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Are My Pierced Ears Infected

How do I know if my pierced ear is infected?

you would know that your ear is infected if it starts to itch, bleed, and turn colors, and throb with a lot of pain. since you have barely gotten your ears pierced it is normal that the skin would swell for about 3-4 weeks. yes, keep the ear studs loose until the swelling completely goes down. you should be able to rotate them freely. it is normal that clear liquid will come out. if you see blood (seeping out) then that also means you have an infection. the liquid coming out indicates that your skin is still going through the healing process. the dry skin could be from the rubbing alcohol or whatever else you use to sanitize your ear piercings. just keep the area clean. once on the morning and once at night is fine. too much will zap out the natural oil of your skin and cause it to itch and flake. you would know if your skin is infected because it will hurt to the point where you'd want to take the earring out. also the skin will turn dark in the infected area. if you went swimming and didn't notice these symptoms, i doubt that you have an infection. since you've got the piercings done at claire's, i'm sure a professional was used along with a sanitized gun. usually infections happen when a person tries to pierce themselves and they don't know what they're doing and if the instruments weren't properly sanitized.

Should I get my ears pierced again if they got infected the first time?

It would depend on what caused the infection. For example, if you got pierced with a material that you’re allergic to and didn’t change it out, the area could get inflamed and you could get an infection that way. Or if you were using an inappropriate aftercare routine, that could contribute as well. As long as you go to a reputable peircer who uses implant grade materials and proper aftercare (sterile saline), you shouldn’t have very many issues.

Is my ear piercing infected?

Yes it is infected. I got my ears pierced from Claire's a long time ago, and I used their ear cleaning solution. You should use that everyday and be sure to twist your earrings so that the skin doesn't grow on it (so your ear lobe can heal properly).

Hydrogen Peroxide is used to treat cuts, and it sizzles and turns white and bubbly when there is bacteria present. It just lets you know it's killing it.

I don't know anything about a sea salt soak but just keep cleaning it w/the ear solution (i never had to use peroxide).

Your ears could be sensitive to the earrings you have on. I'm not sure if you're wearing the ones from Claire's or the ones your aunt got you, but if they're fake, then you could be sensitive to fake metal. I suggest you get yourself real earrings like gold or silver. My ears are sensitive to fake metal, even when my holes have closed/healed, so I only wear real silver/gold.

I got my ears pierced n now theyre infected??

did you get them pierced with a gun or a needle?
If you got them pierced with a gun, which can't be sterilized, then you are probably having a reaction to the jewelry that you got pierced with, so I would switch out the jewelry to something that is nickel-free
If you got pierced with a needle you might still be having an allergic reaction to the jewelry if it is cheap stainless.
I would find a body piercing parlor in your area that you can have them change the jewelry out to and also what are you cleaning your piercings with?

this site lists all the types of jewelry they pierce with with pictures...I get all my piercings done there

Can sweat cause newly pierced ears to get infected?

Technically, yes, sweat can cause infections on new piercings.

However, so long as you are routinely cleaning your piercings, and be sure to clean them really well after working out, you should be just fine :)

Ear piercing infection?

First of all, whatever you do, don't take the earring out, because that will just trap the infection and make it a lot worse. Claire's antiseptic is not a bad thing to use, but it's not the best thing to use either. I see some people have already mentioned sea salt soaks--put a pinch of sea salt into a small cup or shot glass and fill it with warm water (about 1 part sea salt to 5 parts water is fine), and soak a cotton ball in it and hold it against your ear for a couple of minutes. Also, letting warm water run over it in the shower for about a minute is a good way to clean it without irritating the piercing. I know they tell you to rotate the piercing early on, but right now you should just let it be--further aggravation is not what you need. Try to touch it as little as possible and ALWAYS wash your hands (with unscented, antibacterial soap). If it gets worse, use a little neosporin or you can even go to a doctor to get some topical cream. The most important thing to do is not take it out and not touch it--and you should be fine, it should heal in about a week. I have a lot of piercings and I know it's really hard to not touch them, but trust me, it will help a lot.

Also, in regards to other comments, DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, regular alcohol, or regular table salt--these will all just aggravate the piercing! Also, try not to wash it with scented soap.

If my ear piercing is infected, should I take the piercing out and clean the area?

I am pretty sure my right ear lobe is infected. It is swollen, red, and warm to the touch, although I have not seen any signs of pus or leakage. However, the strange thing is I have had my piercings for over 5 weeks. I know most infections occur within a day or two after the ear is pierced, but 5 weeks? I still have not taken them out since I got them. I am also using rubbing alcohol to treat the swollen area. So is it ok to remove the earring and clean the area?

My Ear Piercing is Infected! Please Help!?

When you say sea salt soaks, are you making your own solution? How are you applying it?
I do recommend doing sea salt soaks, but you need to do it right to get the most benefit.
Go to the drugstore and get sterile saline wound wash spray. This should be near the bandages, the only ingredients should be sodium chloride and water. Get some sterile gauze pads too. Saturate a gauze pad with the spray, and hold this on the front and back of the piercing for 5 - 10 mins. After soaking, use the same gauze pad to remove the softened crust and gunk. Do this morning and evening.
Because you are using a premade solution, it shouldn't be super itchy. This should calm your piercing down after a week. If it isn't better after a week, go to your doctor, they can prescribe you something to take care of the infection.

Why is my ear piercing STILL getting infected?

When I got my ears pierced many years ago, every pair or earrings I put on used to irritate so much. After many months of that I read that some women are bothered by metals with nickel. I switched to nickel-free earrings and the problem was solved. Simply Whispers is the store where I buy earrings from because they are all allergen-free. Try it and good luck!