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Are Out Of The Front Switchblade Knives Illegal In 2013-2014

Why are ‘Out The Front’ knives (aka switchblades) legal in some places?

Switchblades and automatic knives were systematically banned in many parts of the world during the 20th Century, because they were commonly associated with the gang culture of the time. The well-publicised teenage fights between rival gangs in the 1950s created a moral panic in a lot of places, and moral panics often result in ‘Something Must Be Seen To Be Done’ responses by governments. Governments struggle to influence a cultural change, but can legislate on some aspects of that cultural change. In other words, if biker gangs fight one another, you can’t ban bikes, you can’t ban leather jackets, but you can ban switchblades, knuckle-dusters, and the rest of their weapons of choice.An automatic or switchblade is also relatively easy to ban because it has a unique operation, so a government can be seen to outlaw weapons without over-reacting and banning all knives. It also fails the ‘primary tool use’ argument, in that you can’t claim you use your switchblade for quick-deployment toast buttering, etc.Not every part of the world was so heavily influenced by this particular folk devil. Some because that kind of gang-related activity didn’t happen in that part of the world, some because the outcry from the body politic never reached moral panic levels, and some because they considered the banning of any kind of knife an abrogation of personal freedom. Also, the places that didn’t ban switchblades and automatics tend to have more open laws on self-defence. In addition, some parts of the world have relaxed their rules on automatic/switchblade possession, in part as the potential users of such devices move from gang-bangers to knife collectors.

Does the military still use bayonets?

Officially yes. The M9 Bayonet (not to be confused with the M9 9mm sidearm) is still in the US Military arsenal. Those of us combat arms Veterans may remember seeing them in some sort of box or milk crate in the arms room. Only handled by Soldiers and Marines when packing the Arms Room for deployment and the time honored tradition of the dreaded Change-Of-Command layouts. Bayonet training in Basic Training for the Army has fallenUnofficially no. The bayonet charge is an obsolete tactic. Today's Battlefield and tactics coupled with modern weapons and technology would render this action a suicide. It was last used successfully by the Royal Marines in the Falklands. As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan I can honestly say that no opportunity ever presented itself as to having to ,or receive, the order to “Fix Bayonets”.

What are some awesome examples of simple yet innovative designs?

1.) A scooter stroller. Taking your baby on a walk just got awesome.ImgurImgur2.) Rough day at work? Use this tie flask.ImgurImgur3.) Prevent perverts from hitting on you, ladies, by wearing hairy leg tights.Imgur4.) Is this a door... or a ping pong table? (It's both.)ImgurImgur5.) If you REALLY hate rain but still want to be able to see...Imgur6.) Let your baby clean your house for you.ImgurImgur7.) The arm pillow is for those people who want to cuddle, but may not have anyone at the moment.ImgurImgur8.) Drink your hot coffee AND iron.Imgur9.) Working out is for losers. Shape your flesh with this piece of metal instead.Imgur10.) Don't allow Karen to steal your lunch at work ever again.Imgur11.) Keep an eye on your waist size with this belt.Imgur12.) This cutting board collects crumbs for you (and the birds).Imgur13.) This is how you play Game of Thrones for real.ImgurImgur14.) Don't have a beard? Buy one.Imgur15.) This sleeping bag has legs and arms, just in case you need to fight bears in the night.ImgurImgur16.) Make muzzling your dog adorable.ImgurImgur17.) Never let your dog (or Gremlin) get wet.Imgur18.) The Ostrich pillow can help you nap anywhere.ImgurImgur19.) It's like a bike, but without all of that sitting down.ImgurImgur20.) Serving pizza is now 25% easier.Imgur21.) Make sauce. And MUSIC.Imgur22.) An umbrella water gun... just ... because.ImgurImgur23.) Don't chew on your pen caps. Use your pen caps to chew.ImgurImgurImgur24.) Corners are no longer your picture's enemies.Imgur25.) Keep water out of your baby's eyes with this bonnet.Imgur26.) A piano doorbell (warning: probably annoying).Imgur27.) The full body umbrella for the hydrophobic.Imgur28.) Be a rockstar in the shower with this mic sponge.Imgur29.) Don't forget your kids. Forget-me-not mittens!ImgurImgur30.) Never trip over toys while going to get a block of cheese in the middle of the night. Use slipper lights.ImgurSource: These Odd Inventions Are Equal Parts Crazy And Genius. Where Can I Buy These?!

Who is the most famous superhero (the one who gets the most movies, comics and animated shows)?

Spider-Man. Boom. Done.Ok ok, I’ll give you more.Batman moviesBatman (1989)Batman Returns (1992)Batman Forever (1995)Batman & Robin (1997)Batman Begins (2005)The Dark Knight (2008)The Dark Knight Rises (2012)Superman MoviesSuperman (1978)Superman II (1980)Superman III (1983)Superman IV (1987)Superman Returns (2006)Man of Steel (2013)Plus, of course, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.Spider-Man moviesSpider-Man (2002)Spider-Man 2 (2004)Spider-Man 3 (2007)The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)Plus, of course, his appearance in Civil War.So we’ve got 7 solo Batman movies, 6 solo Superman movies, and 6 solo Spider-Man movies. That’s fairly even isn’t it. It is, unless you count recent. If you count from 2000 onwards you get a different counting. You get 3 Batman, 2 Superman and (still) 6 Spider-Man.Batman & Superman were the most well known superheroes. For the longest time it was Superman, Batman, and a far distant Spider-Man as third. But then Spider-Man came out in theaters. Introducing him to millions more people. He was already growing in popularity.Growing up I read The Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, & (later on) Spider-Man. There was also Marvel Team-Up and he guest starred in other comics almost constantly. He was such a popular character that when Marvel stopped printing the UPC symbol on the front for DM comics they used his picture for a while. Granted, there has always been numerous Batman and/or Superman titles as well. This paragraph is only an addendum about the growing popularity of Spider-Man.The final proof is in merchandise sales. Spider-Man sells more merchandise than Batman & Superman combined. According to The Licensing Letter Superman’s global retail sales are about $277 Million, Batman’s is a respectable $494 Million. Combined together that’s about $781 Million, which is an absolute shit ton of money. Spider-Man though? Sorry DC, Spider-Man sells appx $1.3 Billion in merchandising[1]. That is one hell of a lead.Superman & Batman are both very popular and very well known. Once upon a time they were clearly the most well known super-heroes. Spider-Man has usurped them though. Between comics, cartoons, movies, & merchandising I am fairly certain that Spider-Man is easily the most famous of them all.Footnotes[1] Which Superhero Earns $1.3 Billion a Year?