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Are My Parents Letting Me Grow Too Fast

My parents want me to grow up to fast?

Hi I'm 15 year old girl and my parents act like they want me to grow up really fast and I know it's good to teach your kids but they want me to start diving early and want me to go grocery shopping by my self and they don't like it when I do things that they thing are childish like I want to go see finding dory but they thing it's for little kids I don't no what to do

My parents are making me grow up too fast?

Dear Jackie, First in school find a after school activity you really want to enjoy and join it! Of course you should tell both parents (at dinner or after dinner when you are all just sitting in the living room) STRAIGHT OUT Dad Mom I've decided I am not going to take these extra classes, I really like learning but the extra push into classes I don't want it is just making my life to hard to handle. I want to have you just be proud of me Because I am a good student & your daughter! Not to be rude but if you need accomplishments go to night school yourself ! I want to be young while I am, not wish I could have been a young person because I was to busy trying to please my parents and am totally miserable the whole while. I also want you to know I have joined (?) after school and will not have the time besides I canceled those courses as I am not going to do them anymore I am sorry but we all only have one life to live & I am glad you are my parents but I am old enough to make these decisions and I'm tried of it all I want to do something fun for myself and extra math classes are not fun their stressful I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to be stressed out when I get older! Believe me they'll listen then say well I'm tired now I think I will go to my room and get ready for tomorrow.. Good Night! Love You!

How do I make my parents let me grow long hair without cutting it?

I’m assuming asking is already not an option then it would have to be bribery or an ultimatum. But just in case asking isn’t out, try setting up parameters and giving them reasons. Present to them your idea so that it makes sense, and doesn’t just sound like a weird whim to them.Start with 1 year. Explain that you’d like to grow out your hair for 1 year to see how it’ll look and then at the end of the year you’ll donate 8 inches of hair to Locks Of Love, or Wigs For Kids, or some similar organization that provides hair pieces to kids with alopecoa, who are undergoing cancer treatment, and other problems that cause hair loss. Show them the web sites of these organizations and ask them to hold their decision until they’ve read through the material. So you’re making a double sacrifice of taking the time to grow, and then to donate and start over in a year. As a parent, I’d be all for that, and I’d be proud of you for taking up such an endeavor.If that doesn’t work, then bribe them with getting certain grades, doing certain chores and then, if you can afford it, offer the final ultimatum of leaving home, never to return.

How can I convince my parents to let me grow a beard?

Every 13 year old (boy or girl) thinks they have the mind of an 18 year old, until they hit 18. Not saying your not mature just saying. 13 is a little young for a full beard, maybe you guys can come to a compromise on what they are willing to let you do with it, at the same time it is you expressing yourself and they can't have you be baby faced forever.

Do you think that children are growing up too fast?

Yes... I believe that children are growing up way too fast... and this has lots to do with technology... tv, mobiles, computers....

Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing... I have two little un's and worry about what the future holds for them.

I am also amazed at how clever they are and how quickly they pick things up - even at such a young age!!

I feel like my parents are making me grow up quicker, what should I do?

Sometimes, making you grow up quickly is to your advantage. If they were to allow you to remain in childhood into your 20s, you may never develop the necessary skills to be a functioning adult. If you are younger than that, perhaps in your teens or pre-teens, you have to ask yourself why they are trying to get you to grow up so fast. Is it necessary for your family survival? Do they need you to be able to work and earn an adult living in order to support your family? Or are they simply trying to force you out of the house because they don’t want you around anymore?As shocking as this may sound, you might want to actually ask them. Perhaps they don’t know that you feel this pressure to grow up quickly. It may be that you are misinterpreting their intentions, or that they are acting in a way that makes you feel like that even though that is not their intention. If they want you to be an adult, they should at least respect you enough to tell you why they are pushing you in that direction.Consider also that in the generation that your parents grew up, it may have been much more common for young people to start families early, to get jobs early, and to mature early. What you consider as too quickly, might be what they grew up with as normal.Eventually, your parents will be gone. Eventually, you will have to be an adult on your own, or in a new family that you create. If you and your parents can get on the same page about growing up, and about why you need to grow up, perhaps you can learn from them in ways that will help you to be successful when you get out on your own.

How do I convince my parents to let me make my own mistakes?

First of all: how old are you? The younger you are, the less likely your parents are going to let you make your own mistakes. Your success in asking for this is going to increase as your age increases. A parent will very likely reject a 12-year old's request, consider a 16-year old's more seriously and the 18-year old's the most seriously. This is an addendum you need to keep in mind.How can you most effectively ask for this? First, look at it from their perspective. In general, parents don't want you to get hurt, so they try to protect you by not allowing the possibly for you to get hurt. With that in mind, understand that asking this is basically saying: "I don't want or need your protection" which sounds a little like "I don't need you" , and "let me get hurt" which is heart-wrenching for a parent.The best way to get someone to agree with you is to preempt such emotions and thoughts. Sit down for a talk with them.1) Thank them for what they have done: show your appreciation for protecting you-->Mom/Dad, thank you for taking care of me and making sure I don't make stupid mistakes all the time.2) state your request simply-->The thing is, I would like to start making mistakes of my own.3) explain it rationally, acknowledging their struggle, and giving them a role still-->I know it will be difficult for you to see me hurting when I make a mistake, but I would rather make my mistakes now when you are still able to support me and give me advice. I think this would be better than me only starting to make mistakes when I am much older and supposed to be looking after you.4) put the ball back in their court and ask for their opinion-->What do you think?5) LISTEN (most difficult part)6) Echo what they say: show that you understand what they are trying to say and say it back to them (don't parrot words, repeat the essence or meaning)--> So what you are trying to say is [paraphrased response]7) See if you can negotiate a middle ground for specific areas that you are both ok with.Best of luck! :)

How can you convince your parents to let you go on a trip?

Depending on your age and with whom you intend to go. Good luck chuck! Don’t lie tho. Seriously!! I don’t know your parents but I’m assuming from your question that you are expecting a no or havealready received a no. Most parents are not trying to be mean. They love you beyond anything you will understand until you have your own children. They want what’s best. They want to protect you. I’m also assuming that if you need their permission you are a minor. They are worried. Plain and simple. If anything ever happened to you, a part of them would be lost or broken forever. There’s plenty of time for road trips. Try not to grow up too fast. You’ve got the rest of your life to be an adult. Secret… it’s not as glamorous as it looks.