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Are There Any Actresses Without A Thigh Gap

Which Bollywood actress has the best thighs?

Saira Banu. She had amazing thighs. Movie: April Fool

What are some workouts to get a thigh gap?

You need to get rid of your inner thigh fat in order to create a thigh gap but unfortunately it's not possible to burn fat off a specific part of your body. The way it works is that your whole organism uses energy and it's taken partly as fat from wherever your body feels like.To lose fat you should focus a lot more on your diet than exercise. It's much easier to chose a healthy, low calory meal over a pizza, than it is to go running for five miles.Working out can help burn a little extra and I would focus on high intensity interval (HIIT) training if you wanted to do that. Sprint 20 sec, jog 10 sec, sprint 20 sec, jog 10 sec, etc. Or take long power walks if you're not feeling up for the HIIT. As a rule of thumb though – the more it makes you pant, the more calories it burns.

What excercises can I do to get a thigh gap?

Even if you don’t want a thigh gap and just want to slim down your inner and outer thighs or make them smaller, trying to find good advice can be overwhelming and pretty tricky.Read more: The Half Day Diet reviewI’ve seen instructions to squat, lunge, lift heavy, sprint, etc. and face palm every time that I do.Why?Because the exercises I’ve just listed above are surefire ways to getting the exact opposite results of what most women want. Don’t get me wrong, you may lose weight and even some fat, but your body composition will, frankly, be all wrong for the aesthetic you want! Besides that fact, I see the very same instruction given to men (and some women) who purposefully want to get bigger, gain muscle mass and look as masculine as possible.You see, losing fat or bulky, muscular thighs to contour a feminine and svelte body is a fine art. You can’t just do any ol’ exercise and expect to get the specific results you crave.Honestly, there’s a reason why the celebrities and fashion models have the bodies they do, and it’s because they hire the most knowledgeable people who have studied what it takes to get the body they want. They pay them for their services so the trainer can give them them a body that sells sexy and feminine. The trainer can’t say, “hey, this is what I think would look best” and ignore their clients’ wishes, like all too many personal trainers do!I hate to say it, but you’re probably already thinking it – take one look at the female clients of most personal trainers. I’m not talking the newbies who are just starting out who may not be the model of health. I’m talking about the women who have entrusted their bodies to the mostly male trainers parading around the gym in those “trainer” t-shirts.Enough said.Ok, I’ll say a little bit more for those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to. Men know how to lift heavy and sculpt muscles, i’ll give them that. I mean, they do that all day long to get the masculine, hard looking (and very attractive) bodies they sport.But the average gym personal trainer does not know a single thing about contouring the feminine physique that many WOMEN truly want. Going back to those women I referred to earlier… their bodies may be lean, but it’s a hard, defined and masculine lean. Most women want a soft, toned slender lean. If you’re a man reading this you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but I bet you the women are nodding because they are right with me.

Can i have a thigh gap and a big butt?

thigh gap is a myth created in photoshop. it usually involves cutting away the vulva of the model. (how ironic, we rail at the tribal societies that mutilate their women with female circumcision & here we have graphic artists doing the same thing to images of women)

the picture your first poster above posted has been photoshopped (they've cut away part of her butt to create a thigh gap in addition to other manipulations to create a bigger butt.)

healthy women at their proper weight (whatever weight that may be for them) do not have thigh gap.

I've been alive for a good long while & I've seen plenty of women in the locker room at the gym in various stages of undress & I have never met a real live woman who wasn't anorexic who had thigh gap.

Can a hourglass body shape have a thigh gap?

I tend to think that I have an hourglass body shape, and I have a small thigh gap.

Can a hourglass body shape have a thigh gap?


Is it bad to have a thigh gap ?

I'm 14 and I have a thigh gap and so does my mom. I've had one even before this trend started. Why do people say it's "bad" or "dangerous" to have a thigh gap ? Wtf should I gain weight and have gross fat thighs to please you ? This is how my body is built. What's so bad about thigh gaps ?

Can everyone do enough exercises to get a thigh gap?

No, this could also just have to do with the structure of your pelvis and hips in general.  Focus on a healthy lifestyle instead.The other side of this.... it may be popularly understood as desirable but not everyone finds it attractive or desirable.  What is most attractive across the board is someone at their best, whatever that best is.