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Are Some People More Likely To Injure Themselves Then Others

Why do people cut themselves?

I have gone through severe depression before and never had this urge. I did sometimes think about self harm, basically as a form of 'self punishment' and also because I thought releasing the pain in some other way rather than crying or screaming would do me good. Maybe some people do it for the blood? I just dont understand why the typical 'wrists'. Then the whole world can see it. I mean why dont people cut their legs or something? And is there some kind of gain people get from cutting their arms? I personally feel squeamish just looking at the veins in my wrist.

Are depressed people with ADHD more likely to self harm?

I have read somewhere that there is a higher instance of self-harm including eating disorders in adhd folk than the average population. With women in particular. I wish I could dig up the source but I can’t right now.I do know that when it comes to growing up with combined subtype adhd (along with autism, which wasn’t diagnosed until 17), I was being subjected to all sorts of different expectations that I couldn’t meet, and by the time I was even just in school, my self esteem was lower than the basement. There was this vicious cycle of self-loathing that would happen, either I would meet an expectation as a rare instance, and the person either assumed I was NT and keep pushing me to achieve the expectation over and over (assuming the act was sustainable when it wasn’t), regardless to energy, environment, and so on, I would just get swallowed whole by anxiety. and when I couldn’t sustain the act of achieving expectations, that’s when the self-loathing depression hit and people would act alienated (since I wasn’t the person they wanted me to be), and fail to presume competence of me whatsoever or shut me out and so on. It was a vicious cycle where I felt afraid to be myself, because I wasn’t being accepted for who I am. People would constantly alternate between pretending I was NT, and then infantilizing me, and it was wrecking havoc on me. So most of my childhood I struggled with anorexia as a way to cope with the back and forth of extremes in expectations and control issues and sought treatment at 20.p.s. ignore the person who said that people who self-harm are “stupid” (which she said the action is “stupid” and “idiotic” but you know people are reading it and applying that word to themselves regardless because she’s stigmatizing it, that goes for anyone trying to correlate self-harm with ableist language btw). Honestly, I wish people would understand that maladaptive coping mechanisms don’t appear because of behaviorism or choice, as there is something driving that person to harm themselves that needs to be addressed. For a lot of adhd and autistic folk (as well as lgbt folk I have met), there is a strong sense of denial of self when it comes to eating disorders. self-harm/SI might be the same way.

Why do more girls cut themselves than boys do?

Disclaimer: I do not speak for all guys, or even all girls, with this answer, because I as yet do not have enough personal experience with others who self-harm. However, with my depression and my knowledge of how those I know and love cope or have coped with their pain and depression, I have formed some ideas.It certainly appears that guys have sadness and guilt and mental anxieties (which is undeniable), but that they tend toExternalize their problems, convincing themselves that it’s someone else’s fault, while girls internalize and convince themselves that it’s always their faultOR their pain is manifested in angry outbursts and distracting activities like drinking, video games, or other socially accepted forms of releasing aggression.Or they just get really creative with ways of self-harm. Maybe instead of taking a blade to their wrist, they punch the wall until their hands bleed. Maybe they just skip the self-harm altogether and go straight to the suicide attempt, because they don’t think anyone gives a damn about their existence but they don’t feel they have the ability to ask for help; even if they want to ask, they may doubt that there is any help available.Basically, guys are used to sucking it up and being told to do so. Girls are at least regarded as having a problem and have at least a few people who are genuinely concerned for them, even if that problem is seen by some and expressed in the judgement “seeking attention”.For guys, that judgment is probably the only one they’ll get. No wonder they don’t talk about it or attempt to get help.

Why do people think that self harm is so wrong?

Cutting is a form of escape, or I would call a common stage in depression. Drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc as well with cutting is all harmful. People are stereotypical when in comes to different disorders and is the major reason why there are different views and reactions to different disorders. If you are cutting yourself, as I have once done, I would suggest you talk with someone you can trust about what is causing you to act out against yourself in this manner. I probably don't need to tell you that cutting can get severe and very dangerous. I know what it is like and know what your feeling, just please speak to someone who can help you overcome the root cause of this disorder.

I wish the best for you! You are very precious in the sight of God... just always remember that!

Would you rather be stuck forever with a drunk or a pot head?

I'd rather be stuck with the Drunk - I love the idea of someone like Jack Sparrow... a lil' looney with all the rum.

I'm not very fascinated by Ewan Mcgregor's character in Trainspotting, the things he does to get stoned and all.

Well, if he's going to be the only person on the island. I guess he's going to be my only friend. Unless of course, somehow i can get the stoner to see that, it'll be more fun to be on an island with three people. Because i won't be able to leave the island forever, i'll probably do what 'poppit' did in Pirates of the Caribbean.

And have "Jack Sparrow" questioning - 'Why is all the Rum gone?'

Since this is a hypothetical question, this would be my hypothetical answer and explanation. I've had an abusive drunk for a boyfriend before who was also occasionally a pot head. So i know both sides of the story.

Drunks are in no way looney. Not all of them.

I've got a crush on Cap'tin Jack Sparrow! I can't help it.