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Are Sears And K-mart Related

Which one ? Sears or Kmart?

Well since Kmart bought sears..... I guess Kmart.... But I hate shopping at both.

Sears bought kmart or kmart bought sears?

K-Mart was about to go under and bought up Sears at the last minute hoping the merger would keep them afloat. They chose, however, to keep the name of the company as Sears Roebuck & Co. likely due to the fact that Sears is a more established/respected name than K-Mart.

If there was someone other than Eddie Lambert running the company, yes it could. Since he bought KMart he never expanded the company. He cut store payrolls to bare min. Cut almost all employee benefits. He set store goals so high most could not meet them, thus no bonus year after year. Cut pay increases the cents! And if stores did not reach all goals ( no employee could get a raise for the year. Stores started losing good employees from low moral. Hecutfull timers including department managers to only (9) their rest were part timers and they got -0- benefits. He needs to revamp stores put enough employees so there can be customer service. Get an expert on board and gear company up to be a leader in on-line service. Then once again reward good employees so there are experienced employees. I retired at age 70 from frustration otherwise Iwould still be there. 15 years ago our store was in the top 100 of the entire corporation for producing profit for the company.closed a year ago from under performing.

Did Sears buy Kmart or did Kmart buy Sears?

Kmart own all sears stores lands end out door world ect..

Did Kmart buy out sears or did Sears buy out Kmart?

Sears bought out K-Mart !!!
K-Mart keeps it's name, but Sears stocks the store with Sears' merchandise.

Does a Sears credit card work at K-Mart?

I thought so also...was there any conditions at the bottom of the certificate that said any purchase over the amount stated must be charged to your Sears charge card? I would not think that would be the case but its always possible....they are always putting those conditions on stuff anymore you have to read all this little printed stuff on the darn things. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Does Sears own Kmart or does Kmart own Sears?

Edward Lambert bought controlling interest (53%) of Kmart in bankruptcy court. He then sold some of Kmarts assets(buildings, long term leases, etc... and generated $3 billion in Cash at Kmart. He used that to purchase Sears stock.

Through his hedge fund ESL Investments he then bought an additional 12% of Sears Stock.

Then he forced a merger of the two, creating a brand new corporation. The new entity is called Sears Holding. SHLD on the Nyse.

Since the merger, the stock has almost doubled and remains a good investment.

Lambert is a protege of Warren Buffett, the 2nd wealthiest man in the world.

Yes, the cards are interchangeable. If you signed up for the Shop Your Way program at your local Kmart and go to Sears, they can look your Shop Your Way by either phone number or email. If you signed up for Shop Your Way rewards at Sears, they can look your rewards up at Kmart. You can also use your Sears credit at Kmart as well as make payments on your credit.

KMart and Sears are relics of the “Old Economy”. They have many strikes against them. The first is that they were usually anchor tenants in the decaying shopping mall space. As malls have seen marked decline over the past few years, both Sears and KMart have felt their share of this pain.Amazon is another reason for the decline of both Sears and KMart. Both of these entities have not embraced the advantages of the online mania of the past several years, nor have they fully embraced the changing advertising landscape, which relies heavily on social media. As a result, Amazon has stepped in and “eaten their lunches”.Also, the “new economy” seems less focused on brand names and dated model spokesperson’s. These two elements have been the backbone of both Sears and KMart. Many of the brand names and model spokesperson’s are old and hearken back to an older time. I am not sure that Cheryl Tiegs really resonates with the new millennial consumer. The same is true of the Craftsman brand, however, Sears was able to salvage some residual value when they sold this asset. The newly competitive virtual landscape has changed consumer sentiment as well as the overall affinity for these brands and icons significantly.Turning both of these retail monsters around would have been a “Fool’s Errand”, so management decided to “Gordon Gekko” these firms, selling them off “bit-by-bit”. Since many of these firms bought property in the late eighties and nineties, property values have risen steadily. The lack of any serious financial help at critical early moments coupled with management’s guidance into dissolution has accelerated the decline in many of the stores. At times, photo’s have memorialized stores and shelves that have resembled third world nations, with stores in total disarray and shelves empty of basic products.Many baby boomers grew up with these stores and NEVER anticipated their precipitous decline. Because of the size of this demographic, the demise of these icons seems to be a harbinger of something more serious. However, my belief is these two firms are victims of, “ you snooze, you lose”. Management is ultimately responsible for this decline and for not reading the “tea-leaves” as the retail market has changed so dramatically.