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Are Salamanders And Geckos Related

There is a salamander/gecko in my house, HELP?

heres how you tell the difference salamanders have frog like skin lizards have scales and if it can stick to the glass door it's most likely a gecko best method of removal use a cloth and grab from behind if it's a salamander pick it up and place in water unless you want to kill it

Can salamanders live with crested geckos?

Absolutely not. First of all, there are no captive species of salamanders which are found on New Caledonia, the native habitat of the Crested Gecko. Also, most salamanders prefer temperatures under 65, whereas Crested Geckos prefer temperatures closer to 70-75. The humidity requirements are different to mimic different conditions (temperate deciduous forest vs. sub-tropical forest) and as such, you would be unable to meet the requirements for both animals in one tank. Competition for resources and diseases are always a concern as well.

Gecko or Salamander ?

I was looking at a new pet and was trying to decide which to get, a gecko or a salamander... but I need some info first. First of all, what is the difference between the two. Which is easier to take care of? Which is cheaper to take care of? What kind of habitat is used for each? What do they eat?

Thanks =]

Are salamanders reptiles or amphibians and why? Are they geckos?

Salamanders are amphibians. They have a soft, wet skin, similar to that of a frog, and require a wet environment to live in. The most well-known salamander is the fire salamander (picture 1[1] ). Like frogs, salamanders lay spawn whereout tadpoles will hatch.Geckos are reptiles. They do not have a wet skin. Their skin feels soft compared to other reptiles, but does feel like reptile skin. Some geckos live in very dry habitats, something that is impossible for salamanders. An example of this is the leopard gecko. (picture 2[2] ). Young geckos do not hatch from the egg as tadpoles, but normally morphed geckos---just tiny and cute.Footnotes[1] Fire salamander[2] DiversityofLife2012 - Gecko

Do salamanders live in Florida?

Yes, salamanders are found in most areas of the United States including Florida. They tend to be absent in desert areas, such as the Mojave Desert, although the tiger salamander has been introduced in some of the cultivated areas of the Sonoran Desert. The tiger salamander is also present in Florida. It is one of the largest terrestrial salamanders in the United States. Several relatives of the tiger salamander, called mole salamanders, also range into northern Florida. The eastern newt is found throughout Florida. There are also a few species of lungless or woodland salamanders in Florida. Most salamanders within Florida are limited to the northern or Panhandle area of Florida, near the borders with Alabama and Georgia. The amphiumas and sirens or waterdogs are aquatic salamanders in Florida that may reach 2-3 feet in length.

If you had to hand pick between a frog, toad, salamander, or water dog which would you choose as a pet?

Definitely a frog I like their cool appearances, funky personalities, and the big fat frogs that eat larg prey items and are typically calm. Also, salamanders are too similar to geckos which I have and I am not in a Plac day of my life where I can have an aquarium so water dog out. Frogs are the cheapest and easiest option. At the moment I am considering getting either a Pac-Man frog, pixie frog, a ball python, blue tongue skink, bearded dragon, or blue crowned conure

Should i buy a leopard gecko or tiger salamander?

I want to buy a new reptile and im stuck between a leopard gecko or a tiger salamander...what are your personal experiences and how do i heat a leopard gecko enclosure because i used to have one bt it died because the cool side of the tank was always too cold and i couldnt get it up to 80 on the cool side...i need help..thank you

Why are geckos considered reptiles?

Because geckos are lizards, and all lizards are squamates, and all squamates are lepidosaurs, and all lepidosaurs are sauropsids, which are reptiles.The group ‘reptiles’ which most of us older folks learned about in school is basically a fake category, though. It’s not a clade. That is, the animals in it are not grouped correctly by how closely related they are.Phylogenetically, if we use the term ‘reptiles’ at all, then birds are also absolutely reptiles. (And they are - they do have scales and lay eggs on land). What makes a reptile a reptile? Mostly features of their skull and teeth (if they have any - birds and turtles don’t, of course). All reptiles do have scales, though. Some lay eggs, some give live birth. Some can vocalize, some can’t. Some are ectotherms, some are partial ectotherms, and some are endotherms. It’s a very big group. (The following tree shows that reptiles and mammals split off from a common ancestor, but you can see that lizards are actually not very closely related to crocodiles at all - but that crocodiles are very closely related to birds).Geckos are just a nifty type of lizard.