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Are There Any Corn Mazes/hayrides In The San Antonio Area

What is the best haunted corn maze in the bay area?

There's one in fremont, but it's not haunted and not even scary.. We thought it was funny that we chase them back to take pictures.. haha

As for haunted houses:Pirates of Emerson in Fremont is a great one. www.piratesofemerson.comAlso I hear Fear Overload and Gyros merged this year (2013) so that may be good. www.fearoverload.comI have no idea how good it will be but there is a haunt opening in San Francisco at the old Mint Building on 5th St. This is it's first year. Lastly, it looks as though The Winchester Mystry House will not be doing a haunt this year. It is unfortunate because they actually did a really good job with it. As for Corn Mazes:Dell' Osso Farms in Latrope just outside the Bay Area in the Central Valley is widely regarded as on of the best in the country and has even be featured on the Travel Channel. if you are looking for a scare rather than a fun family entertainment type of thing...Head down to Hollister and go to the Conover Mystery Ranch at Swank Farms. They have a night time corn maze and what is usually a very scary haunted house/ trail.

Hmmm, well, I guess it depends, there are a lot of nice areas in San Antonio.  Usually, families with children are looking for good school districts, I'd say the top three districts are probably Alamo Heights, North East and Northside.  Alamo Heights ISD is closest to downtown San Antonio in the city of Alamo Heights and parts of of San Antonio.  The school district is static in size and has a low teacher to student ratio.  It's a pricey area to live, but very nice.  The neighborhoods are older with lots of beautiful trees and there is a fair amount of high end retail in the area.North East ISD is quite a bit larger than Alamo Heights.  It surrounds the northern end of Alamo Heights ISD and extends northward past the outer loop (1604).  Parts of this school district are a bit sketchy, but other parts are quite nice, mostly about a mile south of 1604 northward to the northern boundary and west of Judson Road.  There are neighborhoods in several price ranges from moderate to million dollar homes.  This area is much newer than Alamo Heights and there is still a lot of housing construction, especially on either side of 281.  The traffic along 281 is better than it used to be since they put the super street in, but it is still pretty congested at peak hours.  There is a lot of high end retail in this area, especially along Stone Oak Blvd.NEISD High School LocationsNorthside ISD is the largest school district in San Antonio and the 4th largest in the state and still growing.  It is very large and runs the gamut from low income to extremely high end neighborhoods (George Strait lives in Northside ISD).  The nicest areas of this district also run about a mile inside 1604, out to the county line, this is where all the new construction is, but you can find some nice older homes between 410 and 1604 as well.  I live in this area near the University of Texas at San Antonio.  I like this area the best because the homes are mostly priced in the mid range, there are lots of trees, good ethnic restaurants, retail, some of the cities largest employers (USAA, UTSA, etc), lots of access to the greenway trails, nice parks and the medical center.  The traffic can get heavy on IH 10, but they are expanding it right now and it should improve soon.

There is a pumpkin patch and corn maze about 45 minutes west in a town called Hondo. It's pretty fantastic, going tomorrow myself infact. It's located on someone's property, here is the website Welcome - Graff 7A Ranch

What is there to do for cheap in San Antonio?

Alamo - Free
Riverwalk - Free
High School Football Game price varies often less than $10
La Villita - Free
Southtown First Friday - Free Admission
El Mercado - Free Admission
Brackenridge Park - Free
JazzAlive - Free
Movies in the Park - Free
Concerts in the Park - Free
Fireworks displays at the military bases and Woodlawn -Free
New Years Downtown - Free
50 cent Days at Retama Park

As a matter of fact there are free events almost every weekend if you watch the local paper and Current Magazine.

My wife decided she wanted to live in San Antonio based on the number of festivals and events in the area.


It has been mentioned there is a fee for the Alamo... Here is the statement from the offical Alamo website regarding admission:
Admission to the Alamo is free.
Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Inc. (DRT) receives no monetary help from local, state or federal government and depend solely upon money from sales in the Alamo Gift Museum, donations from individuals and private foundation grants to fund its educational programming and general operation.

Hand down it's HD Moore, currently at Rapid7.  He's widely respected, well published and has a consistent track record at multiple companies.

I like CandleLight Cafe, their cakes are addictive! No to mention their house blend coffee which is also a must-try!Coffee is self serve free refills until you're done filling your gap of caffeine with their fantastic coffees.Their interior is typical college kids alternative comfy, with big sofas, armchairs and the like.  The neighborhood is, uhm, okay, but you're not drinking or eating the neighborhood.I love it!--Kai

NO beaches, but if you want lovely water experiences, try some of the river fun— organized at Schlitterbaum in New Braunfels — or unorganized at low water crossings or swimming holes in the Hill Country, all about an hour away. The Medina River and Medina Lake have lovely places in City and County Parks. The area around Hunt Texas is really lovely. But the water is still really cold right now (mid March). You can do tubing trips on the Guadalupe at several locations too, really fun from outfitters who do the transport and the tubes, in New Braunfels and points between SA and there.And for artificial water, there are some fabulous city swimming pools: Woodlawn park, San Pedro Park — and 40s era originally, San Pedro is updated. But they don't open until summer! And both Sea World and Fiesta Texas have water parks and watery rides.

Is there any haunted corn mazes around Shreveport/Bossier City Louisiana?

I'm trying to find a decent haunted corn maze (possibly no furthur than 30 min away from shreveport) and I heard there was one in the area of marshall texas. But when I search, I get absolutely nothing and I've been lookin' all of 3 1/2 friggin hours :C

If you know of a good haunted corn maze that is that close to shreveport, please help me out! There's like fifty million sites that list stuff for this, and not one of the ones I looked at helped do anything but raise my hopes and dash them on sharp pointy rocks later T3T