" liberals support taxing the rich, whether it's right or not.Now a note on your premise from an anti-tax libertarian:As other answers have noted, hard work is far from the only variable associated with wealth. The conservative assumption that wealth is deserved "99.9%" of the time is just as absurd as the liberal assumption that wealth can only be built on the backs of the poor. Simply having parents who understand and manage money well put me well ahead of 80% of Americans. Why do you think the hard working CEO with an Ivy League education is different than the mailroom clerk? He either had the right parents, had a genetic drive to work extremely hard or some events molded him to be the person he is today. That's not to say the CEO and Clerk are not ultimately responsible for who they are or that they shouldn't keep the proceeds from their work, but to pretend that the wealthy didn't get incredibly lucky requires ignoring a lot of reality. A much better argument is that the rich have proven that they are responsible with money and know how to use it. They create jobs, technology, and capital from their wealth, and if they make stupid decisions they're usually not rich for long. The government on the other hand has proven the opposite, and there is no evidence that they actually solve the problems they target with money. How has that war on poverty gone lately? We should force liberals to show that they can spend the money responsibly and effectively before even discussing whether or not the rich "deserve" to keep their money.

Why do liberals love taxing the poor?

1. They want to keep raising taxes on cigarettes that pays that tax not the rich but the poor.

2. They love the idea of lotteries and gambling and those who people who play and make the casinos big money isn’t the rich but the poor who can’t afford it the first place.

Something for you guys to think about the next time liberals mentioning how Bush gives tax breaks to the rich who do pay the majority of income taxes in the first place.

How come liberals always want to tax the rich?

Is it because they know they will never have any money living off the government and they do not want to work hard like the republicans to actually be rich and successful?

Why are liberals advocating for high taxes on rich people who worked hard for their money?

Oh boy.First I want to decouple the assumption that rich is coupled with hard work.Not everyone who is rich worked hard for their money.Not everyone who works hard is rich.Let's instead change question to: why do liberals want to tax the rich more than others?A main reason is two fold:Those who are rich do whatever they can to continue to enrich themselves at the expense of others. This is called “self interest”.A large part of anyone's success is due to factors outside of their control. Your genes, your early upbringing, the timing of things, etc. Consider if Bill Gates was born today. In 40 years would he still be one of the most richest men alive? Possibly, but more likely someone else would have been the Bill Gates we know today.For every tale of someone poor pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and making it rich, there are so many that never change. And while it is partially their fault, considerThey may have born with lower intelligence when our economy increasingly values this.They may have faced abuse, neglect, divorce, violence growing up. Their parents may never have told them they loved them, or told them they could do better, etc.In school all of their peers were going into gangs. What are you going to do?They may have been doing OK but their parent fell deathly ill and the child had to take care of the parent for 2 years while not working. Or perhaps they themselves fell with this and got buried in medical debt.EtcThere is a name for the privileged: 5G. good family, good health, good schools, good neighborhoods, and good jobs.There are self reinforcing loops for these advantages or disadvantages. Good parents are more likely to emphasize good school, good schools emphasize good jobs, etc.The overall message is this: just because a few people escape the system, doesn't mean we can't try to improve the system. So we tax those who can give more, to invest in things like universal health care, better public schools in poor zip codes, etc. Changing the system so that all people can have the good life, not just the privledged and the extreme fighters.Here is a good article that digs into the growing inequality in America and why it is happening: The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy

Does it make you laugh that liberals think you can pay for everything by taxing the rich?

Link please.