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Are There An Other Characters Similar To Nagato From Naruto

How is Nagato related to Naruto?

Nagato uzamaki and naruto uzamaki had many similarities .1. They both belonged to The uzamaki clan.2. They both were orphaned from very younge age.3. They both were hated by many people because of their uniqueness in case of naruto he was hated because of kurama being sealed in him thus he was feared and hated by the people of leaf villageAnd in case of nagato he was feared because of his cursed eyes (rinnegan).4 They both find good friends and people who believed in them.5 eventully they both loose their friend in naruto case he lost sasuke and nagato lost yahiko.6.They both were searching for the answer to world peace.7 and at last they were the pupil of jiraya .

Is nagato narutos brother?

hi matthew. No nagato isn't naruto's brother... The only connection they have is the fact that jiraiya was nagato's sensei and later on naruto's sensei. Other than that, they have no family connections.

*may be a spoiler*
naruto was named after the main character from jiraiya's book "Tales of a Gutsy Ninja"... And the main character was based on nagato.

Hope i've been able to help!

Is there any similar character like Nagato or Itachi?

Sasuke.Fate:He watched his own Uchiha clan killed like Nagato and want the others pay for it like him.He became nukenin to protect the name of Uchiha clan like Itachi and loved his brother so much that turn his sword against his village to revenge.He possessed Sharingan like Itachi.He acquired Rinnegan like Nagato.Itachi watched Shisui died to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan.Nagato watched Yahiko died to activate his Rinnegan.Sasuke also watched Itachi died to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan and suffer his own dead minute to activate his Rinnegan.TalentAll the 3 are genius in nindo.CharacterAll the 3 loved someone too much that became extremist. All cannot be persuaded except the case of Naruto brain-fuck -_<.

Naruto qtion.. is pain and nagato is same person ?

pain is not nagato! pain is yahiko's body been controled by nagato chakra, cause yahiko is allready dead, & nagato took yahiko Corpse+ an other 5 corpses and use it in all his fights. that's why pain have small Iron bars in his body it's like chakra Receivers. & that's why nagto's hair and pain's hair are different, i hope i was of help.

Who are the most powerful characters in Naruto Shippuden?

I personally think these 10 are probably strongest, & in order;

1. Sage of the Six Paths: Defeated the most powerful demon in the ninja world, The Ten-Tailed Beast & fully mastered the Rinnegan.

2. Minato Namikaze: Creator of Rasengan, sealed Nine-Tails in Naruto, saved Kushina & Naruto from Madara, & he can teleport anywhere in seconds.

3. Hashirama Senju: Fought Madara despite the power of his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan & the Nine-Tails at his side, but also survive the battle and gain victory in the end.

4. Madara Uchiha: Has his Space Time ninjutsu & every attack goes right through him.

5. Hiruzen Sarutobi: Mastered all forms of shinobi combat & all the jutsus in Konoha.

6. Naruto: Can control his Nine-Tails, he developed the Rasengan, & he has Sage Mode.

7. Itachi Uchiha: Mastered all ninja abilities & has Mangekyo Sharigan, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, & Susanoo.

8. A (Forth Raikage): Lightening armor, speed, & strength, are so impressive that he was able to dodge Amaterasu and even break through Sasuke's Susanoo.

9. Killer Bee: Has full control his Eight-Tails, escaped Sasuke's Amaterasu, & can hold seven swords at once.

10. Sasuke: Mangekyo Sharigan, Susanoo, Cursed Seal, Lighting Blade, & speed.

Is Pain (Nagato) really more powerful than Itachi Uchiha in Naruto anime?

Powerful, oh yes, by miles. Itachi is rather weak on the S-rank scale, he's among the weakest Akatsuki member, what he has is pure skill. Pure raw skill so great it makes Madara look like a Dead Last. That's Itachi's whole thing, he could barely use his Mangekyo because it drained him so much, and was very bad at longer battles, he was even weaker then Sasuke when they fought. However his planning, skill, and abilities are on another level from even most S-rank shinobi.Now was he a better fighter then Pain? No, in any fair fight Pain would win, Tsukuyomi is only so effective against other Doujutsu, especially stronger Doujutsu, Pain had Almighty Push get Amaterasu away from him, and he had the range to stay away from Itachi's hilariously broken Susanoo. And Pain would simply crush Itachi without those, 1 Almighty Push could kill Itachi if done with enough power, and Susanoo is all he has that can stop that, which basically drains him of all chakra in mere minutes.

Why is Nagato (Pain) so downgraded in Naruto Shippudden?

Okay ive been hearing alot people say how Obito is so much stronger then Nagato and how he is weak compared to most of the characters? Is it just me? Or did yall also see Pain make a character out of the village with ease. Im pretty sure if Obito wanted to this damn war he would just go destroy the villages. I mean yeah Obito is powerful for being able yo control tailed beast but thats ALL hes got. Did Kishimoto just screw over Nagato? Cause pain seemed like he was ridiculous in power

Who suffered the most, Nagato or Itachi?

There are people who suffer and then there are those whose actions lead them to suffering.Nagato suffered being from a remote village which often came under crossfire from two nations, then he saw his parents getting murdered and was hopeless until he found Yahiko and Konan, there was a patch of happy days in his life before that was also taken away from him and he finally snapped big time.Itachi's suffering, though higher on magnitude, was brought on to him by himself. It's clear that he was being manipulated by Tobi and Danzo into killing his clan, otherwise someone of Itachi's discerning eyes should have figured out a way to solve this peacefully or with more realistic solution instead of killing his own brethren.Based on what happened to them, Nagato suffered more.And based on overall suffering with added grief and guilt, Itachi had it rough for all his life.