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Are Obama And His Libs Even More Dangerous For The Usa Than Isis Or Al Qaeda

Who is more dangerous isis or al qaeda?


Worst U.S. president ever.Repubs say its Carter, Libs say its Bush the younger, list the reasons for your pick?

Carter was the absolutely worst president we have ever had.

Destroyed the worlds best Research and Development program.
While CinC personally directed US Military units down to Company Level while siting on his *** at Camp David. I know because the stupid idiot damn near got me killed when he personally was directing a SAR in the Bering Sea.
The last is enough for me.

Should every American sak John McCain to resign?

You mean ask? LOL, and I have been begging that old fool to resign for years.

Why do libs avoid President Bush's Accomplishments?

Great post! Libs quake at the thought of people who do things the right way.

What is your overall opinion of today's March Across America to protest gun violence?

RE: "What is your overall opinion of today's March Across America to protest gun violence?"Thanks for the A2AThe issue of guns in U.S. society has long been a contentious issue where proponents whose self-interests are served by their proliferation have essentially determined the shape and nature of inadequate/ineffective gun laws.The balance of power in determining the legislation by which guns and gun ownership are managed within their society is finally beginning to shift away from those who put profit over people to the people themselves.Regardless of how any gun proponent must feel or believe, the reality is that the tide is changing and no one should be surprised. After all, how long can a society sustain losing more cvilians at home than military abroad engaged in active combat without reacting to literally defend their own lives?Personally, I'm both surprised and disappointed this sort of pushback hasn't happened sooner. It's about time the standard response memes and the insulting dismissals become a rallying cry against the status quo instead of serving as tools to quell the little people.Unfortunately, the sort of shift in power away from entrenched and tone-deaf forms of power which brazenly display casual disregard for life while irresponsibly promulgating the widespread dissemination of deadly weapons in society will not occur in any rational or graceful manner. This fight is only just beginning to heat up. Odds are excellent this will escalate to the level of losing lives. The real question is how many more.

What do you think of the "change" so far ?

Boy, when you read the list all at once it is pretty darn scary. I am one of those older conservatives that are frightened to death by Obama's actions and his economic policies. I minored in Economics and graduated many yrs ago. With that in mind, I've researched many many views on both sides of the Obama economics.. No way could I find anything to make me believe that anything he has done economically will solve our recession/ depression.

We are fortunate to live on a small farm with a cow, a couple of beeves, chickens and a garden that includes fruit trees and berries to preserve from. We are stocking up on non-perishable items now. We're trying to convert to solar and wind power now. We bought another larger generator. Being country people, we do have guns already.

I worry greatly about the people in the cities that have no 'stores' of food saved and depend on their local grocery store for a daily stop. I wish everyone would realize that stocking up now might be very very important in just a short time - non-perishable foods and potable water.

I think we are going to see some terrible times soon. I so hope people will get somewhat prepared.