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Are There Any Asian Harley Rider Clubs In Northern California

What motorcycle gangs exist in and around Los Angeles?

The ones I can think of are:•Mongols MC-All throughout LA (S.1967) Approx. 90% Hispanic 10% white•Hells Angels MC-All throughout outskirts of LA (S.1948) All White (some mixed with Latino)•Vagos MC-(s.1965) Approx Half White Half Hispanic1.San Bernardino ChapteR2.Los Angeles Chapter3.Hollywood Chapter4.Compton Chapter5. Pasadena Chapter6.San Gabriel Valley Chapter7.Monterrey Chapter8.Pomona Chapter9.Venice Chapter•Chosen Few MC-South Central LA (S.1959) Completely Mixed White/Black/Hispanic/Asian/Middle Eastern•Peckerwoods MC-La Mesa area (s.1978) Whites Only•Sin City Disciples MC-Westmont and Athens, LA (s.1966)approx. 90% Black 10% Other•Diablos MC-San Bernardino area (s.1961) Some chapters are Whites Only, Others are mixed with Latino•Hessians MC-Orange County (s.1968) Mostly white•Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington MC-Towns south of SAN Bernardino including Bloomington (s.1942) Thought to be all white•Solo Angeles MC-Some members found in East LA (s.1959) All/Mostly Latino

Are police less likely to pull over a motorcycle? Why?

So, this all depends on context, really.Where I started riding, there were a lot of sport bike riders, and riding groups, and nearly every weekend there were guys ‘dragging knee’ on whatever twisty bits of pavement they could find. And a lot of them ended up in the weeds because they weren’t nearly as good at riding as they thought.So the police tended to be VERY proactive about motorcyclists, especially sport bike riders without full safety gear. They would pull over entire groups because one guy didn’t have his plate showing where the cops could see it. At the same time, they also did a lot of community outreach to the riding groups, to try and get the message across that they’d much rather no one died on Highway 9 anymore, and if we could self-police our riders to be less dangerous to themselves or others, they would ease up on the enforcement.In jurisdictions where most of the riders are less spirited (and there’s not as many motorcycle injuries or deaths) then there’s probably not as much constant LEO attention to the bikers themselves.The same could be said for street racers - if a section of highway out in the midst of nowhere is being used as a drag track on alternate months, it might warrant some attention. But if anyone wrecks during a race, that location will become a priority patrol, and the racers encouraged (in the form of tickets, impounded vehicles, and perhaps a few arrests) to take their vehicles to a track instead.