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Are The Care Bears Really The Pawns Of The Devil

Why does Richard Dawkins call Christianity a 'mind virus'? Are all atheists that rude?

I'm reading Richard Dawkins' 'The God Delusion' to find out why he hates religion so much. In the last chapter I just read he calls Christianity (and other religions) a 'mind virus'.

He compares religion to the common cold. I find that deeply disrespectful offensive. Somebody should tell Dawkins to stick to talking about how monkeys somehow turned into people.

Why does Richard Dawkins call Christianity a 'mind virus'? Are all atheists that rude?

Why does the Devil (supposedly) continue to clash with God if he already knows that his battle has already been lost (in Revelations for example)?

He actually is deceiving himself on that bit.He actually believes he CAN win, even though before he was cast out & before he rebelled, he knew full well that God could never be beaten.Pretty much, his rebellion put himself in madness, he thinks and believes he can win, even though there is absolutely no possible chance of him winning, ever.I’ve answered questions like this before and given the same example - It’s like a stick that is drenched in oil that believes it can beat the sun with a single whack. The Devil is the stick, God is the sun.But, even still, assume he no longer believes he can win. Well, he’s gonna do his damnedest to ensure that as many of human children are dragged down with him. He despises us all, his hatred for all of humankind is boundless, and he’ll do anything to ensure that all of us are screwed and NEVER receive the love of God.Plus, though he could simply apologize and God would welcome him back, the Devil never will cause he is beyond stubborn about thinking he is right - that we don’t deserve any love from God and no matter what we do, we’ll never be worthy. In Satan’s mind, we never should have been made.Think of something you absolutely cannot stand, something that disgusts you, something that enrages you at the mere thought, then you’ll have a small idea of how much animosity he bears for us.He won’t give up. If there’s one thing that the Devil is not guilty of, it’s Sloth (If the 7 deadly sins are to be believed) cause his efforts to damn all of humanity is relentless and without breaks. And if he can’t win, then neither can we.

Why would Hasbro create a spirit board where you can talk to demons?

It is simply another way for them to make money. The company may or may not know that the device serves as a true spirit medium or does not care. People can also become addicted to using it under the intrique and influence of communicating with spirits. They can get into people's head and influence their thoughts and range of emotions, initially by what they communicate and then residually by the thoughts and ideas promoted by what they communicate during and after the use of a Ouija. As a result of getting in touch with the mind of a person they can influence their thoughts even when the Ouija is not being used. Hence, even while not using the Ouija a spirit can put thoughts and flashes of ideas and thoughts in the mind of one who has used the Ouija at convient times whenever it wants to get the person to react, speak or act, as they wish. They can influence a person to become fearful, paranoid, lustful and violent; and any other emotional and mental response they seek to generate in them.Hasbro is in business to make money. So, seemingly they sell Ouijas to make money regardless of the danger to the public. It bears a heavy weight because God condemns and forbids communicating with wicked spirits, bad angels. Hence God forbids spirit mediums of all kinds, whether it is a person, a board device or an electronic version. God will punish all who practice and get involved in spiritism or spiritistic practices. Ouijas is one of them.Ro 1:30; 1 Ti 6:9, 10