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Are People Born With Their Personalities Or Develop It

Are people born with Alpha and Beta personalities? or do they try to become one?

As a 20 year old U.S. Air Force TAC-P, an Alpha or Leader type personality is a necessity to my job.

Some of the guys who went through selection couldn't handle the pressure of having the entire unit at their finger tips, They didnt know how to command their peers and they didnt have the guts to speak their mind. They failed.

I've always spoken my mind when something bothers me, but not like an arrogant jacka-ss.
I've just natuarlly always been one to take control of the situation and start leading, whether it be sports, a school project, and type of team-esk activity.

But im wondering if the shyer, soft spoken " beta" guys/gals. Can force themselves to be a leader.
I see some guys try to "pretend" to be leaders but when confronted their facade vanishes and their true colors are shown.

I know that in the civilian work world it dosent really matter, but in my career you have to be an Alpha in order to run with wolf pack or you wont survive.

Can you really change? form Beta to Alpha?
I find it quite cliche to categorize people with these terms but its just easier to explain

Are people born with their personalities or develop it?

I mean what makes a person who they are? Is it friends and family influence, or you have no option and youre going to be like your parents. I dont understand!? Im REALLY girly girl and i have high standards in life and want the best of the best with so much chaos, like a million pets and kids (way in the future) but my parents are the exact opposite. My mom doesnt waste a penny onmakeup and i have thousands of dollars of high end fashion, makeup etc. she doesnt care for much and looks.. then im not like a boy at all but my dad doesnt care for a big house. They want a small house. They like it where we live and i want to move to california. They like boring labradors (weve had freaking 4 they keep coming and going) I like unique hyper dogs like huskys etc and they laugh
im nothing like them! My friends are richer (i went to a private school) did i get my attitude from them?? I mean im not like my family besides that i have my dads obnoxious laugh. So did i get born like this or i developed my own personality!?

Are people born with their personality?

No.When people are born they start off new without much of any personality. Their environment during their infant years shape their personality. Also, the attitude of the parents may also put influence on the baby. For example, if a baby was born in a family of drugs and alcohol, the baby is likely to experience and endure the harsh words of their parents, adapting and forming a rebellious and bad “temper-wise” attitude.In which, this is why when people raise a child, environment is very important. The environment is capable and can shape a person’s personality. When it comes to kids, they look up to teenagers and adults as their role models. Therefore, if people are thugs in the area where they live and people break rules, it is likely that the baby will be greatly influenced by that to do the same thing or exhibit similar traits when the child grows up.Simply, a child’s personality is formed and molded and added with different pieces and colors of clay that stick to the child’s personality and give it its unique color. Every little influence, whether good or bad sticks and adds itself into the child’s personality. And over time, once the child finds their true self and is capable of taking care of oneself, that is when you will see their true selves emerging. Although, a personality is never really fixed, it can also change bit by bit, depending on the environment the person is living in currently. Sometimes culture can affect someone’s personality. Sometimes bad experience can become a part of somebody’s personality.Therefore, when a baby is born and set in an environment or family to live with, they absorb their surroundings subconsciously which then forms a base of their personality. And from childhood to those teenage years, that’s when you get to build up your personality and change it in whichever way you want or find your true self in which you are the happiest in. And when you get to your adulthood, you might already have a sense of who you are and your personality traits and may choose to continue improving yourself or just staying with what you have now.In conclusion, environment is very important when it comes to forming personalities, values, culture, beliefs, attitudes in life, etc.

Are you born with your personality, or is it something you develop?

In my opinion, just as with intelligence, everyone is born with personality. What is developed over time is character. We all possess certain traits inherited by our parents. This is seen when you hear people say things like, "He's (she's) just like his father (or mother)" or "Yup, he's (she's) his (her) father's (mother's) son (daughter)." How we raise our children, especially when it comes to treating others inside/outside the family will determine the type of person he/she will become. What we cannot shape is personality, we all have our own. Sometimes, one's personality will differ from his/her parents, but he/she will have traits that are similar to the parents or his/her ancestors. For instance, my personality is somewhat similar to my father and his father before him, but my character is different from the two. I am not as quiet as my grandfather nor am as temperamental as my dad. What I did inherit from the two is the manner in which I treat people, regardless of race, sex, religion and whatnot. Since, I never really knew my mother, I would not know what I have of hers. What I do know is that I do not have an abusive nature such as she did (she passed away a few years ago). So, once again, we are all born with personality and intelligence (although, of the two, intelligence becomes more advanced with time), character and genetic traits are developed.

Are we born with a personality?

I am a former psych student, but the theory has been covered by others already, and well. So I will answer strictly from experience. I believe personality is innate. Sure, your environment shapes it, but some degree of your temperment is set in utero.My children were quite different when I was pregnant: my daughter was very active, my son less so. These traits persisted after they were born; my daughter is always on the move, while my son is more into quiet, thoughtful pastimes. It’s early days yet (my kids are 5 and almost 2), but apps like Timehop have allowed me to see that they have made certain facial expressions almost since birth. Their likes and dislikes, their mannerisms have been remarkably constant — even the way they stretch and shift has been the same as far back as I could feel them move.Could I be ascribing traits to them? I most certainly have. But I got it wrong. I thought when I was pregnant with my daughter that she hated crowds. Every time I was in a loud room, she would start kicking and thrashing. When I would leave the room, she would calm. I thought she disliked the noise. It wasn't until after she was born that I learned she thrives on the energy of a crowd (much unlike her mother). She is outgoing and friendly and loves being in the middle of things, and she's been that way since before she was born.My son is more reserved. He does not cry when strangers interact with him, but he eyes them warily. His temperment is the opposite of his sister's. We haven't raised them differently, yet they have such different personalities. And they always have.So no, I can't believe in tabula rasa anymore. Nothing I have seen in my kids supports it.

Are we born with our personality?

No. We may be born with traits, dispositions, or predispositions, but environmental influence is fundamental to personality. Even in the presence of some organic condition that shapes the emergence of personality, personality is still emergent: the organismal substrate, as it were, is still a fund of predispositions that interacts with its environment to make a person.Perhaps the more interesting question is: What is personality? This gets at the difficulty of the subject interrogating its own subjectivity kn the attempt to pull out some dimension that can be assessed in abstraction from the whole. Entire disciplines are founded on this conceptual violence—psychology prominent among them.

Are we born with our personality?

Or, is it developed? I could write so much about how my personality seems to be ever changing. Maybe, we are born with a personality, but things in the environment end up affecting that personality. What does something like, abuse, do to one's personality? Does it destroy it? Or, does it simply try to hide it? Can the original personality ever break through, at some point? When I was little, I was strong willed, always said what was on my mind... until I was abused. Then, I became very weak, shy, and quiet, with extremely low self confidence. I hated myself. Now, I'm strong willed, again; much more confident. I'm also becoming more vocal about things, including that abuse. Is this because I'm not letting the abuse I've suffered, control me anymore?

EQ: Does your personality change your outlook on life? Maybe not your entire outlook, but... I mean, does it change the way your eyes see things? The way your brain comprehends things? Your whole aura? I've experienced this stuff for years. It's quite annoying, really... Considering, I'm only seventeen and all. Like, what is in store for me, next?

EQ: Has your personality ever changed entirely? Like, has all your interests, goals, etc, changed at one point or another?

P.S. Forgive me if I sound confusing. It's been a very long night for me, but I felt compelled to ask your thoughts on all this.

By the way, happy new year! :)